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Kranti- A Fire from within ( MMZ) Few Shots. Part 1

Inspector Arjun Mehra, looked at the mutilated dead body of a 18 years old village girl in jungle. She was brutally raped & then killed. Bad odour filled the atmosphere. The father of the girl sat there like stone. He is a blind so, he just spared that he can’t able to see his daughter condition. Arjun’s heart ached. He himself is a father of a daughter. In fact, that father self want to shoot whoever did this. The Villagers murmured that the girl was preparing for her Higher Secondary Exam & worked in Baddi Haveli under Rana Thakur, who is the leader & everything of the village. He is a king maker in politics & his wife is now the head of village Panchayet as it became a woman seat. After sending the body for post-motem, Arjun, went to the Haveli.
Rana Thakur- hmm, The New Inspector. What your name?? haa Arjun. Listen, We don’t know how this happened.
Arjun- I came here to investigate, so let me decide that here anyone know or don’t.
Rana Thakur gave him a cold look than started laughing.”Go & first bring search warrant.”
Arjun looked at him narrowing his eyes. The old Constable nodded his head to leave.
Rana Thakur- Arjun, Do you know what happened with the Inspector before you?? He died in an encounter with some criminals. CBI Investigated the case. But see, Zero result. ( He smirked). I heard that here in Quarter you have a family, a beautiful wife & a cute daughter. But don’t worry. They will be safe only if you don’t get loggerheads with me.
Arjun perfectly know about Rana Thakur before he came here. He never wanted to bring his family. But Radhika, she always follow him in his every posting. A chill ran down his spine, hearing the man’s voice & words. He can do everything. The old Constable beside him put his hand on his shoulder. “No need to mess with him. No one will help you against him. Everyone is afraid including our higher authority. So, why should we care?? Let’s go from here.”

Arjun knocked the door of his Quarter. His wife, Radhika opened the door with a smile. His six year old daughter, Avika, came running towards him leaving all her home work. Arjun lovingly kissed his daughter.
Radhika- Ava, leave papa & complete your homework. Arjun, you looked tired. Go & fresh up. I am going to make tea for you.
Arjun locked himself in bathroom & frustratedly banged his hand on the wall. He stood in front of the mirror but he just unable to face his own reflection, which giving him a mocking smile. He splashed cold water on his face.
Radhika noticed her husband. Whenever, he came early at home, he always spend time with her & Ava. But today, he locked himself in their room. Now, he is eating dinner in silence. After dinner, Arjun climbed up the terrace & looked at the full moon & feel the stillness of the cold night. He lit a cigarette but threw it away as soon as he heard his daughter voice.
Ava- Papa, papa.
Arjun- Sweetie don’t come outside. You may catch cold. Wait, I am coming.
He closed the terrace door, took his daughter in lap & climbed down the stairs.
Arjun- Dear, why you came up? Why don’t you slept? It’s already late. Where is your mom?
Ava ( gave him her best toothless smile, as her upper front two teeth fallen out)- Papa, I pretended to sleep when mom came in my room to check. Today, you don’t talk with me.( made a cry face).
Arjun- ohh sorry dear, in fact, double sorry that today I forgot to bring chocolate for you.
Ava- Today, mom gave me chocolate.
Arjun- Really??? What is the occasion? Your mom seems to be in very good mood today.
Ava- that what I want to tell you. But you did not talked to me.( with a pout)
Arjun- ohh baby.
Ava- papa, I got 100/100 in my Mathematics exam.
Arjun (with a proud smile)- arre waah!!! My intelligent sweetie.
Ava- Miss praised me in front of the whole class that how I improved after last exam poor performance.
Arjun- I told you naa not to give up hope. Try, try & Try.
Arjun stopped suddenly. He gave advice to his daughter which he unable to follow. He is giving up afraid of threats. He put his daughter in her bed & covered her with a blanket.
Ava- papa, today in school, we made so many small, small flags for 26th January. Our senior didis are practicing for many programs. Miss told us that this day is as important as 15th August. It’s our Re….. ( she made face as she unable to remember.)
Arjun- It’s our Republic Day.
Ava- Republic mean??
Arjun ( murmured)- We got our Constitution, became a Democratic Republic.
Arjun looked at his daughter confused face & smiled. “I will explain you later. Else night will be over. Tomorrow, you have school. So now sleep.
Ava- papa, Miss gave us special home work. We have to find the names of Independence Heroes from our GK book & write five lines on them. I wrote about Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.
Arjun- ohh, that’s great.
Ava- papa, For me, You are my HERO. Mom said, you punish bad men & protect us all. ( with a proud, bright smile)
Arjun bytes his lips. His face fell. Ava encircled her small hands around Arjun & kissed his cheeks. “Love You papa.”
Arjun- Good Night Sweetie.
Arjun lovingly caress her forehead, switched off the light & came outside closing the door.

Hey Madhumita again. How are you all?? First , I thought made it a OS. But when I started writing, many things came in my mind. So, I am making it few shots. 26th January Special. Update length will be short, coz of my busy schedule. Want Honest Opinions. Plan to Start writing Checkmate again. Anyone Interested???

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