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A dark room is seen.. nothing is seen… darkness.. and silence prevail everywhere… pragya is walking in darknes.. suddenly there hear sounds of bats which break the silence… braking and howling of group of dogs… sounds of cricket… after that again silence… again there hear the sound of dry leaves.. just like someone is walking on it… suddenly hear the sound of opening of a door.. trr… trr….

A person appears… in torn black dress… it’s half of face is fully burned. And other looks normal.. it forward his hand… if started to increase in length… and going to touch pragya… pragya who is sweating a lot started to run fast.. as fast as she run… the length of hand also increase at the same speed.. she run.. and run.. get tired.. and turn back.. now she can’t see that increasing hand.. she just sit down and  breathing heavily… she saw a pot there and move to that side to control her thirst.. she started to drink water suddenly she spit… it’s blood what comes from her mouth…
She shouts… help… help me.. anybody here please save me…


Her dream broke there…
She wakes up with full of sweat..take the jug with full of water which is placed just beside her on table…and started to drink it…why I saw such a dream is this is because of the journey which I am going to start or because of hiding truth from Abhi..
Fb shows…
Pragya bringing abhi to an old room..
Ab:chashmish..why are we here..in this old dumpy room..do you knew how much dust here..
Pr;abhi can you please just stay quiet..
Ab; who is telling this to me..you..the chatter box..who always kill me with your idiot bakabak.

Pr:abhi what you said is my talk is idiotic is it really irritate you (in anger..)
Ab;(in mind)..actually your talks are not like that to me…i really get lost in your talks…i really like to see you in anger because at that time you look so cute..
Pr:(in mind )    abhi I really love to see you like this..when i always anger with you…the way you look me is so cute just like a kid..when i see you like this I feel like pulling your cheeks..giving a kiss on it..
Ab;het chashmish..till now you are giving lectures to me…now you are smiling at me..hey why you always like this…why you smile at anger..
Pr;abhi now this is not time to talk about that I want to show you something..
Pragya takes a stool..and gets up on..it and takes a big book from rack..
Ab;chashmish.just take care you will fall ..
Pr; I will take care of myself I don’t need anyone’s suggestions..

Ab;k..then carry on while..getting down she slips and falls in abhis hand (Allah warriyan plays)  they both look into each other …Abhi smilingly I told you n.a. be carefull..if I am not there then what would have happened..
Pr:you will always be with me n.a… then ..
Ab;who told you..that..if I am get married how can I be with you..what will my wife feel..
Pragya become jealous..
Pragya; abhi leave me..let me get down..
Ab:who stops you from that..k..madam now tell me what’s that much important thing hiding in this book..

Pr;abhi ..this is a secret book..
Ab; secret book mean
Pr:abhi this is about a secret world.. which is not known by others..
Ab;what are you blabbering chashmish..then how the writer of book knew this..
Pr: abhi this is a magical book..this was written by a jin ..the  world’s in the book only seem to some special persons..
Ab;which means you are spcl..spcl in what sense..
Pr;abhi…dont tease me I am telling the truth the speciality of mine..is I have this ring.(pragya shows a ring with red stone)
Ab;wow what a beautiful ring..tell me which boy friend gives you this.. pragya make faces..

Pr;abhi i will tell about this later.. actually if anyone have this ring can read the book..abhi we want to go to this place…there must be something interesting things which we will get from there..we will tell this about whole world..
Ab;chashmish..whay are you saying we are going to unknown world..you knew what all dangers will be hidden there..
Pr;abhi look everything about that world is written  in this book n.a…
Ab;then what the need of going there.. we can show it to everyone n.a…
Pr;abhi don’t talk rubbish they can’t see what written in it..
Ab;so what you need is we must go there right..k chashmish we can go there..(in mind ) I will come to anywhere with you..and in this journey I will tell my love to you..
Fb ends..

Pr;I knew why I saw this dream.. because I hide some facts about this journey to abhi..there is no such a ring.. I book can read by everyone.. and there are so many people go to this spot.. no one return till now.. just like mummy and pappa..tears till down through her eyes..she took a photo..mummy and pappa..iam coming to you..i still believe you both are alive in that world..abhi I am sorry for hiding this from you..because I fear that if you hear this..may be you wouldn’t come with me…
Mamma..pappa..i knew what I am going to do is a big risk..and I am involving innocent abhi to this risk.. may be that’s my possesiveness or something other feeling making me to involve him to in this..no..iam not doing right…i will tell all the truth to him tomorrow it Self.. .
By thinking all this she dozed to sleep..

Next morning..
Abhi opens the curtain..and sunlight enter into the room..pragya slowly wakes up..
Ab;good morning chashmish..and handover the coffee..
Pr;good morning abhi..and thanks a lot for this coffee..abhi smiles..pragya takes a sip..good coffee..abhi smiles..
Ab;So chashmish.whats our plan when we are starting our journey.
Pr;abhi you are not coming with me…
Ab;why…why I am not..

Pr;abhi…i don’t want to put your life in danger..
Abhi look confused..
Pr;abhi yesterday  I  had hide So many things to you..
Pragya tells everything to abhi…after completing everything..pragya look at abhi..abhi remain silent..

Chapter ends…
I don’t knew what you all feel by reading this..sorry for wasting your time in this…

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