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Abhi turns to me and ask’s”Pragya! Is Atharv not coming with us?”I stood drum struck with his words…!
I can’t able to believe this words…Abhi is asking this ? That means..He didn’t have any problem? If Atharv will be in his House? Is this all true? My mind drives me crazy with these thoughts… I get’s lost still Tears r flowing from my eyes…!
Abhi shakes me and ask’s”Pragya! Could u hear me? I’m asking u…Atharv is coming with us or not?? Where is he? “I came back to senses and see’s him with teared eyes…Abhi get’s confuse seeing me like this…My Mom ask’s”Abhi beta! App sach bolrahey? App ko Atharv say koie problem nehi?[Abhi beta! R u saying truth? U didn’t have any problem with Atharv?]” Abhi shout’s”What happen Auntyji? Why r u behaving like this?? U all thinks I have problem with Atharv??” Abhi’s choti Dadi shout’s”Abhi! Tum pagal hogayiho? Tummy pathabhi hai tum kya keharaheyho? Atharv tera beta nehi..! Oh tera khuun nehi Abhi! Tum uss bachey ko ghar lana chathiho??”[ Abhi ! have u gone mad? U have any idea about what u r saying? Atharv is not ur Son..! he’s not ur Blood! U r thinking to take him to ur home?]Abhi shout’s”Dadi yeh kya kehrey app? App essa kysey sochsakthey Dadi?[ Dadi! Hw can u think like this? Hw can u?] “Abhi’s choti dadi shout’s”Abhi mei eh sab tumhari balayi kehliyeh kehrarihu..! Abhi agar Atharv tummhara beta hotana…tho sab kuch teek hota..phar OH tera beta nehi hai puttar..![ Abhi! I’m telling this all for ur goodness and betterment..If Atharv would be ur child then, everything would be kk..but he’s not ur son..!]Abhi shout’s”Dadi what r u saying? Atharv mera beta nehi issliyeh oh merey saath nehi rehasaktha…phar shyad app bhulrahiyeh ki..Adhya bhi Pragya ka beti nehi..! Phar phir bhi app Pragya ko Adhya ki saah rehneykehliyeh keyrihey ? issliyeh Hamara shadi bhi karliyatha app sabh ney.!Agar pragya meri beti kehliyeh Maa bansakthiti..phir mei kyu unki bachey ki papa nehi bansakthi?? Kyu dadi? Agar mei galath hu..tho app sabh bhi galath hu na..!!”[ Dadi! What r u saying? Atharv is not my son so, he can’t stay with me..but u all forgot that, Adhya is not Pragya’s daughter.! U all wants to stay her with Pragya! That’s why u done our marriage..I’m Asking u now, If Pragya can become Mother for my child..Then why can’t I becomes Father to her son? If I’m wrong..that means u all r wrong Dadi!] I stares with Respect eyes for him…

Abhi’s choti dadi shout’s”Abhi! Eh sab terehliyeh assan hoga puttar..phar iss society eh baath ko kabhi accept nehi karthi..! Oh tunjhpar ungli utatihey…!”[ Abhi! It’s easy for u..but not for this society..This society will not accept this and Always Questions u..!]Abhi shout’s”Mujhey koie parak nehi padta..! App ko society ki phikar hai..phar Uss masum bachey ki nehi..! Pragya ka mamatha ka nehi..! app ithna giriviyu soch sochbhi kysey Dadi..!”[ I don’t care for this society..! U all care for society but u didn’t have any care about that child!! U didn’t have any care about Pragya’s motherly love..! Hw could u think like this.? It’s Disgusting!!]He turns to Mom and say’s”Auntyji! Mei Atharv sey milna chahithihu..! kaha hai oh..?”[ I want to meet Atharv! Where is he?] Just then Abhi notices Atharv is hiding behind My Mom’s back by holding her pallu…I see’s him and get’s happy…
Abhi kneel downs to Atharv and say’s”Hey champ! Yeha kya karraheyho? Ghar nehi jaana?”[ What r u doing here? U don’t come to our home?] Atharv looks very scared he keeps on seeing Abhi’s choti Dadi and nodes No…!
Abhi notices this and covers him with his shoulders and say’s”Atharv kya tum appni PAPA key saath nehi aavungi? Ha?”[ Atharv! U will not come with ur PAPA?] I’m having happy tears by listening this word….! Atharv looks confusing and say’s”PAPA? Mera Papa?” Abhi nodes with smile….Atharv sees me with confusion..I nodes Yes with happy tears…
Abhi say’s”Weysey..Tum Appni Mamma sey puchatana hospital mei..! oh tho bataya nehi..hei na?”[ ya..i know u have asked this ur Mamma! But she didn’t gave any answer right?]I get’s shocked listening this…that means he heard our conversation..!
Abhi continues “Atharv agar mei Adhya ki papa huu tho..tera bhi papa hu na?[ Atharv! If I’m Adhya’s daddy..the, I will be ur Dad too!] ?”and expands his Arms…Atharv get’s super happy and runs to him…He hugs him tightly while Abhi cares his hair with a smile..
I get’s touched seeing this side in Abhi..!I feels guilty..i have misunderstood him..! I hope time stops at this scene only..My one and only pain get’s reveled now..I really don’t want anything than this…! I admires them with happy tears..

Abhi picks Atharv in hands and goes to his Dadi…Dadi smiles happily with his decision..! Choti Dadi stops and shout’s”Mei hey kabhi man nehi sakthi Abhi! Tummy andasabhi nehi tum kithna badaa galthi karraheyho! Abhi! Atharv tera beta nehi hai..tho phir kiss hakk sey oh tera saath teri ghar mei rahengi??”! Eh society eh kabhi nehi maneyga..!”[ Abhi! U didn’t have any idea what ur doing? Atharv is not ur son..so, then my which right he will stay with u?]Abhi shout’s”Dadi mey appko pheheyley bathachukiho…Logg kya sochtey hai..issey mujhey koie pharak nehi padtaa..!Ek aur baath dadi, Atharv ko merey sath rehney kehliyeh hakk nehi balki pyaar ki zarurath hai..! aur app iss baath mey pareyshan hu na…ki..Atharv mera beta nehi hai..tho teekey Ajj say Atharv mera beta hai..! Ajj sey Eh Atharv Abhishek Mehta..! hai…Aur kuch dhin badh mei Atharv ko legally adopt karthihu…tho abb kisisko koie problem nehi hogaa …”[ Dadi! I already told u I don’t cae abou this society..! and I more thing, Atharv didn’t need any right to stay with me..but he just need Love..! U r bothering about this fact, Atharv is not my Son..right? so, let me clear u all..Atharv is my son from Today…He’s Atharv Abhishek Mehta..!! And I will adopt him legally very soon..so, don’t worry about this..] Abhi’s relatives get’s shocked listening this…while My and My Mom’s happiness have no boundaries…
Choti Dadi shout’s”Abhi! Tum hey nehi karsaktha..! Agar tum iss bachey ko ghar leygayina..! tho mei uss ghar mei kabhi kadamm nehi rakungi..yaadrakna!!” [ Abhi! U can’t do this..i’m warning u…If u took this boy with u then, I will not enter ur house..!Remember this!]Atharv who’s in Abhi’s hands get’s scared by their shouting and hugs Abhi tightly…Abhi pat’s him gently and say” Yeh Meri Akari physlaa hai!! Jiss ko manjuur hai oh asakthi hai..!”[ This is my Final Decision..! U are kk with this can come..] Dadi pat’s his shoulder and say’s”Abby eh hum sab ki Akari pyslaa hai.! Agar kisi ko Taklif hogi..Oh Ruksakthi hai..![ Now, it’s our All decision..! who is having problem with this can stay away..]!”Saying this Dadi ask driver to start the car..Abhi seated beside me with Atharv in lap..Dadi seated in front seat…!Our car starts from there…

IN CAR: I seated with Adhya in lap..Atharv see’s me and hugs me..I happily hugged my two kids and kissed them…I just keeps on thanking Abhi with my Eyes and it’s happy tears..Abhi smiles nodes in Acceptance…

We all enters Mansion…Dadi instructs me do the Grahapravesh Ritual with Abhi..I’m just following her every instruction with a happy face…Dadi took Arthi for 4 of us… Dadi hugs Atharv and say’s”Atharv! ajj sey yehi tera ghar hai..tera parivar hai..! [ Atharv! This is ur house and ur family from Today…!] Finally I enter In to My New Home..! In Which I have to start my new life…With My kids and with My Husband…!
I felt something new in “My Husband!!” but, I’m really very Happy..After seeing That Abhishek who understood the real meaning of Relation…! Who can understand Affection and Love…To be frank, Now I’m feeling new Respect for him…Now, He has done everything that a Husband does..! As a father does..! Now, It’s my turn to Accept him whole heartedly..And has to do my duties of A Wife..! And as A Mother as well..! I just lost in these thoughts by seated in our bed room..Just then, Abhishek came inside…I came back to sense and stood up see’s him..Abhishek smiles and say’s”If u don’t have any problem…I want to talk with u for some time..!”I nodes Yes with a smile…Abhiske starts” Pragya! I know we r two different people who didn’t know anything about each other..! But common thing among us is We love our children A lot..! I’m so Happy..U came in to my life..! My Angel finds A Mother in u..! She call’s u Maa! For the first time…I don’t know what affection u have..but Must say U Feel Unconditional Love for Adhya..! That’s enough for me..! If u want some more time to involve in this Relation..! I’m ready to support u…!!”I holds his hand and say’s”Abhishek! I don’t know what u feels about me..But, I have misunderstood u a lot..I’m sry for that, But Today, After listening ur Decision about Atharv..I understood that, U know the Real Meaning of Relation..! Love! What else I want than this…?? I’m ready to be ur Wife..! I will always ready to walk with u even it is toughest path..!”I said firmly with a smile…
Abhi cares my hand and say’s” Thank u..! Thank u pragya..! tum merey sath kadhi hey it’s really means a lot for me…and I want to say , I don’t want other kids in our life…U got ur daughter in the form of Adhya..! and even I got my son in the form of Atharv..! I feels I’m complete now…! Thank u so much for making my Family complete..!
I get’s overolled listening his words…Yes, It’s True.!! He completes my life..!!
Suddenly, Someone knocks and Abhi opened the door..It’s our Kids! Abhi kneel down to Atharv and ask’s”What happen? U both didn’t sleep till now?” Atharv say’s” Papa! We r not getting shleep [sleep] without u both..!!”Abhi smiles and hugs him he picked both Atharv and Adhya in Arms and walks towards me…I picks Adhya from his Arms. And we both lay’s our kids in middle and start caring them..Atharv is beside Abhi and Adhya curdle to me..Atharv ask’s”Papa! Stlory[story]”Abhi smiles and begins to tell him story..while I too get’s busy in listening while caring my kid’s hairs…! I slowly thanks my Destiny for Making My Life complete with A Man who stores my Inner soul in him ..!!
Our Beautiful Life Journey starts from that Day….! Now, It’s been 3 yrs of our marriage life..Everything changes with time…Abhi and I starts loving each other..we didn’t do proposing or something..becoz, we know we love each other…! We also know, Love can’t express just only by words. It can also be expresses by care and sharing b/w each other…! That’s why We say…RISHTAA DIL SE BANTI HAI..!!

This is Pragya Abhishek Mehta..! and This is My Story…..Thank u all..

That’s it guys…Hope u will like this…And plz don’t be sad..becoz, I will be back with Another Beautiful Story which have Heartly Emotions…Thank u all for supporting me…Bye Bye..!!

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