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Khoon ki holi “love has its own tragedies”epi 2

I’m afraid your marriage will have to be broken.”

After Bihaan is taken into the ER, Thapki sits patiently and waits in the waiting room. There could be room for good news. Right? Nothing will happen. Shraddha believes in him too. He won’t leave me.”Thapki Bihaan Pandey? The whole family is here right?” The doctor asks, breaking her out of her thoughts. She nods and points to theback. “Umm, I’m afraid we have some bad news.” Thapki’s head goesup. “The bullet has been taken out, and we got blood from Vasundhara Pandey yet again. But, the injury on his head was not well recieved.” Thapki starts to cry. That Dhruv ruined everything! “He has suffered long term memory loss. And if he is triggered, it may lead to something as severe as death. So, we have to send him off. If you want him to live you have to make the ultimate sacrifice. The choice is yours.” Thapki is left dumbfounded.


Every moment of her life she spent with Bihaan is brought back. Their marriage. The numerous slaps she gave him. Slowly allowing herself to talk to him. Contact increasing. The shower. She shivered thinking about his touch. She remembered how shewas confused as to how she got lostin the moment. When she stood up for him when Diwakar degraded him for being an orphan. The tabela. So many times, Bihaan was the only onethere for her. She saw the goodness in him. The gold heart. The pure soul. Sheena and the jealousy. She was soangry at her for stealing her Bihaan. But really, she was just a part of the trick all along. The love. Confession. The truth. She never loved Dhruv. She was meant for Bihaan all along.But what was happening now?


As soon as they heard the news, they rushed to Thapki. “My bacchi. My grandson.” Dadimaa whispered. Shraddha comforts Thapki. She seemed lost. “Thapki? Come on. Not again.” Vasundhara runs to the ER door and collapses right in front of it.”What is wrong with Thapki?” Suman asks. Shraddha shrugs. “I don’t knowwhat. Or maybe it’s the fact that this whole family is full of cartoon characters that are clueless! How could you not realize something waswrong? How did you not realize four of the children were suffering? Thapki was the first to know about Dhruv. She didn’t say anything because Bihaan’s life was on the line. Why? Because Dhruv blackmailed her. Dhruv.” She laughs mercilessly. “The crazy bastard who also suffered. From all the betrayals he had put up with, who wouldn’t go crazy? And Bihaan. The sacrificial child. He was the last to know about this out of us four. His trust was shattered. He looked up to Dhruv as Lord Ram. But now? We thought he was Raavan. But it turns out Bihaan still looks up to Dhruv. Why? Because he’s like that! You people were so blind! How could you not see something was wrong?”And me.

Dhruv was out of my reach a long time ago. Me and Thapki teamed up to fight against Dhruv. When Bihaan came, it was Bihaan, Thapki, and Shraddha vs Dhruv. But no! Because of Mummy ji, who couldnot still remove her biased opinion towards Dhruv Pandey ji. The outcome of this? Thapki has gone crazy! Bihaan is in the ER, and has no idea who we are. Dhruv is an a*s, but now, who knows where he will be. Me? I don’t know where I am! Thapki and me are basically widows now! Because of you all, our husbands lost themselves. We lost them! Think about that, will you?”Shraddha huffs, and sits back down. The whole family is silenced. Usually, Thapki would have been the one to apologize. But this time, she felt she had no responsibility anymore. She was a widow.

Shraddha was right. The doctor comes out again. “Okay. What’s your decision?” He takes out a form. Sign this if you agree to sendBihaan off to Mumbai Hospital.” Thapki grabs the form. Her tears wetthe paper as she signs it and hands it to Vasundhara. Vasundhara signs it, and hands it to Bauji. He signs it and hands it to the doctor. “His wife, mother, and father signed it.” “Wait.” Thapki says. “Will our marriage be valid? What if-” She stops to take a painful breath. “What if he finds another girl?” Her pain of thinking about that hurts the family.”I’m afraid your marriage will have to be broken. I’ll hand you the divorce paper. Bihaan’s signature is not needed.” The doctor informs. Thapki reluctantly signs the form, and the doctor tells her to keep it safe. “You might need it just in case.” Thapki nods. She knows exactly what to do with this form.

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