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Kasam 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Kasam 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Rishi agrees to marry Malaika tomorrow evening. Tanuja asks what he is saying, what about his promise in the room. Rishi says he is right. Rano cheers, so does Malaika. Rishi assures to speak to Raaj, and tells Rano to prepare for the wedding. He heads towards the room. Malaika stops Rishi from going, and thanks him. Rishi says this wedding is really important for him now, Raaj must know what extent can Tanuja go to for this family. Tanuja was left behind crying.
Raaj wakes up due to argument between Manpreet and Ahana. Manpreet was complaining that Ahana had no time for Smiley. Raaj comes to their room and questions if this is the way to speak to wife. He says when there are tough times, he must keep his mind cool. He is really angry about what Smiley has done, but they can’t hang her for it. Why


is he cursing Ahana, like the world puts the blame over a mother for anything wrong that a child do? But it isn’t only a wife’s responsibility to bring up a child. Infact, Ahana needs his side. Rishi comes to call Raaj to listen to him.
In the corridor, Rishi insists on him to come to room. He has taken a decision, and he wants Raaj to listen calmly. Rano goes to make for wedding preparations. Malaika was happy that it is finally happening. Malaika informs Shekhar on call about her wedding with Rishi. Shekhar was happy, about his girlfriend’s wedding with Rishi. Malaika allows him to arrive at her wedding and slap Rishi in time. She intended to go to police after that… but Shekhar interrupts that they would watch the actual picture tomorrow.
The next day, Rano brings Hawan’s preparatory to Tanuja to keep it in the stage. Tears fell of Tanuja’s hands, as she trembles. Rano taunts if she is unable to hold this light weight thaal only. Tanuja cries watching the stage. She taunts at Tanuja for recalling her memories and says her marriage was only a past. Her game has ended, and must be wondering how Raaj agreed for this wedding. Rano tells her to go somewhere else with these tears, as they are a bad omen for the wedding. She could do anything to get rid of Tanuja from the house. Has she forgotten Rishi is her child, he would abide by her decisions? Tanuja must not be aware of this love, the family she comes from can make their daughter go to any extent. Tanuja stops Tanuja, saying this is their limit. She heard to whatever Rano said to her, but now Rano has snatched Rishi from her. She could have let her live her, but she would kick her out of this house after marrying Rishi and Malaika but alright she would also see what extent can Rano go to insult her. Today, she forgives each of her sin, she would sacrifice her life to see Rishi for little more time. She would bear Rano’s insults, not because she is afraid of her but because of her love for Rishi. Rano again taunts that Bani has taught her well to create dramas. Can she fell to any limit to stay with Rishi, Tanuja counters only till the limit she can make her fall? She complains crying again that Rano has snatched anything from her. Today, she prays Rano gets the same pain, same tears; so that she realizes what pain she is bearing as Rishi is going away from her. Tanuja says God hasn’t given her any relation hurtful, she wants her to get one so that she realizes other’s pains as well. She wish for a world with Rishi where there is love, and no one to part them away. Rano stops her loudly, but watches Rishi staring at them.
Rano goes to send Rishi to get ready, and not to bother about anyone. She takes the thaal from Tanuja, as she wasn’t ready to involve Tanuja in any of rituals. Tanuja wipes her tears and calls Rishi, he ignores her and moves on. Tanuja runs outside, crying on the bench. A rickshaw passes by, then comes back. Bani watches Tanuja sitting there, and spots her sindoor and mangal sooter. She wonders if she married Rishi and goes to Tanuja.

PRECAP: Rano asks Bani to take her granddaughter along, as there is no place for her here anymore. Tanuja cries as Rishi moves for marriage.

Update Credit to: Sona

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