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Kasam 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Kasam 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Tanuja cries watching the clothes, she recalls Rishi once came and questioned why was stuffing the hotel room’s wardrobe with clothes. Tanuja says a home is with your companion, so whenever you are with him it should be like home. Rishi argues with her, trying to snatch the shirt. He and Tanuja fell over bed, then laugh together. Rishi tells her to speak to her husband respectively. She tries to sit up, her mangal sooter was stuck with his jacket. Tanuja asks if he has to choose between his jacket and mangal sooter, what he would save. Rishi replied a mangal sooter, why would he ruin his shirt. Tanuja hit his chest, annoying. Here, Tanuja cries recalling his readiness to marry Malaika, she throws her clothes in the suitcase saying he has ruined everything.
The pandit asks them to take their elder’s


blessings. Rano and Raaj come on stage. Rano blesses Malaika, praying they always remain a couple. Shekhar calls from behind, they should also keep rotting in the jail as well. He warns Rishi to be ready to go to jail, for not divorcing the first wife. Raaj questions his identity. Shekhar replies, he is Shekhar Singh Alawat, and Malaika is his girlfriend. Everyone was taken aback. Rano shuts Shekhar up, forbidding him to take her Malaika’s name; she now understands this is being done by Tanuja. Shekhar opens his arms, and calls Malaika as his. Malaika thinks for a while, Rano mocks Shekhar as Malaika is now Rishi’s wife. Malaika breaks the knot with Rishi and goes to hug Shekhar. Everyone was shocked now. She shouts she would break any hand that is raised towards Shekhar. Rishi destroyed Shekhar’s business and they couldn’t marry, they had sworn to revenge them. She says when there is a mother like Rano in the family, it is really easy to revenge such family. They must get united in a while to kick her out, but they can’t anymore. She made a fool of emotional fools like them, she shed a few tears and Rishi melted for her. She recalls when last night, Rishi assured Malaika he has a solution for all of Malaika’s problems. He had shown her property papers, and shared he has decided to transfer 90% of property to Tanuja but now he thinks Malaika is the real owner of this share. He signed the papers as well.
Malaika boasts about getting this Bedi house named after her. She would now rule this house, and goes to hug Shekhar again. She turns to look at every face. Shekhar goes to call the groom as half crazy, and boasts about finishing him up finally. He has snatched everything from Rishi today. He removes the veil off the groom’s face and was stunned as it was someone else. He questions where Rishi is. Rishi comes from behind, in fake moustache and beard dancing while he repeated Shekhar’s words. He laughs at Shekhar, and removes the moustache and beard. His family was relieved. Rishi asks if the groom didn’t suit Malaika, or Malaika didn’t suit him. Malaika questions how dare he married to someone else. Rishi asks can’t he fake a picture, he only premiered it in front of everyone. He then appreciates the actors, the fake Pandit and groom. He then calls Malaika wondering if Bedi’s are emotional fools; they return an emotional slap with the same. She thinks if he can’t differentiate between Malaika and Tanuja’s tears. He trusted each and every word of Tanuja when she told him she spotted her with Shekhar and Shekhar wanted to spoil him; because they are one. He must have kicked Malaika out of the house, but Rano shouldn’t have agreed; so he had to create this drama for saving his marriage with Tanuja. He was sure she will show her real face when she get the ownership of property. Malaika boasts about being the owner of this house. Rishi asks can’t he get fake papers of property, if he can fake so much. Raaj and Rishi wink.

PRECAP: Rishi and Tanuja were close to each other, but Bedi family was sent into lock up. Tanuja was left with a testimony to handle all the traps against them.

Update Credit to: Sona

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