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Kaala Teeka 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Yug brings the kids to Kali’s room. Pavitra says we will go with our papa out today. Kali says papa? Pavitra says Yug papa. Kali says he is busy I will take you out. Pavitra says no we will go with Yug papa. Naina says please mama let us go. Kali says you had cold Pavitra. Come with me. She takes the kids from there.
Kali is leaving to ashes floating. Manjiri says you are going alone? I will come with you. Kali says the kids will be alone here. You stay with them. Yug says I will come with you. Kali says I have a long journey to travel alone. I better be on my feet on alone. Take care of Naina and Pavitra. Kali touches leela’s feet. Leela by mistake says always stay happily married. she says I am sorry. Stay blessed. Kali takes her bags and leaves. Gauri says in heart


thank God at least some hours she is leaving.
Kali is on her way. She recalls her moments with Nandu. Kali is crying. Kali recalls their marriage.
Kali reaches ganga and pours Nandu’s ashes in the water.
Kali is on her way. She says there is no network how do I find out about Naina and Pavitra. Driver stops the car. He checks the car. Kali says what happened? He says I am checking there is no mechanic here.
Kali is looking for a life. She says house isn’t far from here. A car stops. It’s Yug. He says what happened? Driver says I can’t understand. Yug says you come with me Kali. Driver I will send the mechanic. She says I will wait here in this car. Yug says are you out of your mind? The night is dark plus its foggy too. He makes her sit in the car.

Leela is playing with Pavitra. She makes her eat. Gauri wonders dadi loves Pavitra more than Naina. I feel like she also thinks Pavitra is Yug’s daughter.
Kali and Yug are on their way. The road is blocked by police. Yug asks whats wrong. He says two cars met an accident. Yug says when will it be open? He says by the morning. Don’t worry there is a hotel at the backside. Yug tells KAli. Kali says I will wait here. Yug says I don’t know how long will it take. We can’t wait here.
Yug and Kali come to hotel. There is just one room. Kali says is there any lodge or hotel around? She says it’s the only room. Yug says okay give us this room. Yug and Kali come to the room. Kali is worried.
Yug says what’s wrong Kali? Why are you behaving like this? Kali says you sleep inside I will wait here in the corridor. There is a drunk man downstairs, he passes stupid comments at Kali. Yug says I can’t leave you here. Its not safe. Come in. Kali goes in the room.

Scene 2
Manjiri says I am really worried. Kali’s phone is off. Leela says I asked her to take Yug with him. Yug and Kali are trying to call home. Kali says I want to know how kids are. Leela says let me talk to Yug. Yug calls Leela. Leela says Kali’s phone is off. Yug says Kali is with me. The road is blocked so we are waiting in a resort nearby. Leela says okay take care.
leela tells Manjiri Yug and Kali are together waiting in a resort for the road to be opened. Yug tells Kali i told everyone we are together. Manji ma was worried for you. Kali says in heart so Gauri knows I am with yug. Yug says are you okay? Kali says I can’t stay here. Lets go home. Yug says what now? She says I am worried for Naina and Pavitra. Yug says the road is blocked. Kali says we can walk. Yug says what’s the problem? This road is not safe. Tell me what is wrong? Okay fine. I think the problem is being with me in this room. You sleep here. I will wait in balcony.

Gauri calls Yug and says why is his phone off? He didn’t even inform me. Kali gives Yug a sheet. Yug says I have known yoy for so many years. We were good friends and will always be. I made some mistakes. I wish I could go back and change all this. Kali says our destinations have changed. There is no point in thinking about past. Police raids at the hotel. They come to Yug and Kali’s room. Inspector says so here is this fun going. Yug says how you came in? Inspector says with this warrent. All people do same things here. Yug grasps his collar and says how dare you. Inspector says do you consequences of hitting a police officer? Kali says I am sorry on his behalf. We are doing nothing here. We were just waiting. Inspector says shut up. You have to come to police station with us. He takes them.

Gauri is trying to call Yug. Pavitra comes in and says where is Yug papa? He said he will sing me lullaby. Gauri says don’t call Yug papa. Pavitra says he asked me to. Gauri says he just said that to console you. He is not your papa. Gauri slaps Pavitra twice and says get out of here. She shoves Pavitra. Manjiri holds Pavitra. Manjiri says naian take pavitra from here. Manjiri says Kali would answer you about this slap. Gauri says I am not scared of anything. Manjiri says yes you are not. Gauri says you never cared for me. Manjiri says Kali is your sister. Gauri says she always wanted what I had.

Precap-Reporter says police has exposed a racket. Kali is crying. Yug hugs her. Gauri sees this on Tv. Inspector says very well managed the girlfriend and the wife. Yug hits him. Kali says please calm down.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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