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Kaala Teeka 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kali is crying her heart out. Naina says don’t cry mama. Papa was so good that’s why God took him. Everyone is crying. Manjiri takes the kids upstairs. They say no manji ma we wanna be with manji ma. Manjiri takes them to room. Kali is crying. Yug says Kali Nandu will be alive in our memories. Kali is sobbing. Leela says don’t cry get up. We have to do his funeral. Yug says you have to be strong Kali. Yug says death is just a tragedy. After that there is a life too. Give him peace in that life. they take her near Nandu’s dead body. Yug is about to take cloth off from Nandu’s face. Kali stops him. She sits next to Nandu’s dead body crying. Kali sees Nandu’s face. Kali rests her head on Nandu’s feet. Everyone is crying. Prohit says its about

time. They pick Nandu’s dead body. Kali is sobbing. Manjiri says Kali control yourself. You have to be strong for Naina and Pavitra.

A woman says poor Kali. She is so young and a widow. Yug handled her well. Another woman says he had to. He was her husband before Nandu. Gauri married him by cheat. His heart still beats for Kali. I also heard Pavitra’s yug’s daughter. Nandu was stupid he didn’t know things. Yug loves both daughters like his own. One is from Kali and other from Gauri. Gauri is overhearing. Leela says come with me gauri.
Pavitra says to Kali papa has gone to God? Kali says when God loves someone he takes them earlier. But we wont let papa’s memories go away from our hearts. Papa will always come to help us. Like he did before. Pavitra says who will read us stories? Kali says I will. Papa promised me that I will give you both his love. I will keep you both happy. Will you two help me? They say yes. Leela and Gauri are on the door. Gauri says look at her and learn from her. How to treat children. You can’t hit them. You have to know their pain.
Gauri recalls what the women were saying.
Pavitra says we will never see papa again. We won’t go to have ice cream with him. She is crying. Yug comes in. Yug says why is my child crying? Pavitra says papa has left. We have no father. Yug says don’t say that. I am here for you both. I will love you like your papa did. Will you call me papa? Gauri is overhearing this. Yug says I will like it. Pavitra says papa.. Yug takes her with him and makes her sleep. yug says sleep, then I will take you out to ice cream. My daughter. Gauri says yug is my papa now. Gauri says he is not. Naina is Yug’s daughter. Your papa was nandu. Kali comes in and says why are you saying that to a child? Gauri says you want me to accpet everything? Kali says I don’t get what you are saying. Kali says what are you trying to say? Gauri says is Pavitra your and Yug’s daughter? Kali is about to slap Gauri.

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