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Jamai Raja 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Payal talking to someone and says my daughter and son in law wants to meet you also. She thinks once I make them face to face, and will see the big blast. She looks at Mahi and Satya’s pic and says Karanveer, get ready to meet your past. Mahi comes there and says Satya is coming. Mrs. Khanna comes. Payal welcomes her with a hug and asks her to sit. She asks Mahi to show samples to Mrs. Khanna. Mrs. Khanna sees the sample. Mahi calls Satya and asks him to come. Payal thinks I won’t let Satya meet his bua today. Mahi says she will order coffee and is about to go, but makes Mrs. Khanna purse falls and her valuables coming out of it. Mahi sits down and picks the things. She couldn’t see Sid and Mrs. Khanna’s pic. Mrs. Khanna asks her to call her Krutika. Payal says I think

Satya can’t come today and says lets go. She asks Mahi to stay there. Krutika/Sid’s sister gets sad as she couldn’t meet Karanveer. Payal and Krutika leaves from there, Satya comes then and tells Mahi that he fell down because of the car. Mahi says you are looking fine.

Satya asks her to come. Payal and Krutika are seated in the car. Krutika asks her to make her meet Karanveer. Payal says I will make you meet and thinks I wouldn’t have hidden GanguTai’s medicines if I wanted him to meet you. She says I will make you meet him once you signs the deal. Krutika asks her to show Karanveer’s pic. Payal shows Satya’s pic. Krutika says he is same like my brother. Payal says I will make you meet him only after I get everything. She asks her not to meet Karanveer directly, else she knows what she can do.

Mahi and Satya are in the room. Mahi shows the address Cuffe Parade, Galaxy Apartments and says this address is of your real family…The Khuranas. Satya is surprised and emotional. Satya says where did you get it and gets happy. He says I have to go and meet them. He asks what I shall wear and checks in his wardrobe. Mahi asks him to wear something formal. Satya thinks Khuranas will be happy to meet him and will hug him. He says but if this doesn’t happen then….as so much time had passed. If they don’t want to accept me….then? Mahi says everything will be fine and says we will always be with you. Satya smiles as she gives him strength. Mahi asks him to get ready in the morning and then they will go to office and then his real family. They hug each other.

Next day, Mahi and Satya are busy in the office. Khan and his wife Romana gets inside the office, but alarm bell rings at security point. Security guard stops him and says they have to check. Mahi says this is family. Payal says yes…Red light beeps again. Security guard stops Romana. Mahi says she is family too.

Satya asks Payal, how is he looking? Payal says he is looking changed. Mahi says today is big day for Satya. He is going to meet the Khuranas, his real family. Payal is shocked and says it is good. Mahi says lets go. Satya says my aayi says that we should get elders’ blessings for big day. He touches her feet. Payal says all the best and looks angrily. Satya and Mahi go.

Mahi and Satya reach the Galaxy Apartments. Satya says he is excited. Someone opens the door. Satya says he wants to meet Khurana family. Mahi says Khurana family. Servant asks you wants to meet whom? Satya says everyone and asks him to tell everyone that Karanveer came, Siddharth Khurana’s son. Servant asks them to wait and says he will call Madam. He closes the door. Krutika is seeing Sid, Roshni and Khurana family’s pic. She smiles seeing Sid’s pic.

Servant comes and says Siddharth Khurana’s son have come, Karanveer. Krutika gets happy hearing Karanveer’s name and asks runs to meet him. She comes towards the door, but Payal stops her and makes her smell chloroform. Krutika is shocked. Servant comes there. Payal asks him to tell Karanveer that nobody is at home if he wants money, else become servant for life. Servant opens the door and tells Satya that nobody is at home. He closes the door. Satya and Mahi gets sad. Satya tells Mahi that Servant went to inform the family, but then came and asked us to go saying nobody is inside. He says this happens when your family don’t want to see your face. There is wrong with destiny. Mahi cries and says you forgot us in one go, if we are not in your destiny. Satya smiles and hugs her, saying you and Aayi are not in my destiny, but my life and I can’t live without you both. Mahi hugs him. Satya hugs her back.

Krutika gains consciousness and sees Payal standing there. She asks what do you want, why you are not letting me meet my nephew. Payal asks her to do as she says, else you know what I can do. She asks her not to hurry up, else she can lose her nephew. She says I won’t take even 2 mins to blast him. Krutika is shocked.

Khan keeps bomb in his room. Mahi sees him with bomb and runs out of room to alert Satya, but Khan holds her by her hairs and kidnap her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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