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Jab love hua (ragsan) part- 11 ~fairy

Hey guyz fairy is back wid another chappy.;)
thnx a ton for such heart touching comments.love u all choo much!!!☆☆♡♡¤¤

link to prev. Episode- Part 10


so lets start episode 11….

“TUMMMMMMMM”-clamored ragsan at unison.

oh no no no no……NO not at all dis cant happen…i must b dreamng…

i rubbed my eyes but still,she ws dere.

oh god!dat mean it is real…..d grl whom i saved is none other den dis DRAMEBAAZ DENTIST …

i looked above -Y shivji y ….y you always do dis wid ur so aagyakari bhakt…….no matter how much i try not to see her annoyng face again in my life ,bt u always lands me to her only….

ahh!!i reallly dont know wt you have planned for my destiny???

Agrhhh!!!? not again……ahhh!!!!god y always me….????

no no no no…plz somebody say dat its not true….?

but wait a minute!!!if he lives here!!!dat means its his house..n dis is his family….dat means m in MAHESHWARI MENSION…oh god!!!siyappe pe siyappa….

it means i am in our enemy’s house?.oh god!kaha phasa diya!! now what”ll i do???

wtever i have to take dere help to reach Australia.but if dey”ll come to know dat i belong to SHEKHER PRATAP’S family den dey”ll never help me…

no no!!i cnt let dis happen…i have to hide my real identity!! yeah!…..n dis”ll b d safest place to hide for me,as cahchu or rudra nobody could even think in dere dreams also dat i”ll be here!!

but wt about dis DHAKAD MAHESHWARI(sanky) ,he”ll nver let me stay here….!!
“do u bth know eo”-asked ap
“haan bhai ,do u know bha… ,i mean do u know her??”asked laksh hidning his mischievious smirk.

ragsan looks at eo n gives deathly glares.

“sanskaar answer us…do u know her since before??”-asked dp in a serious tone

sanskaar dnt get words ,wt to say n what not?how to say dat he doesnt know her well,n nver wants to know her too…bt destiny always collides dem together…!! how to tell dem?dat wenever dey(ragsan) meet ,always fight …he was not gettng nythng to say;jst den he heard ragini’s voice.

“vo….we dont know eo personally…but we just met once …in my clinic..i am a dentist he once came dere..n dats how we know eo.”-said rags tryng to justify her statement.

sankaar thought y she havnt told about dere frst meetng at pub? might b bcoz shez tryng to hide her real identity in front of his family!!

he gives a strong “i m here only” vala glare to her.

“oh …so dats how u know eo”-said ap smilngly.

“jey chore!!jey sab to theek hai…tu manne jey bata…thare maa baapu katthe se?(bt where r ur parents?)-asked sujata.

rags facial expression changes.she becomes pale. bt den says-“dey r no more”-she wiped d corners of her eyes which r wet .n managed to gve a fake smile.

sanskaar saw it n dis pierced his heart.by seeing her lyk dis his eyes automatically bcomes moisty.he frst tym saw dis side of ragini.n it hurted him to see her in pain.

“maa …doctor is waitng”-said pari ,grabbing d attention towards d doctor who ws standng since a quite long tym.

“ahh!!yeah..doctor ..plz come n check her..”-said ap standng n turng towards d doctor.

after some time…

“she is f9 ,bt is little stressed..so i would jst advice her to take rest.”- doc

ap nodded n said-“thanku doc n dont worry .now shez wid us..we”ll surely take care of her”

rags looked at her n a sweet smile appeared on her face.

d doc goes from dere.

“adarsh!!try to contact our agents.n ask dem to make ragini’s passport as soon as possible”-ordered dp

he den looked at ragini n goes towards her.he caressed her hair n said-“you”ll be wid us only,till your passport get ready.okay!”

she nodded obediently wid a sweeet smile blinking her eyes twice.

dp den goes out wid adarsh discussing something.

ap also caresses rags hair n ask her to rest.n she goes out wid pari.
now laksh n sanky ws remaining dere.
sanky ws waitng for laksh to go out ,so dat he can talk wid ragini personally.but to his badluck laksh is least interested in going out.

“hi!!i am laksh..u can call me lucky!!?”-said laksh forwardng his hand towards rags

she smiled n replied shaking her hands-“nice to meet you lucky. n i am ragini but as now u r my frnd ,so u can call me ragz”

“wow super cool…ragz n lucky awesome…u seems to b jst lyk me…v”ll do lotz of masti together ..okay friend”-said laksh

rags nodded twicely wid a big bright smile.

den she saw sanky who ws gvng her weird looks , her smiles fades away a bit seeing him!

eveyone is so sweet here…dey r so caring!!except for dis sanskaar!!ahh!!donno wt he think of himself.his face is so annoyng..he doesnt even look lyk his a member of dis lovely family…i think he must be adopted..hmmm!!!?

“laksh…papa is calling u….go!!”-said sanky

“bt i hvnt heard his voice!”-said laksh
“bt i heard it!!now dnt argue n go!!”-said sanky strictly.
laksh looks at sanky n den towards rags n den smirked..
he goes towards sanskaar n whispered.
“oh so wanna talk wid bhabhi alone,dats y sendng me haaan!!!”

sanky turned towards laksh n said-“did u said something”
“nope!!not at all”-said laksh leavng d room.

i donno why ,bt i dont like wen laksh ws sitting so close to her!!d way dey both r enjoyng eo company ws annoyng me…n widout ny thought i jst asked laksh to go out!!i made an excuse dat papa is calling him ,but i think even he understood dat ,it ws fake…ahh!!but y i have done dat??dahh!!its kindda weird…

well jst flush it out!!now nobody is here ….so i can easily warn her to stay in limits till shez stayng in my house.

“look….as now u r staying here,in our house,den u must have to follow our ways”-said sanky lookng directly into rags eyes.

she frowned her eyes ,tryng to get what hes saying.

“what do u mean?”-asked rags wid annoyed expression.

“i mean to say….dat untill u r here…u must have to follow d rules of dis house…”-said sanky

“n wt are dose rules?”-asked rags rising her right eyebrow.

sanky smirked n said-“u have to wake up early for d morning prayer,we eat together n at a fixed tym,u have to respect my family members, n most imporatntly u have to wear traditional cloths n forget about going to pubs n clubs ..late @ n8..”

“u r our guest…so try to b lyk dat…follow our rules n stay here happily,till ur passport gets ready……but till u r here,try not to cross my ways n stay away as much as u can from me understood…”-completed sanky

“ahh!!u n ur attitude..i wanted to thank u for saving me…bt seeing ur behaviour ,i m really feeling disgusted dat i got saved by u ..huh!!my bad luck…u know what…u have aN attitude problem…u r a judgemental person. wid a narrow minded thinking ….dere were so many people in ur house,bt nobody told me ny rules or nythng…bt u ..hah!!instead of making me comfortable in ur house..u r tryng to make me feel vexatious…u r jst unbelievable!!”-said rags getting up from bed n going towards sanky.

he looked at her n asked -“wt u said? u r feelng disgusted dat i saved u huh!!”

he moves n she backs off seeing his heated eyes..

“now even i think .dat y i saved u….grl lyk you deserve to b treated lyk dat only….its my mistake dat i protected u from dose goons..if i would have known dat d grl ws you..den i would hve nver saved u…bt my bad luck!! n now u r here..huh!!i wish soon ur passport get ready so dat i get rid of ur unlucky face “-said sanky pinning rags to d wall.

she opened her mouth wide in shock n den said-“oh hellow!!even i dont have ny interest to see ur annoying face..u r litterely impossible..i havnt seen a person lyk u ever in my life …”

“oh hellow stop judging me…frst look at urself…i know u type of grls very well…try to change ur urself n ur dressing too…m saying it for ur betterment nly”-said sanky looking into her beautiful orbs

“frst u change ur mentality den ask me!!if people lyk u change ur thinking na den all d problems wl get solved automatically ..”-said rags gvng a stern look to him.

“its of no use to talk to a brainless grl lyk u .huh!!”-said sanky turng to leave.

rags gets irked n holded his coller n turned him to face her.

he turned wid a jerk.n now both are really close to eo.she ws still holdng his collar wid one of her hand n he ws looking lost in her.

“sajnave…..chupke se aahista…horaho lapata…uljha sawalo mein ..ab tere he khayalo mein”….bg music..

he comes to concious listing to her voice.

“what d hell do u think of urself hmm!!..”-asked rags..

sanky sees her hand & den jerked it..n make his collar proper ..

“see we both have prob. wid eo….so now i”ll stay away from u n u also stay far away from me okay”-said sanky pointng his finger towards her.

she nodded n den turned her face.

till m here,i”ll surely teach u a good lesson for messing wid me DHAKAD MAHESHWARI

till u r here ,i”ll make sure to make u feel worse..huh!!dat will b my revenge from you.

he left d room gvng a final look to her.
Ap comes to rags room n gves her a dress n milk.

“beta !get urself changed into dis dress .its uttara’s dress..wear it for now..tommorrow we”ll go for shopping for you okay …”-said ap handing her a white colored suit.

rags smiles n takes d dress.bt as soon as she saw dat its a suit,she made a “oh nooo” vala look n stares AP .

“what happened beta..go n change”-said ap

oh god!now what to do?? -thought rags.

“ahh!vo….i ..i..dont wear suits”-rags finally managed to say.

ragini is a girl.who dont know what to say n when..she just says whatever comes to her mind.people think her mean n selfish by her dis nature,but only some people understands dat shez a really innocent soul.n thank to god!dat Annapurna understands her.shez a lovely lady.so its easy for her to understand ragini’s nature.

ap smile n den said-“okay beta ..tommorrow u can buy wtever u wear ..bt for now ,dis suit is d only option.”

rags said-“okay i”ll manage ..thnku so much aunty…u r really sweet”.
rags is turning her sides…
shez not getting sleep..
she even cant go to pub r8 now ,as its risky..if rudra or nyone see her dere,den she could land up in a problem.

“huff!!me n my sleep…i think we both are rivels…anti-party types.hehe”-murmered rags to herself n den cont.

“shall i call swara or chachi…no no ..its already late…i”ll call dem tommorrow..hahh!!”

after a long time..she falls into sleep.
“SPLAAAAASHHH”-sound comes wen sanky throws a glass full of water on rags face.

“ahhhh!!!”-rags jerked up.

sanky supressed his laugh seeing her facial expression.

“wht d hell!!ye kya keya tumne?(wt hve u done?)”-asked rags annoyngly.

“its aarti time..i already told u dat till u r stayng in our house u have to follow our rules…so now get up n come to d aarti(morning prayer)..maa is calling you”-said sanky n ws going out

“but is it a way to wake someone up?”-asked rags wiping her face
n gvng deadly glares to sanky.

“i only know dis way to wake up a kumbhkaran lyk you…!!!since so long i ws tryng to wake u up…bt being a kumbhkaran ,u havnt moved even a bit!!so lastly i had to do dis”-said sanky winking at her.

“ahh!! MR.DHAKAD i wont leave u for dis”-said rags gettng up from bed.

but before she could get up,sanky already left d room.

rags saw d tym n said-“oh god…is dis a time to pray????it is sleepng tym yaar…uff!!if my morning is like dis…den i donno how my day wl pass…”-thinking so she goes towards washroom lazely…!!
hehe? now lets see wt wl happen btween DHAKAD MAHESHWARI N DRAMEBAAZ DENTIST.

lets see wt impact maheshwari family brings on ragini & how rags wl affect maheshwari’s ?

to know about all dis.stay tuned wid me ?
sorry guyz for always being so late,bt believe me i try my best to update as fast as i can..bt due to my hectic shedule i jst cant able to do so.m really very sorry..n thnku all so much for supportng me so much n having patience..m really thnkful to u all.love u cho much umaaah??❤

so guyz done wid another chappy!!hope u all lyked it..shower ur views regardng dis in d comment box.
? ? ?

lots of love
keep rockng n stay blessed
yours fairy ?

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