Hey people, Su is back to annoy you people?…I mean-I am back with part 1…
Before, I just start to talk and talk and talk, lets start…

A private black chopper lands on the runways of Oberoi Airport, an airport which is only available for Oberois. The door opens, And a handsome man wearing dark black sunglasses, exits through the door. He takes off his sunglasses in action. He has hazel eyes.

He then walks through the stairs and lands his feet on the land of india. Servents welcome him, and takes his luggage, and try to make him comfortable. He enters the private airport.

A glossy blue Lamborghini waites outside. The handsome guy enters the Lamborghini and the Lamborghini drives off to its destination the Oberoi Mansion…

@Oberoi Mansion…
A lady guides the workers.
Lady: Oh my mata, what flower you are putting here, my Shivaay hates roses.
Worker: Sorry, Madam, I thought sir likes roses, I will change them with white lillies.

A beautiful girl runs to reach the lady.
Girl (breathless): When…Papa..i-is…arr…iving…Dadi?
Lady (breathless): Take time to breathe, Riya, and why are you being impatient?
Girl: Dadi, you know na, Papa is returning after 7 years from London. I don’t even know how he looks. In this world I have only one parent, which is my Papa. Mumma left me ages ago, and so did Papa. He never contacted me. And Dadi, you either let me chat with Papa when he called on the phone.
Lady: Riya..you won’t understand…umm… Servent come and take Riya to her bedroom.
Servent comes quickly.
Servent (bowing): Yes madam…
Servent takes Riya away.

Shivaay arrives at OM (Oberoi Mansion)…
The servents throw flowers at him.
He makes a grand entry.
Lady (Pinky) hugs Shivaay.
Pinky (crying): Oh my mata, I can’t believe that my Shivaay is standing here.
Shivaay (crying): Ma…I can’t tell you how much I missed you.

Shakti comes and joines the hug.
Shakti: Thats not fair, Mother and Son are not including me.
Shivaay (smiling): What are you waiting for Papa, huh, come and join us.
They hug.

Riya comes running…
Riya comes near Shivaay and stops.
Riya (crying): Papa…Papa.
She hugs Shivaay.
Shivaay to hugs her.

Mallika’s dead face flashes in Shivaay’s mind. He pushes Riya.
Shivaay: What is this girl doing here? Servent take her, and tell her never to come in front of my eyes.

OmRu arrives there and hugs Shivaay.
Om (crying): Shivaay, I missed you more than a crore.
Shivaay: Same Om…my brother.
Rudra: Bhaiyya…this house was so empty without you, promise you will never leave us.
Shivaay: Don’t know about promise, but you guys haven’t still got married.
Rudra: Bhaiyya, marriage oh no…now Ma will go on about it.

Jhanvi: He is saying the right thing, you guys are not ready to get married.
Tej: Will you people not let Shivaay go inside?

@Riya’s room…
Riya remembers how Shivaay pushed her and said rude words to her. She sobbs. She takes the picture of Mallika which was on the bedside cabinet.
Riya: Mumma, why did you leave me? I really miss you. If you were there then Papa wouldn’t have misbehaved with me. Mumma…please return, please…

Precap: Tia’s entry…
Mallika’s accident was a murder, who is the mystery murderer???

So people, Riya’s role will be played by Ruhaanika Dhawan a.k.a Ruhi in YHM. Hse was the most popular suggestion.
Comment please?.

I will return soon to annoy you guys…I mean with another part.

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