Ishani: sorry ranveer woh jaldi jaldi main phone lena hi bhulgaye
Sorry she said cutely aur she was about to say something
Ranveer :ishani he held her cheeks with her hands caressed and said it’s okay no problem

She smiled and was about to leave


Ranveer held her hands signed her to come and sit
She too sat next to him
Ranveer hesitated to start then slowly started say ishani woh actually
Ishani:kya hua ranveer kuch toh bolo
Ranveer :Ishani today I saw ur mobile while attend sharmans call woh text …it’s not me trust me
Actually I was helping naina on that day and I don’t know who took that she was not feeling her so I escorted her to home
And I don’t even know. ..before he could complete ishani kepts her fingers on his lips ranveer. ..you don’t need to explain me anything leave don’t worry
Ishani :I knew my ranveer
Ranveer hugged her imediately and tears in his eyes

Amba and lakshmi were chatting on their room
Ritika and naina has planned to come India

Naina with a evil face I want to know whether Ishani has seen those pics or not
She is big trouble in my life
I hate her ritika hate her to the core

Ritika was smiling like a devil watching this

Ritika:call sharman and say tomorrow night you have to go for dinner at juhu beach with ranveer so asked him to do all the arrangements
Ritika :do what I say

Naina nodded as yes hmmm

Sharman was at home with baa Krish and manas
All had dinner they started to plan for sharman wedding

Ritika dialled to someone about women she spoke to her half an hour

Nirbhay was happily sharing about his plans for naina wedding to his mother

While pratik was saying abouut the food menu heard a knock at door all were astonished.

Precap :ranveer were resting his chin on Ishani shoulder both were sitting and hugging her behind at the terrace do you remember Ishani?

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