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Ishra, abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 29

Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 29

Hi everyone sorry for late update been busy with school work and then I had guests over sorry and please keep commenting


Raman: I never wanted this day to end you confessed and now we’re together
Ishita: you confessed as we’ll
Raman: but you did first
Ishita; no you did
Raman: whoever did our love is immortal
Ishita hugs him Zaalima plays

Shivanya a: ritik I love you a lot but I feel something is about to happen
Ritik: I’m with you Shivanya nothing can happen to you or me your mine and I am your
Shivanya; zaalim
Ritik: Zaalima
Zaalima plays

Khushi: now I should go before we get in trouble
Arnav: alright janu
Arnav: your such a joker
Khushi: bye

Pragya: okay I should go now before we get caught
Abhi; Channa merrya
Channa mereya plays
Pragya and abhi romance and hug

Shagun comes to Raman
Shagun: Raman
Raman gets shocked by the voice
Raman turns and shagun is there
Shagun: I’m sorry for leaving you I love you
Raman: don’t come near me stay away you
Shagun: Raman
Raman leaves in anger

Raman: this has happened before I feel it it must have

Precap: tanu sitara and shesha entry
The couples start to feel a little weird of them
Couples romAnce

Sorry for short update I am busy with many things lately I have finals starting Wednesday so next update will be next week I will post a promo tomorrow so stay tuned it’s my exams I’m worrying about them

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