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Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 28

Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 28
Hi everyone thanks for the comments and support I saw zaalima it is beautiful romantic song https://youtu.be/lpdRqn6xwiM check it out

Ishita: thanks Raman you make me feel like I have known you for years
Raman: I know even I feel it
Ishita: wait what are we saying
Raman: yeah
Ishita: I think I’m starting to like you or maybe love you
Raman: what same
Ishita: I love u Raman
Raman; I love you too
Ishita hugs Raman
Raman: ishita darling
Ishita blushes
Ishita gets some memories of old time like this has happened before

Shivanya: ritik where did you go
Ritik: I wanna say something
Shivanya: what
Ritik goes on his knees
Ritik: you made me go after you you told me not to love you but I am starting to love you
Shivanya smiles
Ritik: I love you Shivanya
Ritik takes out the ring
Shivanya: I love you too
Ritik puts the ring
They hug

Khushi: Arnav why did you bring me here
Arnav is no where
Khushi: Arnav
Arnav: let me hug you
Khushi: why
Arnav: I have fallen for you
Khushi: what
Arnav: I love you dam it
Khushi smiles
Khushi: I love you too dam it
Arnav and Khushi are seen hugging

Abhi: o fugi why did you slap me
Pragya: accident
Abhi: I won’t talk to you I hate you
Pragya: but I love you
Abhi: what
Pragya: I love you abhi
Abhi: really I love you too
Pragya hugs abhi

The couples dance on Zaalima from raees

Shagun: how did they escape
Shesha: I was so close to kill them all
Sitara: maybe your just a horrible snake
Tanu: yeah
Shesha: wait now
Shesha turns into a snake and grips tanu and sitara
Tanu: we were just joking you are powerful please put me down sorry
Sitara: yeah we we’re joking put us down
Shesha puts them down
Shagun: stop fighting let’s make a plan to kill them
Shesha: yeah let’s

Precap: romance and zaalima continues
The villans acting in front of the boys the couples get flashback like it’s happened before

https://youtu.be/lpdRqn6xwiM the link to zaalima the song

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