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Ishra abhagya and naagin love story a fresh start part 7 (new characters introduced)

Ishra abhagya and naagin love story a fresh start part 7
Hi everyone sorry for late update been busy with school work and then I had guests over sorry and please keep commenting. My story won’t have villans it will just be slotted twist Ut will be they feel they love them

A boy is seen
Boy: you should have been mine Shivanya you will be
They boy face is shown (Viren tacker is shown http://careermasti.com/ek-hazaaron-mein-meri-behna-hai-karan-tacker-viren-photos-wallpapers-11533/ this is how he will look like) I viren will have you Shivanya
Viren: I should go for my friends house where we all will meet


Another boy is shown
Boy: ishita you were mine but you never accelted me
They boy face is shown (nazim who plays ahem is sns is shown)
Boy: I raj will have you
Raj: brothers our friend Viren will come soon

Another man is shown
Man: I have fallen for you Khushi I will get you
The man face is shown (khushal tandon is shown will look like this raj brother http://m.indiatoday.in/story/kushal-tandon-walks-out-debut-movie-erotic-content-gauahar-khan-bigg-boss-romila-twitter/1/447327.html)
Virat: I’m virat will have you Khushi yo our big bro come
Raj: where is he bro
Virat: I don’t know

A man is shown looking at pragya pic
Man: pragya pragya when will you be mine (Karan Mehra is shown)
Khushal: I will have you pragya
Virat: khushal
Raj: khushal bro
Khushal: did our friend came
Viren: you looked for me here here I am
Virat sees his sister in mandir

A girl is seen praying
The face is shown ( Krystle D’Souza is shown)
I wanted Viren but he loves someone else why god please return him I jeeviks need him
Jeevika: I have to go

Precap: ishra abhagya rivanya and Arshi meet the boys
The girls hug the boys making the men jealous
Viren sister is shown

This is just an introduction of new characters I am sorry for not including the couples I needed this part for intro next part I will I have finals exam this week will post promo tomorrow with next part date thanks this part feel like ek hazaaron mein Keri behna hai let’s begin a new journey sorry for short update

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