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ISHQBAAZ – two people in general and then turning into each other’s souls forever (PART 4)

Chapter 4:

Well thank you for liking my story Well myself priya signed in with another part. This part contains some emotional moments which I really don’t know whether it will suit the track in which I am taking this ss. This part happened all of a sudden and unexpectedly. If its boring plz forgive me and mention it openly in comments. Anyways enough of my nonsense. Hope you like it.


Shivay had never expected her to talk lie this so he held her hand and made her stop. He could sense the nervousness and fear when he held her hand. Anika tried her best to calm herself down but the emotions inside her was not letting her to balance herself. Shivay forcefully made her turn to his side making her face him and then asked.
S: what happened anika? Why are you behaving like this? If there is any problem that is troubling you then share it. Being your friend I will help you solving it.
A: well said shivay… being my friend. Really shivay do you think that I am a fool that you will make me your friend, that too a girl like me who is from a middle-class family.

S: (getting a bit angry) are you in your sense anika. It was some weeks ago, that we had become friends. And at that time, you were confused as why am I asking you to become my friend and you were giving some insane reaction and now at this stage when we are really good friends you are asking me whether I am seriously talking about friendship.
A: (clapping her hands) wow now you have started to talk philosophical things. (adjusting herself and trying her level maximum not to break down) but you know what shivay I don’t need your friendship. Do you want to know why? (mocking him) why would you want to know it? Even if you know it you will not understand what I am really meaning to tell you. So, it is better that I leave right now.
S: (getting irritated.) anika I don’t know what has happened to you but I know that something is bothering you. I am noticing it right from the time I have come back from Delhi.
A: (mocking him) oh, really shivay. Just tell me from when did you start to tell jokes. Haan. You have seen change in my behaviour. What did you say you have started noticing me? Shivay its just words that you are saying but you don’t even know the meaning of the things that you said right now.
S: (he got really angry that he held her by her arms and dragging her close to him) anika you are seriously making me angry to an extent that you don’t even know. First you were ignoring me, then you stopped talking to me, then you stopped meeting me even when I am at home and then when I asked you for friendship with my whole heart you were acting as if idiot. Why don’t you get it damn that you are very special person to me?

Till this whole time staring and getting lost in his blue eyes she had now surrendered her control over her emotion. She very well knew that if she will remain there for more time then she will break in such a way that she won’t be able to steady herself back. Even when shivay was telling this all thing she was lost in his eyes and she felt numb that a lone tear escaped her eyes which didn’t go unnoticed by him. He finally let her free and she winced in pain as he did hurt her by holding her so tightly.

Shivay realised that his hold had given her the pain adding to the pain that she was already going. But anika to make the situation easy said.
A: it’s okay shivay. (in a calm tone) it is not hurting me. You just relax. And don’t mind whatever I said as it was just because I am really worried for sahil right now. Anyways it is time for you to go and one thing I must confess you are looking so dashing right now, that if tia was not going to be your would-be I would have kidnapped you and would have made you mine. (she smiled making shivay feel comfortable) but what to do that lady baba snatched my prince charming.
S: (relaxing a bit on seeing anika getting relaxed) well tomorrow you will tell me what had really happened to you that you were behaving like that.
A: (holding his hand) tomorrow’s planning we will do tomorrow. Well now as you getting into commitment all the best for your future. Always remain happy okay.
S: (hitting her slightly on her head) stupid you are lecturing me as if you are going away forever. Well take care of sahil okay.
A: (giving a fake smile.) okay you go. Tia must be waiting for you. (shivay smiled back and he was about to leave.) amm shivay would you mind if I stay back in your room for 10 minutes as I can’t go down with this crying face.
S: yes, I will mind. (pulling her leg.)
A: (in a calm tone) fine then I will go to some other room.
S: stupid I was just joking. Relax a bit and then leave okay.
Anika smiled back and finally shivay left for the hall. On the way shivay was not feeling okay as he felt on seeing anika and he felt some kind of restlessness, like he felt when he realized that it is his engagement. He just was ignoring his feelings he knew that he had to anyhow marry tia for business stake. His mind was ready but his heart was not ready to accept tia. He closed his eyes relaxed a bit but the only face that pictured in front of his eyes was anika. He finally entered the hall and was warmly welcomed by priomru. Though omru were smiling they were not ready accept tia as shivay’s wife as they only wanted anika in that place.

But back in his room anika was all broken, she sat on the floor crying and holding her chest. She was shattered but no one was there to assemble her. She tried to cry but her eyes were not letting the tears out as nothing was left since she was crying since the previous night. She finally spoke up to clear the chocking of her throat.
A: why do I always have to face this kind of situation? How can you make me so emotionless? Today you will have to answer me god. First you make me meet him in such a way that we fought like anything, then you make me land straight in front of him as his wedding planner, then make me close enough to his family and home, then you bring us closer and closer each day, but still you make me aware sometime that he is going to marry someone else, then you make us friends, then you make me realize that I have fallen for him, then you make me so broken that you don’t allow me to make myself understand that I have to hate him and then finally when I try my best to avoid him you have brought me back to his home right on his engagement day for making me realize that you finally win. At least you could have given him a heart to make him realize that he too loves me like I am doing but no… here also you are winning. Even though it is clearly seen in his eyes that he cares for me, that even if I am hurt he is much more hurt than me you are not giving him any hints that he too loves me.

She was now totally blank that she was not able to say anything further. She was crying by hugging herself that she had not noticed dadi entering the room. Dadi who was out of the room right from the time anika entered was witnessing all what was happening. She very well knew the reason for shivay to marry tia, but she also knew that he was not happy with his own decision. She came and caressed anika’s head and anika looked up. She immediately hugged dadi and cried while dadi consoled her.
D: puttar I think that from now on you must not work here as billu’s wedding organiser.
A: but dadi shivay’s wedding is still left. How can I leave my job in the middle?
D: and I don’t want you to breakdown further. Don’t worry I will hire a new wedding planner.
A: but what will all think dadi. No dadi even if my heart breaks I can’t take someone’s bad wishes with me.
D: and the bad spell that will fall by your soul destruction will be much less if compared to the bad wishes you are talking about. Maan jaa puttar if you will work here more then with you my heart will also cry and do you want that puttar.
Finally, dadi convinced anika and made her comfortable.
Sorry the story is just happening with the flow of writing so I cannot give precap.
If you like then do comment guys. I am again mentioning if bored you then do mention and even you can tell me if it is going off track. Every kind of good and bad comments are appreciated. This is priya signing off.

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