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#Ishqbaaz #ShivIka #The Unrevealed Truth #Part 3 & 4

Hello peeps…. once again I am up with update but without proof reading as usual… Below is next update…

Part 3


As soon as topic divert to IshKara’s honeymoon Anika didn’t miss a chance to pull Ishana’s leg and tease her but before they forget about their surroundings Jayshree come and inform that Oberoi family is down so they wrap-up their chit-chat and went down stairs.


As soon as doorbell ring Jayshree run to upstair to call Anika and Ishana and Rishi open door and welcome Oberoi to family but seems like Pinky did not liked this so speak up

Pinky: Hamare yanha to ghar aaye maheman ka swagat karne sab aate hai,or jab ki wo ladke wale ho to aise swagat nai karte hai.

Rishi: Wo Jayshree Anika ko laane gai hai.

Shakti: Are koi bat nahi waise bhi andar aake aap sabse hi bat karni hai..

Rishi: Ha aaye na…

And after that they step in side and settle in sofa and same time Ishana and Jayshree come downstairs along with Anika. After that both welcome Oberoi family again and Anika took blessing from Oberois.

Meanwhile Pinky is busy in observing Shekhawat mension which is noticed by Jayshree so she said

Jayshree: Aao hum aapko ghar dikhate hai tab tak mai Anika’ll prepare snacks and tea for us.

And all agree with suggestion leaving IshKara and RuNika in drawing room all went to take tour of Shekhawat mension as soon as they left Anika speak

Anika: What was that??? Do not we have servent in home??? Why would I prepare nasta for them???

Ishana: silly girl that was an excuse, all things are ready, ma told that just to impress Pinky and may be…

But before Ishana can complete her sentence OmRuNika speak in unison

OmRuNika: Whatever I do not like Pinky.

Ishana: What?

Omkara: She is showing off their status.

Rudra: She is rude.

Anika: Pinky is weird.

Ishana: Stop all of you, what if any of them heard this it may be create problem for this alliance so do not speak such words.

Though Ishana stopped them but less she know is damage is already done before she stop them from speaking further as Pinky who is moving to another room at up stair saw Anika standing in drawing room so stop there to check if that another girl along with Anika is there or not, just to know who is preparing nasta and heard their chit-chat.

But Pinky didn’t speak anything at that time. And at downstairs Ishana take Anika to kitchen with her and warn both OmRu to do not utter a single word again Pinky or Oberoi.

Oberoi Industries

As soon as Ranveer completed his sentence Shivay hugged him tightly and said

Shivay: Thanks Ranveer.

Ranveer: For what? For praying to god?

Shivay: Nope, For staying with me all this while, for handling me when I was broken, for supporting me and all such things.

Ranveer: Seems like you need a tight slap or punch on your face which will bring you back to reality.

Shivay: What? Now what?

Ranveer: How many time I’ve to mention that your thanks is not required. When life brings us together we are at same situation and..

Shivay: Ranveer do not I do not want to remember that days, memories of that days are painful.

Ranveer: But you can’t change past.

Shivay: But you know it always remind me that I was unwanted child of my family.

Ranveer: Shivay lets not talk about that, and lets celebrate may be today your dream girl will accept your proposal.

Shivay: No celebration before confirmation, but lets go back to home and yeah book my ticket for India after tomorrow’s meeting I want to go back.

Ranveer: Ok boss.

Back to India
Shekhawat mension

All are settled in hall after having small tour of Shekhawat mention and they are discussing about Anika’s education when Anika enter with tea and snacks tray the same time man door click open and a girl dressed up in jeans and t-shirt enters with a cute baby but as soon as she enters inside home baby left her finger and runs towards Anika and hug her leg and speak “Mumma”

As soon as mumma word come out from Pratham’ mouth expresion of each person present in hall are starts changing from happy to worried (In case of Shekhawatfamily member) and shocked and confused (In case of Oberoi family member) and Ishana is first one to react among them and she spoke to girl (Who brings Pratham there)

Ishana: Saumya, is Pratham alright???

Before Saumya can react or reply to Ishana Pinky jumped between and speak

Pinky: Saumya aap yanha kya kar rahi ho??? Dost ho Anika ki (With sarcasm)???

Saumya: Ji Pinky dost hu hi but meri Rudra se engagement hui hai agle mahine us waqt aap log Haridwar gaye the so yanha nahi the… And Bhabhi Pratham bilkul thik hai. He just missing his mumma and he cried so I bring him home.

Ishana: Ohkz Saumya.

Meanwhile Anika pick up Pratham and took him in her embrace and again Pratham spoke “Mumma”

As soon as Jayshree see a frown on Pinky’s head after hearing “Mumma” she started giving explanation due to panic and speak

Jayshree: Pratham is Ishana and Omkara’s son but after Pratham’s birth Ishana met with an accident and went in comma so Anika handled and care for Pratham at that time so Pratham call Anika “Mumma”.

Dadi: Yeh to bahot hi badiya bat hai, Ab to paka yakin ho gaya ki Shivay Anika ke bare me jitni bhi taarif karta tha bilkul aisi hi hai par usase kahi jyada achi hai… (Imagine Shivay Praising Anika in front of his Dadi… )

As soon as Anika heard Shivay praising her infront of his Dadi she felt little surprised but she did not saw that on her face.

Dadi: Hame bhi Pratham se milwao.

Anika goes near her and speak to Pratham in childish langauge

Anika: Pathu baby Dadi ko hi karo.

As soon as Pratham heard Anika he waives his hand in front of Dadi which make Dadi feel haapy and content.

After that almost every one excluding Pinky forget about the purpose for which they are together and busy playing with Pratham but seems like Pinky do not like this too so she fake cough and tries to remind everyone about her presence (Pinky is attention seeker ) and successfully divert topic to square one.

After few question of Dadi and Shakti and interrogation of Pinky, Pinky declares that they like Anika which brings happiness on every ones face.

At the time of departure Pinky invites Shekhawat for dinner at their home for next day.

As soon as Oberoi family leave from Shekhawat mansion Shakti asked Dadi

Shakti: Why are you sad ma??? Now your son will get married to his dream girl soon.

Dadi: He is not only my son and I am sad after seeing Pratham.

But before Dadi or Shakti can discuss about that Pinky spoke

Pinky: Wo kisse pe koi bhi bat nahi honi chahiye na mere samne na mere piche.

After that both just nod and they leave to Singhniya mansion.

Here in Shekhawat mansion.

As soon as Pinky announced that they liked Anika everyone is happy beyond limit though Anika is happy but some what she is lost somewhere which do not go unnoticed by each family member so they stop cherishing moment and Rudra asked

Rudra: What happened Anika didi???

All she replied in reply is

Anika: I do not have positive vibes with dinner invitation.

Ishana/Saumya: Silly girl just stop overthinking.

She nod and smile and celebration in Shekhawat family is on.

Same day London

Shivay tried Ranveer’s phone for 30th time but still busy tone which bubble up his anger so he throw phone and went to prepare coffee for him but as soon as he step inside kitchen main door open and angry Ranveer entered and speak

Ranveer: Shivay WTH man 3o miss call???

Shivay: Man niether you’ve send me flight detail nor I do receive any message regarding booking so I called you to know about …

Ranveer: listen you can’t go to India at-least today…

Shivay: What??? I mean why???? Do not you dare say me you forget to book ticket or there is no flight for India and if there is any such situation then book private jet for me. You know Ma liked Anika they are agreed for alliance and they invited Shekhawat for dinner tomorrow and according to Dadi if everything went well then Roka will be after two days. So now do you understand how it is important for me to visit India??? (He spoke this whole in one breath)

Ranveer: Breath man, Niether I forget booking Nor any other situation but we have meeting with Mr.Khurana and he wants you too in meeting…

Shivay: But,

Ranveer: Wait let me complete first before you give me lecture about I too can handle that meeting let me inform you that he specifically wants you to be present in meeting and I try my best to explain him that you can’t but he did not understand so you have to be there in meeting.

Shivay: Whatever look I am Shivay Singh Singhniya and I do business on my terms and condition I do not follow others order so.

Ranveer: Mr. SSO do not forget in previous week too you postponed this meeting for your …

Shivay: Do not start that, And so what Ranveer postpone it again.

Ranveer: Shivay we can’t and you’ve to attend else they will take legal action and that won’t be good for our company’s reputation. Hope you understand me.

So howz this shot??? So what do you guys think will Shivay visit India or not??? And Dinner will go well or not???? And do you like Pratham and his entry???

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