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#Ishqbaaz #ShivIka #Marriage or Revenge #Dark FF #Part 13

Hello peeps…???? Today I’ll do all my blah blah at last as of now…???

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Part 13

As soon as car in which Anika is sitting come to halt in front of her house next second she opened door and scenario in front of her eyes making her nervous because the house which is decorated like bride for her marriage the same house is looking like a place where people are mourning over someone’s death and before she can enter inside a car come to halt and she flinched with thought of Shivay but to her good luck Shivay is not in that car and a man come out and he come to her and take her inside with full delicacy but Anika who is noe scared of man’s unwanted touch flinch with that touch and as soon as they entered inside that person speak

Person: Mr.Shekhawat with my team and cop’s help we rescue your daughter from car which is taking her somewhere and as per Shivay sir’s order I am dropping her here.

Rishi and Jayshree are happy beyond limit seeing there daughter alive in front of them and son they rush to her and started asking end number of questions and Anika is answering them with passion and as soon as they confirm that Anika is not being hurted by kidnapper Rishi turns to the man and speak

Rishi: Thanks a lot Mr.

Person: Mr.Khanna and sir I’ll leave now.

Rishi: Thanks once again Mr.Khanna and say thanks to Mr.Shivay too.

As soon as that devil’s name come in Anika’s mind every moment she spent with him started going through her mind and soon she felt weak on her knees remembering them and within a minute she landed on land and worried Rishi called Dr. And after checking Anika Dr.prescribed some multi vitamins pills and then he take Rishi and Jayshree out and speak

Dr.: She is going through some trauma right now and she had not ate proper food so she is unconscious right now due to all this and I’ll like to suggest you that don’t give any stressful news to her or don’t talk over any stressful matter with her give her proper food love and care and lost of rest and she’ll be fine.

And after that Dr.depart from there and Rishi and Jayshree decide to not inform her about Daksh and his family’ decision and they are trying their best to give her cheerful atmosphere and in this all time Anika is trying Daksh’s number but she get switch off machine msg and none of his family member is answering her call so finally after four day she decide to visit Daksh and she by her self drive to Daksh’s home.

As soon as she entered inside she come to know that Daksh is in study room and his parents are out from one of servant and she directly went to study room and knocking door she enter inside and then looking at cold and calm welcoming gesture of Daksh she speak

Anika:Where is your phone??? Where were your phone all this while??? Can’t you answer my single call??? Do you know how much I needed you???

Daksh tightly hold her by her shoulders and speak

Daksh: Are you serious Anika that you needed me??? (Raising his eyebrows)

Anika: Yeah Daksh..

Daksh: I think you needed the one with whom you run away marriage day.
(Leaving her shoulders)

Anika: Have you lost your mind? I’ve been kidnapped by someone I didn’t…

Daksh: Stop lying Anika and I already walk out from that fake relationship. Didn’t your parents informed you that I’ve break alliance???

Listening this land beneath Anika’s leg are moving away and she felt like she’ll fall flat on her back and she is trying to take support from nearer object and Daksh saw this and listed of holding her he hit her on place where she is already hurt that is her pride and speak

Daksh: So you are carrying child of your that so called lover.. Seems like h is not rich so you ditched him and come back to me but let me tell you I am not interested (stop for few seconds) actually yeah I’ve an offer give me pleasure for a night I’ll give you a blank cheque and then you can live…

But before he can complete his sentence his lips sealed out of shock and surprise due to a tight slap that his cheeks welcome by Anika’s hand and very next second Anika looking into his eyes speak

Anika: Never in my dream I’ve thought that you can be so cheap and stood so low and thanks to kidnapping I am out of relationship with pathetic person like you and for your information I’m still virgin and that moment I felt weak due to you words and stress and trauma through which I am going. And one more thing don’t saw me your filthy mouth again I hate you.

And after that she left for that and all happy moment she spent with Daksh started flashing in her mind and every promise which he made like to love her immensely and all bring tears in her eyes but see wip them an drive back to home but when she entered inside cop are already waiting for her to have statement from her and she informed them that due to mask she can’t see kidnapper’s face and he didn’t even harm her and once again hearing this sentence with calm mind Rishi’s mind started wondering about intention of kidnapper and he vow to find that person who spoiled her beloved daughter’s life.

And soon Anika rush to her room and hugging her knees near her chest she let her tears rolls and she even don’t know when she drift to deep slumber.


Since last one hour Shivay is having drink one after another and now he is under effect of drink and soon he felt a soft touch on his back and he turn and saw Anika standing there in black one-piece and he smiled at her and instead if smiling she give a peck on his lips surprising him and soon Shivay scoop her in his arms and started moving towards secluded corner and soon he find one and he make her stand on her legs and he started kissing her on her neck and he reach to her cleavage which is clearly visible from hr low neck dress and inviting him to explore each corner of his body and he lost his control which he’ve kept since last two days and he is started unzipping her dress and he speak

Shivay: I live you a lot Anika and I need you now.

And before he can remove dress from her body he felt she push him so he tied to pull her and speak

Shivay: Enough Anika now don’t push me away from you now I can’t stay away from you I need to explore you.

Finally breaking silence she speak

She: But I m not Anika and you are spoiling moments by taking name of some of your ex but I don’t want you to fantasies someone else when you are having pleasure with Miss Tia Kapoor.

Soon effect of all the drink drained listening name and he just rush out from there and scold his own mind and heart who is non stop thinking about his Anika.

And he drive back to his home.


Next day morning with sound of birds and Sunrays who are disturbing her and cold breeze which is playing with her hair Anika wake up and she felt ache in her neck and back due to sleeping in uncomfortable condition and she is about to step to bathroom for freshen up but her bridlewear come in her vision and once again all things started rewinding in her mind and soon she remember her encounter with Shivay and his he tied her strips on her Mehandi ad then his kiss and his words that he want her and every us or no of her will effect her life and soon things started being clear in her mind and she get intention of Shivay behind her kidnapping and she murmur

Anika: So Mr.Shivay Singh Oberoi you kidnapped me a night before my marriage day and didn’t ask for ransom so people will presum that girl is at fault and later no one will say yes to marry such girl and you’ll accept me then with your big heart and then you can have me and my body but no this time I won’t let you win.

And with determination she dailled Shivay’s number on very first ring Shivay answered call and speak

Shivay: Hey sweetheart missing me already????

Anika: How can I forget that person who change my life in few minutes????

Shivay: I’ll take it as compliment baby…

Anika: Now what you want from me???

Shivay: waise you are the one who called me so I need to ask you that but its on anything for you baby and as you want to know let me tell you rather to say remind you “I want you” marry me Anika.

Anika: I am ready for marriage.

And she disconnect call leaving Shivay in pleasurable shock and she vow to make his life miserable.

So done with update. Hope you all will like it… And this one is last ch.of first season so plz leave your feedback at least in last ch. Silentl reader plz leave your feedback and one more thing next season of this will be start after completing VIVAH FF…

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