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#Ishqbaaz #ShivIka #Known Stranger #Teaser

Hello peeps…????? Another teaser from my over working mind…???????? Hope you’ll like and enjoy it too…



As soon as Shivay reach at place which they find out by tracing number all they find is a water tank filled with red water and he felt scared and before he can react he received another text on his phone and he saw a vedio and when he played vedio and saw Anika at edge of hill and he get goosebumps seeing this.And soon he collapsed on land and OmRu who are behind him saw him vulnerable and soon they rush to him and Om saw vedio playing and Rudra too saw that and Rudra speak

Rudra: Bhiya….

So howz this teaser is???? And this time too I am hiding at safe place so if you all want to throw shoes and tomatoes then you can but leave your feedback too…?????????

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