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ishqbaaz ff- hidden love revelations (episode-10)

Hii frnds….i again came with my next episode….
Thnxx alort all of u to support me….keep supporting me like this……
I m happy that all like the ff….if u r not happy with the twists or some scenes feel free to share as i m okay with any type of comments and suggestions to be given…..

So stopping with my bak bak and coming to the ff….


recap- shivika romance-ishana meets om-action of shivom in saving ishana from goons-ishana’s entry in om-anika recieves blank calls-darkness fear of anika- shivaay pacifies anika….


Light comes…
Shivaay realises it and asks anika to pacify as light has come….anika pacifies and hugs shivaay…
To cheer her up shivaay teases her
Shiv-i think my dear wife wants to romance in here only
Anika blushes and leaves him and gets up
Shivaay also gets up
Rudra arrives there
Ru-wat bhaiya and bhabhi u started romancing in corridor even…
Shivika feel embarrassed and leaves with excuse….
They reach in hall….
Om introduces ishana to anika and tells that she saved her….
Anika comes closer to her both look at each other they feel like they r connected to each other vry deeply….
Anika feels like hugging her and hugs her ishana smilling reciprocates the hug….
Anika thnxx ishana for saving her life and ishana asks her not to say thnxx again as she is just like her sister to her….
Anika feels something with this statement but ignores that…..
Ishana recieves a call from someone and excuses herself….
Ani-o u know her…
O-yess bhabhi
O-it is long story i ll tell u later on
Ani-kk….(anika notices something on om’s face) o tell me one thng u like her….
O gets shocked by her question
Everyone stares o as he is not replying….
Shiv-u r not answering it means yess u like her….
O-i don’t know…
All smile looking him like that
Ishana returns and says that she should leave now as it is already late….
Ani-ishana come have dinner with us then u can leave…..
Ishana-no thnxx didi
O-ishana come naa have dinner with us…
Ishana resists
Dadi-puttar agar tum hamare saath dinner karo gi humein acha lage ga
Ishu gives in and agrees…
At dinning all r assembled their….all couples keep stealing glances…
Shivika ishkara rumya ….
And doesn’t go unnoticed by dadi she smiles looking her family….
Dadi(in mind)- ishqbaazi shuru ho gyi hai mera teeno putton ko takkar ki bahu milli hai….aur mera pariwaar ko ek saath dekh kar bahut khush hoon….bas hmara parivaar asa hi khush rha…
Aftr dinner ishana is about to leave when o asks her that he will drop her as it is already vry late but ishana resist but agrees later as feeling that it is needed as it is already vry late and keeping the morning incident she agrees with him…..

Rumya r in somu room and our tensed about the letter…
Ru-if evry one get to know that we did this wat will they say….
Somo-i don’t know….
They look at each other
Sumo calls rings and caller name is reyaan….
She looks at her phone then rudra ….he gets upset…and leaves
She talks with reyaan..
Re-somo kaise ho
So-main theek hoon
Re-tumhe pta hai maine mom se apni shaadi ki baat ki thi vo tumhari mom se apni shaadi ki baat karna chahti hai…vo tumhari mom se kl milna chahti hain….
Somo gets shocked and she just replies in hmmm
She cuts call and gets upset and reminsces all moments spent with rudra..here rudra is also upset and reminscing moments with somu….
(Humnava from hamari adhuri kahni plays)


Anika was ready and was thinking to go for shopping as she wants to buy some stuff for her…she talks to shivaay as he was getting ready
Shiv-haan meri jaan
They both smile shivaay gives a soft peck on anika’s lips and comes down with her…
All r their….

Shivaay leaves for office….
Anika asks saumya for sgopping but she says that she is busy…
Anika asks prinku but she had college…
Anika feels upset and she gets a call
Ani-hello(with upset face)
Caller-sweety wat happened..
Ani-i want to go to shopping and no one is ready to go with me…
Caller-oo my sweethrt don’t get upset go alone i hope u ll enjoy and i have a surprise for u
Ani-wat shivaay plz tll naa…
Shiv-i ll tll u in the evening and be ready for the surprise….
Ani-i m soo excited so i ll go for shopping now….
Shiv-kk gr8 bye.. i love u….
Anika-i love u too billuji
Shiv-anika i need something…
Shiv- u know it…
Ani- wat i know…
Shiv- i need a kiss…
Shiv-plzz naa
 Ani-noo main corridor mein hoon koi dekh lega…
Shiv-koi baat nhi plzzz naa
Anika hesistantly gives a muahhh….
Shivaay blushes hard Nd anika too…they end the call…..
All this was noticed by janhvi and pinky they were standing behind ani and noticed the phone romance…
Ani was blushing hard and turns to go …she notices them and feels nervous…
Both were smilling standing and gives wat was happening wala look…
Anika feels embarrassed….
They start laughing anika feels shy and leaves from their hurriedly….
They both look at her running and laugh and leaves from their….
Anika goes for shopping and takes driver as she was asked to do so by shivaay and dadi…
She was done with shopping and was about to return at parking that someone is stalking her she sees behind but she finds noone she feels it is her illusion but she quite feels it many times but she ignores giving the name of illusion to it…
She returns to om….
In evening…..
Saumya was sitting in her room and was upset….
And thinking she should do now….
Screen freezes on her tensed face….

No precap…..

Sry for grammatical mistakes…..
Readers plz do comment and support me…any queries related to the ff plzz let me know…..

With lots of love

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