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ISHQBAAZ-A forced marriage (Ishkara) Episode 7

Hey ishqies I am back with next update. Hope you all will like it. Happy sankranthi to everyone as I am from Andhra Pradesh it is our main festival.
Episode 7
(scene 16)
——-Ishana Pov——-
I came to my room panting heavily. I don’t know why but I was blushing continuously and my cheeks were red like tomato. That stupid follows me and closed the door. He came near me and held my hand with lots of chocolates and with a teddy bear which has heart and there is written ‘sorry’ and he gave me a painting. I unwrapped it and saw it was a painting of my picture. I jumped in happiness. He smiled at my childish antics. He knelt down in front of me and said.
Omkara; (with a pout) I am sorry can we be friends?????
Ishana; ok stupid it is fine and thank you for painting but wait why did you said sorry?
Omkara; because I made you embarrassed in front of you I guess that is why you ran away and welcome
Ishana; it is nothing like that I just felt little bit uneasiness
Omkara; then it is absolutely fine.
Ishana; ok anyway, you said we were supposed to live as strangers then now why this friendship and all?
Omkara; no I thought you are a nice girl so I thought at least we could stay as friends.
Ishana; ok! But only friendship nothing more deal.
Omkara; ok condition accepted mata ji.
Ishana; stop calling me that stupid.
Omkara; mata ji mata ji hehehe *giggle* what you will do now?
Ishana throws a pillow on him. He also throws a pillow on her. Like this they both had pillow fight. The room was a mess now because of these two people. They both burst out laughing seeing room condition. Then we both arranged the room and I slept putting the comforter.
——scene 17———
—-The next day——-
I woke up pulling the comforter and stretched my hands and yawned. I rubbed my eyes and saw sunlight coming on Omkara disturbing his sleep. I got up from by bed and closed the curtains I saw him cuddling with his pillow and smiled widely. He is looking damn cute while sleeping. I shoved away my thoughts and brushed my teeth. I had a head shower and came wearing a blue dress and white leggings. I woke him by drying my hair with towel and water droplets fell on his face. He woke up and saw me with a *pout* oh gosh he looks so cute in pout.
Omkara; why you wake me up so early?
Ishana; oh I guess 9’o clock is too early stupid?
Omkara; what 9’o clock you should wake me up early na it’s not fair wifey!
Ishana; everything is fair in love and war hubby
Omkara; oh hubby and all ha I think today sun arose from west I guess as from when are you started addressing me hubby?
Ishana; from when you started addressing me as wifey understood now go change your dress you are getting late for jogging.
Omkara; ok! and stop ordering me?
Ishana; fine now leave!
I shouted at the top of my lungs. He gulped in fear and brushed his teeth and changes into track suit and pants. I prepared his protein shake and he left to jogging.
—–scene 18——-
# # # # # # # # # # #
—-Omkara pov—–
Omkara is jogging when he thinks about their dance, her blush, their pillow fight, her anger, her smile everything he could think of. He smiles widely and said to himself I don’t know why but our relation is different it is something which can’t be described in words. It is something connected to our hearts but I am not able to understand what I would name our relation? Is it friendship or more than that? But by Ishana words I guess she only considers me as a friend so I should stop thinking more and should consider her as my friend only. I don’t want to betray her in the name of friendship. So it is better I concentrate on my career. After he finishes jogging he leaves to home.
At oberoi mansion;
I reached the home panting heavily. I let out a heavy breath and enters the mansion. Everyone had their breakfast I was the only one left. They all were shocked actually, the person who gets up so early is first time in history late. I got shocked reactions from everyone. My wife, Ishana chuckled seeing my *puppy face* and I smiled at her. She serves me the breakfast and I had it in a hurry. She was looking with me open mouth and we both left in car.
At car;
I am driving the car when Ishana started the conversation;
Ishana; anyway, hubby you look so cute in that *puppy face*
Omkara; thank you for the first time in history you said a compliment with your mouth it is a great achievement for me.
Ishana; why can’t I compliment anyone?
Omkara; self flattering people never praise others.
Ishana; shut up ok! I am not a self flattering people but I guess you are.
Omkara; some great person said right some people can’t bear the truth.
Ishana; hubby can you please tell me who is that great person?
Omkara; you won’t believe if I tell you?
Ishana; please tell I would believe ok!
Omkara; fine that great person is one and only Omkara singh oberoi *giggle*
Ishana (fake cough); you and great person hahaha what a funny joke?
Omkara; it is not a joke ok! miss whatever.
Ishana; what you mean by miss whatever? Do I look like a thing to you that you will address me as a miss whatever?
Omkara; ok! miss whatever.
Ishana; stop calling me that understood I am not miss whatever it is so irritating.
Omkara; miss whatever miss whatever what you will do?
Ishana; you and stomps his foot.
Omkara winces in pain and said; you mental stupid duffer how dare you do that?
Ishana; I am sorry.
Omkara; get out of my car now get out.
He shouts at her in the top of his lungs. A tear escapes her eyes she opens the door and ran away. I realized what I blurted out in anger I shouldn’t have shouted at her. It was all my fault urgggh why can’t I control my anger first time I shouted at any girl and that turned out to be my wife. Oh shit man now it is my duty to apologize her. It is going to be a hard time apologizing her I guess. What to do? I can’t see tears in her eyes. think! What to do?
*to be continued*
so ishqies how was episode? Hope you all like it *fingers crossed* I wrote half an hour for you guys. My hands are paining so I can’t write anymore. Once again happy sankranthi to all of you. Love you ishqies byeee!!!!

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