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ISHQBAAZ-A forced marriage (Ishkara) Episode 5

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(Scene 6)

@ Dancing school

Ishana PoV:::::::::

I was teaching dance to the kids when I remembered the dance with Omkara and a cute smile curved on my face? oh god he will make me crazy anyway, why I was jealous of riddhima? As mine and Omkara was a forced marriage not a love marriage why I am acting like a typical possessive wife? What will Omkara feel about me? Oh gosh what I am doing? This much change within me in 3days what is the name of mine and Omkara relation? A forced marriage right a forced marriage nothing else I am thinking too much. Ishana concentrate. I get back to teaching when an message beeped in my phone. It was the message from stupid saying ‘dadi arranged a grand reception party tomorrow evening’ I replied ‘Ok anything else? I send. ‘Nope nothing else!’ He replied. ‘Bye stupid’ I send the message. ‘Bye mata ji’ he replied. Uff he is so irritating I hate him?
After I finished training the kids I closed the school and left to Oberoi mansion?

(Scene 7)

@oberoi mansion

I reached mansion and Parked my scooter Omkara has already reached the mansion and was spending quality time with his brothers. I smiled at him and joined in the conversation.

Shivaay and rudra;hi bhabhi

Ishana; hi shivaay and rudra

Dadi; Ishana I want you and Omkara to go to shopping to buy some good dress for tomorrow reception party. Here take the credit card Ishana.

I took the credit card with a smile. Omkara and me left for shopping in the car.

(Scene 8)

@ car:::::::::::

I was talking continuously. When Omkara said ‘mata ji can’t you stop your bak-bak for a second? My ears will bleed’ he said. ‘Oh shut up stupid always telling meaningless jokes’ I replied. ‘Not meaningless than your talks mata ji’ he replied back. ‘Uff’ I sighed.

(Scene 9)
We reached to the shopping mall. I got down the car and left inside the mall he followed me. I went to the ladies section and was selecting some dresses. While I selected few dresses and went to the trial room and closed the door. I came out wearing dresses one by one and omkara was rejecting all of them. At last I wore a blue designer saree with embroidered golden work. He was taking glances of me. I blushed and lowered my head in shyness. I guessed by his looks that he loved the saree. Without any delay I bought the same saree and I took him to the gents section for selecting a suit for him. He chooses some suits for himself and went to the trial room. He came out wearing a blue suit which suited him perfectly. He bought the same suit. He paid the bill and we went out of the shopping mall.

(Scene 10)
@ Oberoi mansion

We reaches to the mansion. Omkara parks the car we both went inside the mansion and showed the saree and suit. Everyone likes the selection. We both went to see the decorations for tomorrow party.

(Scene 11)

I was assisting the decorators to keep flowers here and there. I called up the hotel manager to ask about catering.


I; is everything ready

Hotel manager; “_”

I; fine send them to my house after all the foods are prepared I will taste them and finalise.

Manager; “_”

I ended the call and arranged everything for the party. Everything is going to be perfect I thought.

(Scene 12)
@ night

I am in my room balcony looking at the stars and the moon and thinking how my life changed before marriage and now. Life is so mysterious right? No one knows how fate play games with us? Till three/ four days back I was single and now married. I saw Omkara sleeping peacefully and snoring loudly. I closed my ears and went to sleep. I was awake whole night because of his loud snoring.

*To be continued*

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