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ISHQBAAZ-A forced marriage (Ishkara) Episode 2

Girlies thanks for your response in previous episode. Here I’m with next part.

Ishqbaaz- a forced marriage (Ishkara) episode 2



The next day.

Ishana wakes up early and wakes up Omkara also. He remembers that today he have to drop her to her house. She haves shower and changed into a blue Kurta and white leggings. After Her Omkara also had shower and changed into a blue shirt and black denims. They both went in car and Omkara drops her in home and left to art gallery. Her father unwillingly welcomes her. She spends some quality time with her sister. The pagphera ritual goes well.


At night

Omkara was thinking about his marriage, how his life changed in one day from bachelor he became a husband to someone. He remembers how he was forced for the marriage unwillingly. He watches the stars and moons in his balcony and remembers about ishana and unknowingly a smile appears on his face.He shoved away his thoughts and slept.


The next day?

Omkara comes to Mehta house to pick up ishana. He was surprised to see ishana was already ready and waiting for him. He chatted sometime with Mehta family. He bids bye to everyone and takes ishana with him. They both were in the car.

Om ; I’m surprised to see that you got up early and was waiting for me?

Ishana ; ya why can’t I get up early ? Is there any law

Om ; no I was just saying casually anyway , some people don’t know to talk nicely.

Ishana ; huh some people don’t know to praise others always blaming them

Om ; uff it’s waste to talk with you

Ishana ; so who said to talk go to hell.

Om ; stupid girl.

Ishana ; how dare you if I’m stupid then you are monkey.

Omkara ; you are donkey.

They both were fighting like Tom and Jerry. When they reached Oberoi mansion. They went inside giving death glares to each other.Omkara went to art gallery and ishana went to dancing school.

@ art gallery,

Omkara remembers his and ishana fighting and thinks in his mind ‘she is really impossible girl’ and gets back to his work.

@ dancing school

When ishana was teaching to the kids she remembers her and Omkara’s fight. An unknowing smile appears on her face and she gets back to her work.

@ night

Ishana saw moon and stars and remembers her mother and tears flooded out from her eyes. She emotionally breaks down Omkara sees this and wipes her tears. She hugged him tightly. He was in shock but hugged her. He consoles her and whole night they slept hugging each other.

So girlies how was the episode? do tell me your reviews.

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