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ISHQBAAZ-A forced marriage (Ishkara) Episode 1

A/N I’m back with first episode of my ff.

Ishqbaaz- A forced marriage (Ishkara) Episode 1


The bride was made sit in the bed. The groom came there and started a conversation ‘look actually I’m not interested in this marriage but due to my family I married you! So for outside world we are husband and wife but when we are together we are strangers I hope you understand anyway , I’m Omkara Singh Oberoi and you ? He said. ‘Actually I was about to say that only anyway , I’m ishana Mehta now ishana Omkara Singh Oberoi she spoke. He nodded and said good night to her and slept in the couch. Ishana change her dress and wore a night dress and slept in the bed.

The next day

Omkara woke up from the sleep. He had a bath and changed into a track suit and pants. He woke up ishana and went for jogging after drinking his protein shake. Ishana changed into a blue top and black jeans. She greeted everyone and went to kitchen to make a sweet as it is her first ritual. She prepared kheer and everyone liked it and appreciated her. They all were having breakfast when Omkara comes from jogging and changed into formals. He greeted everyone and had breakfast he liked the kheer but didn’t said a word. After having break fast he left to art gallery. Ishana was hurt deep down but didn’t show. She left in her scooter to her dancing school (she owns a dancing school in which she teaches kids)

In art gallery,

Omkara was painting a beautiful portrait when he gets call from his dadi.


Dadi ; beta tomorrow is pagphera ritual so you have to drop ishana to her home at early morning and then you have to pick her up in next morning when the ritual gets over.

Omkara ; fine dadi bye.

He ends the call and gets back to his work.

In Dancing School

Ishana was teaching dance to kids. When she get om call. She picked the call.


Ishana ; why you called me ?

Om ; actually , dadi said that tomorrow is pagphera ritual and I have to drop you in home early morning so to inform you that I called you!

Ishana ; can’t you tell me this in home after you come from art gallery for such small thing you called me stupid anyway , bye I am ending the call.

She ended the call angrily and get back to her work. At evening she closed her school and came back to home in Scooter. Om also reached after sometime. All had dinner and they went to sleep.


So girlies and guys how was it? Hopefully , it was upto the mark *fingers crossed* do share your reviews.

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