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Ishqbaaz 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Mrs. Kapoor says I don’t have to do much to send Daima’s clip to Om, just one click. Shivaye worries. Om asks Shivaye why did you hide such big thing from me. Some time before, Tia says  I m sure Anika did something to make me fall, so that my baby…. Pinky says if Anika really did this, it will be her last day in this house today. Tia messages Shwetlana. Shwetlana pours oil on the floor and goes. Tia says this is the place where I slipped. Pinky also slips a bit and says there is oil here. Tia says it means Anika has done this to make me fall, she told me if I don’t leave the house, she will make me leave her way. Pinky says I will see her.


Om says I don’t understand when we know Shwetlana is lying and targeting Shivaye, why don’t we expose her. Shivaye says we have to find out the

mastermind, why she is doing this and on whose saying, its possible if she stays in front of our eyes. Anika says we can track Shwetlana and stop her, if real enemy is someone else, we won’t know the next attack happening and by whom. Rudra says even my smart mind says the same, we should wait and watch. Om agrees. Shivaye says I know its tough for you to bear her, but we want to make her leave from Tej and Jhanvi’s life forever, right. Om says right.

Shwetlana talks to Tia and Rumi on call. She says impossible, its not so easy to understand our plan, till they understand, we will succeed. Tia says how is this possible, they doubt on you. Rumi says that’s good, they will focus on Shwetlana, that means we can carry forward this plan. Shwetlana says exactly, you both have to carry out this plan, we will play our next plan tonight. They smile.

Anika’s mangalsutra gets stuck in hair. Shivaye comes to her and holds her hair. O jaana……..plays……….. He frees her mangalsutra from her hair. She looks at him. He recalls their marriage. He says its done, I know I m much good looking, it does not mean you keep staring at me. She asks who is staring. He says its just we two in this room, so you. She says its nothing like that, I was seeing that wall, you got in between, its not my mistake, and you thought I was staring at you. He asks what does Taadna mean.

She says if anyone eyes someone like that, you are not Hrithik Roshan that I will stare at you, how did you know I was staring at you, its because you were staring at me. He says truth is ….. you were checking me out. She says I m not a teacher and you are not maths book that I will check you. He says that’s not checking out. She asks what does that mean. He says stay there and looks at her. He says you know when anyone sees someone like this, its called check out. She says you felt I m seeing you with 2 rs eyes, for your information, I will tell you I m a nice girl and I can’t do such 2 rs cheap thing. He smiles and looks at her. His phone rings. She says its ringing and you are saying me. He says last word should always be yours. She asks what. He says I will explain later.

He checks call. He meets Mrs. Kapoor and asks why did you call me here. She says I came to meet Tia, you forgot Tia has your baby in her womb, she was falling down and you were doing Anika’s aid, what’s going on. He says Anika got hurt while saving Tia, Tia’s life got saved because of Anika. She says I did not come to hear Anika’s praise, I want to know till where did the divorce proceedings reached, no answer, did you change mind. He says I don’t like anyone questioning me. She says I don’t like anyone keeping me on dark. He says you are threatening me. She says I m reminding I m Daima’s statement recording. He recalls Daima’s words and asks her to stop it, I have signed divorce papers. She says I have a bad habit, I can’t wait, especially when I know other person can do work soon, I don’t have to do much to send Daima’s recording to Om, just one click and its done. She smiles and goes. He worries.

Its morning, Shivaye on call asks investigator to find out about Shwetlana’s past, just keep digging. He sees Om and calls him out. Om says I don’t need to talk. Shivaye asks what’s the matter. Om asks why did you hide such a big thing from me. Shivaye asks what. Om shows the phone and asks why did you not tell me about this video. Shivaye recalls Daima’s words. Om says you knew everything and did not tell me. Shivaye says this video does not mean anything. Om says it means everything to me. Shivaye says life and everything will be same. Om says everything will change by this. Anika asks whats it. Shivaye says nothing. Om says I got it from confirmed source. Shivaye says its rubbish. Anika says I have to see it.

Shivaye says no one can see it. Om asks why can’t she see, her husband won businessman award. Anika asks really. Om says yes, my journalist friend has sent me clip, Shivaye is winning businessman of the year award. Anika says you will become bigger Tadibaaz. Om asks Shivaye why did you not tell me. Shivaye says Tej has won this since 15 years. Om says this award came in right house since 15 years but to wrong man, but this year its coming in right house and to right man, I m proud of you that you are my brother. He hugs Shivaye. Shivaye says you are my brother. Rudra calls them out and asks Obro moment without me. Om asks him to come. Shwetlana looks at them and calls Rumi, asking her to send video to Rudra.

Rudra hugs and kisses them. He gets the video and checks. Om says I think you got same clip. Rudra says video is not opening, whats the matter. Shivaye says nothing, its regular news. He goes. Om says Shivaye won businessman of the year award and shows video. Rudra asks him to take his useless phone and goes to Shivaye. He says I finally realized there is someone great like me staying in this house, you are great. Shivaye says I understood. Om says I will see how many GF’s Rudra has. Om checks video and gets shocked seeing Priyanka’s MMS.

Shwetlana looks on and says Omkara has seen video instead Rudra, player is one who does not cry on missing shot, but to make aim where the arrow has hit. Rumi smiles. Rudra asks Om to come for Obro moment. Om rushes. Rudra asks will he try everything on my phone, maybe he went to show video to Dadi.

Om worries and throws the phone. Sahil picks the phone and comes to Om. He asks what happened. Om wipes his tears. Om says there is no problem. Sahil says it does not look so. Om takes phone from him and says I m fine Sahil, something went in my eye. Sahil says okay and goes. Rumi calls Om. She asks did you see video, I won’t ask how was it, you are Priyanka’s brother, what you have seen is just a teaser, picture is still left. He asks who are you and what do you want. She says don’t think of reaching me, else what you have seen now, world will see it. She talks cheap. Om says don’t you dare. She asks him to use his senses. Om thinks why will anyone get after Priyanka, does she know about accident, if this comes out in front of the world, Priyanka will break down. She says if you want to save Priyanka’s respect, listen to me. Sahil looks at Om. Rumi tells something. Om says fine. He sees Shwetlana and says whom is she talking to, did she call me. Shwetlana goes. Om says where is she going.

Om goes after Shwetlana. Shwetlana sees Om after her and smiles. Shivaye and Anika leave. Tia cries seeing Robin’s pic in phone and says I miss you Robin. Sahil says Tia was saying dialogues seeing her phone. Rudra asks what name did she say. Sahil thinks.

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