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Ishqbaaz 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Shivaye says this shyness on your face is called blush. Anika smiles. Shwetlana falls down the stairs. Tej says Shwetlana’s state is because of me, if you all don’t want her to be here, we will go somewhere else and stay. Some time before, Anika thinks why is Shwetlana’s slipper burnt. She drops it and goes. Tia gets relieved. Shwetlana asks who came. Tia says don’t know, I was nervous and did not come out of blanket. Shwetlana says even I did not see. Tia says Anika’s death sound did not come, did she not drink coffee.


Anika says why was Shwetlana’s slipper burnt, she stays in room and does not go anywhere, slipper was burnt as if someone has put chemical. She closes eyes and recalls attacks on Shivaye and Oberoi family. She says it means Shwetlana is Shivay’s life’s enemy, I

was doubting Tia, Shwetlana did all this.

Shwetlana talks to Tia on phone and asks are you sure. Tia says yes, Anika got saved, she did not drink coffee, maybe she got to know coffee had chemical. Shwetlana says maybe, leave from there, if anyone sees you in Shivaye’s room, they will doubt you. Tia says we have to think something big about Anika. Shwetlana says Anika is not a big threat, we should forget her and focus on our work, we did not decide how to get Rumi…. She gets shocked seeing Dadi and Jhanvi.

Anika goes to Shivaye and says I have to tell something, the attacks in the house… He says don’t worry, I already decided I m going to hire a private investigator, just relax, you take lots of tension. She asks how can you be so calm, there were many attacks on you, are you not scared. He says I m not scared of death. She asks him not to say about death. He recalls Anika’s state and says I felt scared once. She asks when. He says when I felt death was going to snatch something from me. He holds her and blows over her forehead, saying something was there. She says I will leave. He holds her hand and stops her. O jaana….plays………..They have an eyelock. She smiles.

Dadi says I have to talk to you, whatever you did before, I m very angry with you, but what you did this time, I m thankful, you did big favor on all of us by saving Tej’s life, you know people make news when its about this family I don’t want anyone to make any rumors, so I came to tell you… Jhanvi says please leave Oberoi mansion I m not saying this being Tej’s wife, but as Om’s mum, Om is hurt by your and Tej’s relation, he got stable after many years, I came to request you, please leave, Om’s life is in your hands, please save him, I will be thankful.

Shwetlana says I don’t want charity of favors, I live on my terms, I did not come here, I was brought in this house, I will not stay here if you want, I will leave today. Dadi says I had full hope that you will understand. Jhanvi thanks Shwetlana and leaves with Dadi. Tia asks what now, Rumi’s call is coming. Shwetlana asks her to talk. Rumi says Tej has reached Oberoi mansion. Shwetlana says great I m ready, go and see if she is ready or not. Tia goes.

Anika asks what happened, why are you seeing me like this. Shivaye smiles and says you are blushing again. She says no, blush is in my makeup box. He asks who is that talented person who told you blush meaning. She asks whoever told, its right. He holds her and says 100% wrong, there is difference in what I said and what you thought, I did not mean blush makeup. She asks is there any other type of blush. He says yes and walks to her. She walks away. He asks do you want to know. She says yes, so I m asking. He holds her. She asks him to say, fine if you don’t want to say, I m going. He holds her and takes her to the mirror. He asks her to see. She smiles. He says its this, this shyness on your face, this is called blush, anyway I don’t understand, why do you blush when I m around. She signs no. He signs and smiles. He goes.

Tia sees Jhanvi coming and signs Shwetlana. Jhanvi goes to help Shwetlana. Tia calls her out and says I think someone is calling you in kitchen. Shwetlana speeds up the wheelchair and falls down the stairs. Jhanvi gets shocked. Tej comes home and gets shocked seeing Shwetlana. He rushes to her and asks are you alright, what happened. She cries and says don’t know, I felt someone pushed me. Tej sees Jhanvi.

Tej says I don’t believe this Jhanvi, you tried to kill Shwetlana. She asks do you think I can do this. He says you were standing there. She says you know me so well. He says I don’t know you, jealousies and insecurities can make a person do anything. Jhanvi asks really Tej, you are doubting 30 years of understanding by one misunderstanding. Dadi says Jhanvi can’t do this. Tej says I have seen her, Jhanvi is not Jhanvi when its about Shwetlana. Shwetlana says don’t spoil atmosphere because of me, I will not stay here, when Jhanvi told me to leave, I packed my bags, I was leaving then… Tej asks what…. She smiles. Tej asks Jhanvi did you ask Shwetlana to leave from here. Jhanvi says yes, there was a reason behind it. He says I know your reason. Dadi says don’t blame Jhanvi, it was my decision. Tej says don’t defend Jhanvi.

Pinky argues with Tej and asks what did Jhanvi do, she is good to request Shwetlana to leave, I have to kicked out this woman by pulling her by hair, this is our house, will we not have problem if any outsider comes, you have two sons, if any of your son gets full wife and half wife home, how will you feel, make Shwetlana leave. Tej asks her to mind her tongue. Pinky says you will not mind your doings. Dadi says stop it, find some solution.

Tej says their mentality is the problem, not Shwetlana, she will stay here. Jhanvi asks him to think of children. He asks her not to get her motives by keeping children as shield. Dadi says we all want this. He says fine, you all don’t want Shwetlana to stay here, she is in this state because of me, I promise her I will not leave her till she gets fine, we will stay somewhere else. Shwetlana says please no Tej. Jhanvi says you can’t do this, Om will shatter. Om comes and says I have no problem. Tej stops and sees Om. Shivaye, Rudra and Anika come there. Om says she can stay here. They all get shocked.

Shivaye says we have to find out can Shwetlana walk or not. Anika adds chilli powder in food and says now after eating food, she will run to have water, I have kept water there. Nurse serves food to Shwetlana. Shwetlana eats food and calls nurse for water. She stands up on her feet. Shivaye, Om, Rudra and Anika hide and look on.

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