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ISHQ FOREVER | chapter 4

Chapter 4

Naira’s POV.


But why? Am I the only one who’s life is so miserable??? Now My BFF, left me.
As soon as he left, rahul let me go.

“Oh poor boy! jealous of us” He said, holding my hand.”He is your…”
“BFF” I cut him off before he insults him or anything.

He laughed. “You didn’t tell him about our promise or anything…” He asked me.

“No…no” I stammered, again.

He gave me a thumbs up and left.

I leaned against my bed, I could cry, I could turn the world upside down..but..I just gave a big sigh!
I need to tell mama about this..fast.

Karthik’s POV

Why do I feel this way..why why why???
Ofcourse, rahul is naira’s boyfriend..what else..but why is it affecting me?

I opened the door of my house. Everyone was talking about something.

“Hello dear!” Maa asked me.

I stomped off to my room and shut my door. It hurts so bad..I wish I could put some medicine on..but what?

Naira’s POV

“Maa can I talk to you?” I asked maa.

She turned at me and smiled.

“Sure, about what?” she asked me.
“Rahul” I replied..

She smiled, as if one of her dreams came true.

“About wedding or engagement?” She laughed.
“None” I replied, in one word.

Her face turned into a crushed lemon.

“Maa, I’m not in love with him, and neither is he!” I told her.

She was shocked. But I felt great, as if a load of metal fell off of my shoulders.

“What? naira?” She asked me, now holding my face,

“Maa, he loves someone else, sanjana, and you know what? she is pregnant with his baby!” I replied smiling.

She was shocked as if someone has died!

“What our rahul?” She asked again and again.
“And now he is abusing me, please maa, i don’t want to do this” I said, removing her hands from my face.

She sat down, she held her head. I gave her some water.

“Maa, don’t stress out, he asked not to tell anyone..but I did because I couldn’t suffer anymore!” I said, holding her hands “I was shocked too..but it is the truth”

She smiled at me.

“Naira, Thank you for sharing it with us..but I am shocked as you..but are you sure about the baby?” she asked me.

I nodded.

“I caught them red handed maa..Poor girl, she is suffering as well..don’t you think?”

She nodded.

“But what will Rahul’s parents think..oh my! Naira I will act as if nothing has happened..because If Rahul get to know that I have told you something, He might trouble you.” she says, promising.

I felt happy, to have such supporting parents. I hugged her

I went to my room and put on the music to dance..

“Thank you god! oh wait what about karthik?” I suddenly questioned myself.

I got my phone and dialled his number. But no answer.

“Oh shit! he must be really irritated..oh my..I must meet him NOW!”

I got dressed into my favourite jeans and top and went out to meet him.

Karthik’s POV

No matter how hard I try, I can’t be away from her..and now she is calling me..I ignore it..

I bang my head on the wall, I’m an total Idiot..why did I run away from her and now why am I not answering her?

We are besties, no matter what..just besties..just BFFs..nothing else..

But is there? Suddenly my heart starts to ache.

“Naira..naira” it was echoing everywhere..her beautiful face and her figure..

PRECAP: naira meeting karthik. Kaira hug and a kiss!


hi everyone! how was the episode..omg this precap??

so what do you think karthik’s parents were talking about?

Also dear, karthik’s maa is suwarna, and she is not karthik’s stepmother.

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