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Ishkara the pair of truth and lie…( Episode 11) and ab tak ka safar

Hi guys this is Kavya again. I am so sorry for not being able to post this sooner. I didn’t get te before because of school work. And i was not even able to comment for your ffs. A big big sorry for that. And all the episodes all the ffs are awesome. The members who started the new stories a heartly welcome. And all the friends, once again a big big apology for not beings in contact.

So, moving to my story( which i think is getting boring) , I know it’s super duper late and I am not even sure whether you all remember my ff or not. So here is my AB TAK KA SAFAR ???-
In my ff, its been three to four months since Ishkara confrontation. Ishana is not a con girl anymore. She has started a new life. She is dance teacher in a school, Her father died two months ago. She still has to pay some debts of the goons but asked them time for it. Here, in oberoi mansion everyone especially OmRu are happy about Shivika marriage. One day, while Om was heading out for his gallery, he again bumped into Ishana. It was totally a coincidence but Om thought that it is her some other plan and fought with her in middle of the road. Ishana tried to make him understand but failed in doing so. Later, for the whole day he was lost in her memories a d thoughts. Shivaay Rudra teased him on this a lot. Om was unable to understand why is she affecting him this much… later he again meet her in the school when Om went to pick up Sahil. There he saw ishana dancing on ‘sun saathiya’ ( from abcd 2) Om again thought that ishana is trying to trap him and again accused her. Because of that Ishana lost her job and Om was totally unaware of it. Ishana was very much disappointed and thought that Om is just a selfish, stone hearted, spoiled Oberoi like his dad. Ishana saves dadi’s life in a temple and gets friendly with anika and dado. Later dadi comes to know about a girl named Ishana once entered her middle grandson’s life(she doesn’t know that she is the same girl who saved her life). Seeing Om’s changed behavior dadi thinks that Ishana is Om’s ishqbaaz, his someone special, but he denies it. Later, when Daksh kidnapped Anika, helpless Shivaay asked acp Randhava to help him. When shivaay reached acp’s home he was shocked to see Ishana there. His shock increased when he came to know that Ishana is a specialist in computer sciences and management as well as a brilliant hacker. Ishana helped Shivaay in tracing Daksh and save anika also made him realize his love for her in just 20 minutes. This made shivaay change his point of view towards Ishana. (Om knows nothing about this matter).


Ishana thought that she won’t meet the oberois again but she was wrong. The company she went to give a new job interview turns out to be Om’s new art company ‘Blossom’. But luckily Shivaay was interviewing the applicants. Shivaay gets impressed by Ishana’s talent and finds her perfect to work under Om. He hires her. Shivaay wants to tell om about this at night but he could not. The next day, shivaay was not present for breakfast. So Om didn’t inquire him about the new employee. Due to Rudra’s and Dadi’s little prank, family misunderstands that Om has a girlfriend named Ishana. They teased and questioned him a lot about her. Om gets angry and asks Rudra to clear this confusion before he comes back from the gallery. Om leaves to the gallery and ishana too. Both don’t know that they are going to work with eachother. At home, Shivaay finds out that Om left for gallery and gets tensed thinking that he will again start blaming Ishana. ShivRu along with AniSoumPri leave for gallery in rush. Here in the gallery Om has to attend a meeting so for preparation he searches for the new employee. Om finds her working and gets impressed by the way she turned the painting section to a living collection of his passion. She is facing her back so He does not know that it is none other than Ishu. Ishana was trying to adjust a painting but in doing so, she slips from the stool but our handsome Artist holds her causing her to fall in his arms. Both share a moment full of intensity. Screen freezes on their surprised facea….

Now let’s start episode eleven-

In the car-

Shivaay was driving very fast as he wnted to talk to Om asap…
Anika- Oh god Shivaay aaj aap humara antim sanskaar karayenge shayad ( oh god shivaay looks like you are going to take us to our funerals today)

Shivaay- shut up anika and i already told you this is not a picnic we have to reach om asap and tell him the whole truth. Otherwise he will again hurt that poor Ishana…

Anika- wow billuji… aap ko kab se middle class logon ki fikar hone lagi…

Shivaau-( in mind, thinks- because she saved u, the precious part of my life) because she deserves this job and i am the one who hires her. And FYI, Shivaay Singh Oberoi never regrets or changes his decisions.

Anika- Shuru ho gayi tadibaazi…

Rudra- bhaiya, bhabhi stop it yaar i want to capture everything in today’s day finally something interesting is happening in our boring artist’s life???

All- Shut up Rudra…

Here in the gallery,
Ishu was still in Om’s arms and both were lost in the moment. Ishana was the one coming to the senses first.. she slowly takes back her hand which was circling around his neck. Om softly placed her on the ground still holding her hand. But once the moment was gone, his eyes were again filled with the rage and anger “people never change” he thought in his mind. Ishana was scared to see him like this. Still, gathering courage she opened her mouth but Om din not let her speak…

Om( sarcastically)- oh so looks like again a coincidence… wow…our life is like a movie or a novel. Where we keep bumping into eachother all the time without any reason…

Ishana- Listen Omkara this is not some coincidence.. i actually….

Om- yeah..i know this is not a coincidence. It is again a plan. Am I right?

Ishana- no..this time i can gladly say that this is not any plan. Didn’t already told you that i started an honest life…

Omkara- Yeah…as if i am gonna believe this after all those lies.

Ishana- believe it or not…i don’t care. I already apologized to you. I know one sorry cannot fix all that but i right now, i have many more important thongs to focus on

Om- oh then why are you here in my gallery..

Ishana- i am here for the job. I qualified the interview.

Om- well…nice trick…but just so you know my brother took the interviews and there is no possible way that he will hire a lier like you…

Ishana- well..there is because i think that no one except you thinks wrong as right and right as wrong.. people understand that persons can change… not everyone makes a lifetime judgement for someone based on just one experience.

Om- oh..again a philosophical and emotional speech… you know what, that day my heart believed that u really started an honest life. But once again u prooved that i was wrong. Now before i loose my calm, just get out…

Ishana ws shocked at this gesture. But she decided that she will not give up so easily. She already lost one job because of this guy and This job was her last chance to save her sister’s life getting spoiled.

Ishana- no i won’t… i am elegant for this job. I deserve it and i have prooved it. Now you don’t have any right to fire me.

Om- i don’t like to behave rude, but yes i have…because i am the one who is the boss.

Ishana(angrily)- ohh…so here comes the oberoi out. Looks like i was right the other day.. you are just like your father….does everyone in your family has this problem….

Om totally lost his cool now. He glared at her angrily….

Scene shifts to the car

Shivaay- oh god…this traffic jam now only… don’t know what will om do there?

Priyanka- Om bhaiya hates lies the most… they make him angry more than anythimg else..ishana is going to have a really bad time

Rudra- even i am scared now…

Anika- what nonsense…. i know Om. He is so calm so composed. He is not angry bagad billa like you billuji. He is so silent. He can never ever hurt anyone. Even his eyes are deep and silent like sea. I think he is the best among all of you oberois in fact all the bkoys i have seen.

Soumya- i agree anika bhabhi. Bade baal vale bhaiya is very mature and sensible. He thinks about doing anything. It’s impossible that he will hurt someone…
( shivaay and Rudra give an unbelievable vala look to their wives hearing them praising their brother so much and thinking that they don’t know that it is most dangerous when silent sea becomes violent)
Same time Scene at the gallery-

Hearing Ishu’s words Om was angry beyond limits. He lost his control on himself.
Om pulled Ishana’s hand and pinned her to the wall. Both of them were standing really close now..but noone cared enough to notice it.
Om ( yelled)- don’t you dare to talk bout my family. You have no right

Ishana( was angry too)- And you speaking aboit my character and values is also not very rightful.

Though his action was rough, a little misbehaving.. his eyes never left hers. Even in the moment filled with anger, they were talking through the intense eyelock which expressed nothing but their unknown attraction and passion for eachother❤❤❤❤❤❤

Precap- gang reaches the gallery… shivkara talk…om gives a challenge to ishu.

If you liked this plz plz tell me because i am thinking about stopping this….
Anyway, tomorrow i have a debate competition on ‘Education in mother tongue is necessary or not’. And i am going to speak from the negative side( which is off couse a challenge and a very difficult one) plz share your views, guide and wish me luck…i am supposed to prepare for it but here i am typing the ishkara ff on mobile ( common problems of teenagers like me….l think..????) plz comment guys i am waiting for your response and also tell whether you liked the story or not)
( Oops i almost forget this… Sorry if i hurted someone by showing Om’s behavior a little rude today. But even i am Kunal Jaisingh’s die heart fan. And we all gotta admit that with a humble, down to earth, understanding, mature peraom,Omkara IS an angry young man and this version of him DOES comes out whenever someone cheats, betrays or lies)

Good Night…Have sweet , cute, beautiful in short Omkara dreams???????

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