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Immortal love (Epi-6)


Guys I’m continuing with immortal love


So the sequence starts with ishveer freshly married couple returns from honeymoon from LA

Ishani says such an amazing place it was! Ranveer says but not more than you. Ishani says aww! Ranveer says tomorrow I have to go to office so let me sleep now. Ishaani says even I will join you. Ranveer says okay but don’t eat my head . Ishaani says u don’t seem to be in mood okay go to sleep. Ranveer says n u. Ishani says u don’t need to worry. She goes to hall and starts watching television. Ranveer mobile vibrates and it was a post of his friend Tia. He admires her pic and thinks she is damn cool! But not as hot as Ishani. She is the best. He sees that she is not in the room. He goes and check the drawing room where she slept while watching the tv. He carries her in his arms and lies her down on the bed and covers her with blanket. He was about to leave where Ishani who has held his hands. Ranveer who was unaware moves and thus falls on her And the knot of her top opens up. Ishaani wakes up and sees all this.

She shouts on him and says are you out of your mind. What were u up to I mean u would do his even when I’m sleeping and closes the knot of her top and pushes him and says get aside. Ranveer shouts why are you overreacting. I just brought you from the couch of drawing room since you catch back sprain and why lying you on bed I fell on you because u had held my hands okay and even if I was trying to do that why are you getting hyper. Why I can’t do this. I mean I have to live according to your moods. Ishaani says it was reflex. Oh wow u said u love me so then to u would burst out. Ishani says you are dragging it Ranveer okay sorry now are you happy. Ranveer says are you doing a favor on me by saying sorry. Ishani gets angry n comes closer to him and says statue. Ranveer becomes stiff. Ishani cutely hugs him and says statue over. Ranveer finally smiles. Ishani says I don’t like arguments now u won’t speak anything. Ranveer hugs back and says just three words I love you. Ishaani also smiles and they both go to sleepNext morning Ranveer wakes up and sees Ishani sleeping and says madam won’t be able tcometo office anyway

I have to go. Ishaani says I will continue come at 10

Precap:- swap in some files due to carelessness of Ishani. Ranveer to shout on her badly. Later he feels guilty. At evening when he returns home shocked to see that…………

No need to refer previous épi because there’s nothing new.
Just a jist

Ishveer stay alone in a house. They have family in abroad due to some reasons
But I will mainly focus on ISHVEER

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