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Ikrs: Haan hai mere ishq ka rang safed Episode:1

Note: “This fan fiction isn’t meant to hurt anyone’s feeling or anyone’s religious values, the scenes and dialogues are just meant to entertain the readers. It’s just a small try to recreate the amazing moments of ikrs.”

Haan hai mere ishq ka rang safed-
In the ancient city of Banaras, sun was rising and waking up the people to start the new day. The new dawn was evoking the new sense of happiness and excitement for the banarasians, some devotees were walking towards the temple with Taali whereas salesmen were all set to sell the flower garlands and other stuffs. Coming close to the Ganga Lake, people were washing their sins by taking a dip inside that Sacred Lake and among them, a girl wearing the sari of pure white color was praying holding the kalaash with closed eyes, she wasn’t like others, she was simple, pure and natural.
“Humming of ishq ka rang safed plays”
After completing her prayer, she slowly moved back and then bent down to pick up the Taali, once standing straight she started ascending the stairs, holding the pallu from her right hand which was covering her half face while the Taali was in her left hand. She walked towards the children who were standing in a queue to take the Prasad from her lovely didi. She realised the pallu to distribute the Prasad and because of that her face revealed which was having a beautiful smile.
Kid: (while forwarding his hand) didi jaldi do naa
Girl: wait naughty boy, all will get the Prasad


At the Banaras Airport:
A boy was talking on his cellphone with someone, his back was showing us
…: Yeah dada jee, I’ve reached, ask Tripurari to come fast, we’re waiting. Ok then see you at home
After finishing his talk, he kept his mobile in pocket
…: (while panting) viplav your luggage was so heavy dude
The boy turned his head towards the voice with a curve on his lips
Viplav: shame on you Raj, can’t even handle a single luggage
Raj: not single, it’s three guru. Have you forgot we two are with you and obviously we too have some stuffs
Viplav: stop complaining like girls, by the way where is Pankaj mahraaj?
Pankaj: here I’m guru, was buying something to eat
Viplav: (looks at him with a weird expression) you’re still hungry, after all you guys have eaten so much at the plane still having some place in your tummy ?
Pankaj: (while taking a bite of the burger) guru it’s easy for you to say as you haven’t picked up your luggage
Viplav: (sighs frowning his brows) you two are seriously too much, luggage nahe hogaya pata nahe kia hogaya. Anyways dada jee is sending Tripurari, he is on the way
…: viplav baba I’m here, all set to take you all
Trio turned their heads to that manly voice
Viplav: finally tripurari, why you took so long ?
Tripurari: woh actually Guru dev has sent me for some work first so got some late there
Raj: chalo bhaiya now that he has come so why to wait, let’s go
They nodded with a smile and proceeded to their destination.

At the Ganga Lake:
The same girl who was wearing sari of white color was standing at the stairs when a Mahant came along with his followers, seeing him with number of Pujaaris she stepped back in nervousness. He stood at the edge of stairs while a woman was helping him to put off his all things then he walked towards the shore of lake and took a dip inside the lake, after coming out of it, he moved back with the same followers who were saying “Mahant Dahsharat Tripathi ke jai” as he was going back, his shawl slipped from his back and fall down beside the girl’s feet, the woman bent down to pick it but before she could do so, the girl picked it and forwarded her hand to give it to Dahsharat Tripathi, who was terrifically looking at the girl, all were shocked at her bold act
Girl: (while looking at the floor with nervousness) maaf kejie ga, woh it was at floor so..
One of the priest said, “what have you done ? How can you touch Maha Pandit’s things being a widow ?”
Dahshrath: (signing him to keep silent with his hand and looking at the woman with some angriness) I should be thankful to you, May God bless you and forgive your all sins so that, you may get rid of this widow life in your next birth
He signed one of the priest to take the shawl from her hand, and he unwillingly accepted his Mahant’s command and took it while making irritating face. Once taking the shawl, all turned back to go whereas the girl too moved from there wiping her sweat with the pallu which had again covered her face

At the Main Road:
All four boys were sitting inside the car which was controlled by Tripurari
Raj: (while handing over the drink to viplav) here you go guru, peo aur madhosh hojao
Viplav: are you guys mad, dada jee will scold me if he get any kind of smell from me
Tripurari: (looking at viplav) viplav baba these are special no one can even recognize that you’ve drunk
Viplav: really ?(takes the bottle from him) Chalo Raj let’s try then, and Tripurari if dada jee gets to know about it then you’ll be responsible
Tripurari: Arey baba you don’t worry
Viplav: (while taking a peg) it’s good yaar, no one can compare desi drinks with imported drinks
Pankaj: you’re right guru (while kissing the bottle) missed you a lot sweetheart
Viplav laughs, while the four were talking, suddenly tripurari pushed the brake pedal because of the girl which was coming from the opposite side and because of the sudden action, Taali which girl was holding fall down from her hand
Viplav: yaar kia karte ho, it seems like you’re drunk, (while opening the gate) chalo ab let’s see if that girl is fine
Both, Tripurari and Viplav came out and walked towards the girl which was standing there
Viplav: we’re sorry, are you alright ?
Girl: (looking at him then looks at the bottle) you shouldn’t have drunk, if you’re driving if there might have any old lady then she would have got injured
Viplav: no but..
Girl: now because of you my Prasad had fallen
Viplav: see we’re apologizing and you can get Prasad again, why are you creating drama ?
Girl: you belongs to a rich family that’s why you don’t know the importance of Prasad, (pointing towards the bottle) you only know importance of this thing
Tripurari: I think you don’t know him, he is..
Viplav: wait tripurari, (bends down) you need (picks up the Taali to keep the Prasad on it) your Prasad back naa
Girl too bent and snatched the Taali from his hands with a jerk, she had realised the pallu and because of that her face was easily visible to him, he looked at her for a second
“Ishq ishq rang rang, ishq ka rang safed plays”
Girl: don’t touch it, you’ve no right to touch it as already you’re having your Prasad in your hand
Viplav: (stands up and looks at her angrily) what’s your problem ? Who are you to tell me about my rights, what we’re doing is totally our matter, you shouldn’t have any issue with it
Girl too stood up and stepped back because of his high tone, seeing all this scenario, raj and pankaj came out
Pankaj: guru I think she needs some money that’s why creating a scene
Raj: I’m agreeing with pankaj
Girl looked at them with teary eyes
Viplav: yeah I haven’t thought about it (takes out his wallet) if you need some money (forwarding his hand to give him some rupees) than you should’ve told me before
Girl: (looks at him in disbelief) keep your money with you, (wiping her tears) I don’t need it. You may buy someone else with your wealth but I’m not among them
Saying so she turned to go while viplav was looking at him confusedly
Viplav: I think she loves to do drama, ajeeb larki thi
Raj: guru actually she is..
Viplav: whoever she is, I don’t have interest in knowing anything about her, let’s go now
Trio sat back inside the vehicle leaving tripurari behind
Tripurari thinks while smirking: waah! They both don’t know each other, zabardast hogaya yeh tou and it’s not appropriate to tell them now let’s have some fun Tripurari, (looking at the sky) Jai Shankar
He came out of his thoughts after listening the loud voice of Horn, he looked at viplav signing him that “he is coming”

At the house which was having a Golden plate of Ayodha Nivas, was well decorated with flowers and was ready to welcome the grandson
A car stopped in front of its gate, Mahant Dahshrath and a woman came out of it
Dahshrath: shushma jee make sure that this shawl is thrown, I can’t use it now and ask her to be in limits as we’ve already done a lot of favors on her and her mother by giving them the place
Shushma: yes, as you say
Dahshrath: wesey you could’ve picked it up before her but (taking a pause) anyways be careful next time besides I don’t want to spoil my mood in this auspicious day
Shushma jee nodded and they both entered inside, a lady wearing heavy jewellery welcomed them
Dahshrath: bahu jee, if all arrangements are done ?
Kanak: yes babu jee, everything is complete now just waiting for him
Dahshrath: he is on the way
And he left from there leaving Kanak and shushma jee behind
Kanak: maah jee, is everything OK ? And why babu jee isn’t wearing his shawl today, I haven’t seen him ever without it
Shushma: woh bahu, by mistake dhaani touched it
Kanak: (frowning her brows) this widow bhe naa, let her maayi come today I’ll make her understand properly
Shushma: but beta her intensions weren’t wrong, she just helped me..
Kanak: maah jee, ap rehne he dejie. Leave all these things on me
Shushma jee looked on hopelessly

A little far from Ayodha Nivas, there was a hut type of house which was no less than a bungalow for a daughter and a mother. The same girl entered inside the house
…: Agae dhaani, why you came so late ? Ashram chali gae thi kia ?
Dhaani: no maayi I’ll go at evening after doing puja
Dulaari: acha, chalo come inside wesey you didn’t bring Prasad today?
Dhaani: haan maayi woh today it had fallen from my hand when I was on the way
Dulaari: (tensely) kese jee ? Are you alright ?
Dhaani: maayi I’m fine woh a drunkard boy was driving a car
Dulaari: thank God you’re ok, chalo come inside. Breakfast is ready then I’ve to go at work
Dhaani nodded

Outside the vehicle with four boys reached Ayodha Nivas. All came out of it and took a deep breath in happiness
Viplav: that nakchari larki had spoiled my mood but after reaching home I’m somewhat better. Chalo let’s meet you guys at evening
Raj and Pankaj together: done
Viplav: (smiles) Tripurari drop them safely at their homes
Tripurari shook his head in affirmation and Trio left from there leaving viplav alone. He was walking inside when dhaani came out from her quarter to throw the garbage, he felt someone’s presence behind but before he could see her, she went inside.
“Ishq ishq rang rang ishq ka rang safed plays”
He smiled brushing his hair and moved further
“Ishq ishq rang rang ishq ka rang safed plays”

Screen freezes!
Precap: At ghat viplav asked dhaani the reason behind wearing white color, he asked if white is her favourite colour as she can’t be a widow at this young age, she looked on speechlessly while her eyes were filled with tears.

Thanks for reading!
Hey my dearest fellows! How are you all ? So the first episode is out. How was it ? I hope it was good and not a boring one. Sorry if I didn’t meet up your expectations. Will catch you up at the comments section so don’t forget to share your opinions before leaving this page.
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