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I was full of tashan But u was full of love-18

I Was full of tashan but u was full of love-18

After engagement kunj was so tired and he came to his room and remembered how twinkle was behaving, he was happy but at the same time he also had to face huge embarrassment.
Kunj= I will show u what’s kunj is.m..baby get ready.
He changed his dress and went out of his room to twinkles room.


Twinkle was changing her dress as she heard knock on the door and lazily went to the door to open it.
T: kunj wt ru doing here??
She said as opening the door.
Kunj rushed inside n closed the door
K: wt do u think of ur self?
T: beauty with brains as well as….
She moved towards him making him nervous
T: i just completed my challenge.
Oh…I forgot na even 1 more kiss is left out. Bt kunj this time u hv to reciprocate to my kiss, u will always be shocked.
K: that y I came here…how can u make me so embarrassed infront of everyone….u knw…hw…bad it was…..

Twinkle placed a peck on hai cheeks. Her lipstick mark was imprinted
K: wt was that??
Twinkle moved closer to him n made him lean against door.
T: u r really a bad kisser….
K: wt?? Me??
T: yeah. …orelse show me…

Twinkel went near to him held him n pushed him out of the room while kunj was lost in her.
He was thrown out of the room.
T: gn…she said winking at him
K: twinkel this is nt fair cmon open the door…I said open yeh door
Kunj started banging the door.
At the same time usha came thr.
U: Wts wrong kunj??
K: see this twinkle na..she put me out of the room when I was about to. ….
He stopped when he realised tat he was talking to usha.
K: haaa…mummy ji..nting…
U: yeah..nting nly.
Usha showed the lips stick mark fr kunj.
She smiled while kunj was again embarrassed.
He just ran frm thr leaving smiling usha behind n twinkle who listened everything from inside her room.

Kunj returns to his room hell embarrassed.
K: kunj it’s better u be away frm her till marriage so that u won’t get into these situations again. But how? Who the hell told u to go to her room?
Oh ya I went there to talk to her n ya I went to show her wt I am but….she itself showed me wt she is? Kunj….u r gone….better u just shut up n sleep that’s better.
It’s well said that, though men may be men bt infront of his women he is nting.
Oh I forgot that tmrw we hv to go to temple I hv to get up very early.

Next day,
Everyone was ready n left to temple n all the time kunj was keeping himself away frm his lady love.

At temple,
Kunj s pov:
All the family ppl went inside the temple n were praying. I parked the car n joined them while all the time twinkle was trying to talk to me but poor girl I avoided her as I just never wanted to land up in those situations.
‘Ji, confirm one date fr marriage,’ RT uncle was talking to priest. While I was hell happy listening to the word MARRIAGE.
My eyes were searching for hers.
Bt i couldn’t find her, while my eyes rested when uncle asked me, ‘ kunj is it OK? ‘
I just nodded with a smile.
‘Once ask twinkle also na uncle,’ I told him.
‘Oh.. ya.she is fine with it,’ He replied. I smiled back.
‘Kunj…’ I turned to see leela ma.
‘I knw whom u r searching, go twinkle is putting rounds around the temple, go join her. It’s good to do this in pair.’ Leela ma told me while I nodded n ran to backside of temple searching her.
Such a big temple it is!!!!
Finally I found her. I joined her, she just looked at me n continued.
I thought smething is wrong with her, oh no no if she is in bad mood thn smething is going to be wrong with me.
‘Twinkle….’ I slowly uttered.
She just held my collar thank God the temple was nt crowded.
She pulled me aside n threw me into a room.
(Usually rooms will be thr in temple fr storage purpose)
‘Twinkle open….open it na,’ I banged the door. Bt all in vain.
‘U knw kunj, one more kiss is left out bt this time u nly hv to kiss me. As twice I kissed u bt u never responded so nw u only hv to kiss me so that I will open the door orelse enjoy ur stay in this temple,’ she said frm outside.
Oh this girl na!!!
A small smile crept on my face bt i could sense smething wrong…
‘Twinkle open the door I said open the door,’ I shouted.
‘Oh kunj sarna is getting scared,’ she laughed at me.
Oh hw can I make her understand smething is wrong…
With in no time I heard wierd noises frm outside

Precap: get ready fr shock!!!!! Twinkle kidnapped again.


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