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I married you to save you. ( Part 7)

I married you to save you.

Part 7


Recap- Part 6

Episode starts with Twinkle and Kunj facing each other in the room. They are both tied on their chair and Lost in thoughts. (Leela and Yuvi are outside.)

Kunj was the first to break the silence and said, “Stop crying. You know i can’t see tears in your eyes.” Twinkle looked up and said, “I’m not.” Kunj frowned. “Twinkle, shut up. I can see those tears from here. Stop crying. Crying won’t solve the situation.”

“What situation Kunj? I’ve already had the solution.” She said not looking at him in the eye. “Yea and the solution is that you’re going to be an idiot and hard headed and sign those papers.” He said sternly. She looked at him with eyes of plead. She was lost for words so he tried kicking some sense into her. “Twinkle please don’t sign yaar. Those property belong to you. Your father gave it to you. Don’t be stupid and give in to them!” “But Kunj,” Twinkle began protesting and Kunj closed his eyes. He finally said what he had to and both of them started crying silently. “Twinkle. I don’t care about my life. They can take me if they want but i don’t want you give in to their desires. I don’t care about my life. I just want you to be happy so even if.they kill me, they’ll be charged for murder or something.”

After moments of staring each other had passed, Twinkle looked up at Kunj and said, “I won’t be happy without you. I can’t live without you.”
Kunj looked up in shock. “What did you say?”
“I said my life is meaningless without you. I know I’ve been a complete fool not believing what you said earlier about them and i should have listened to you earlier and I’m sorry about that but Kunj you are the only one i have left in my life. I’m really sorry about all of this.” Kunj smiled and assured her it was ok. “It’s OK Twinkle. It was my duty to get mixed up in this. After all i did marry you to save you.”
“Will you continue doing that all your life if you have to? Protecting me from every harm that comes my way? Will you save me every time I’m in trouble?” Twinkle asked with a twinkle in her eye. Kunj found her behaviour to strange at this point of time. “We are in a life and death situation here and you’re …” He began but Twinkle said something which brought joy to his heart. “About to confess how much I love my husband.”
*Eyelock. Sajna ve plays in BG*

“Haa Kunj, I love you. I can’t bear a second without you. I need you in my life. Without you, every breath of mine is wasted. Kunj, i have been an idiotic person all my life and I know how well you handle stupid and crazy people and no matter how much i will torture you, you will have to bear it because this b***c is going to love you forever until the very end. What do they say? Till death do us apart? Wrong. I will die with you if i have to but death won’t dare separate us.” Twinkle said. She said it such a ‘lusty’ way yet romantic that it made Kunj start laughing. “Twinkle tum pagal ho! You’re crazy yaar.” He said trying to stop laughing. She smiled upon seeing him so happy. When she finally caught herself still staring at him lovingly, she smiled again. “Hawww, i just wasted my breath confessing to you in the most cheesiest way and..and..and you’re laughing! How mean Kunj Sarna!” She said pretending to be angry.
He smiled, “Haa, maybe cheesy but it did make my heart melt.” And tried moving his hand to his heart and laughed. “Ok now thats lame.” Twinkle remarked and they both started laughing.

“I’m really sorry though Kunj. I didn’t believe you and i accused you to be so many things. Yaar i feel so guilty!
But let me make it clear to you that, my feelings for you are true and i really do love you.” Twinkle said and Kunj smiled then replied, “Did i say anything? No nah. Then don’t worry. I’m not too good at doubting. Especially people in love. And i don’t need to reply. You know how much you mean to me. I love you more than my own mother. OK I’m kidding. She comes first butttt.. You’re next. You are the only person i have after that. And yes, i will keep protecting you for the rest of my life. I promise…” Kunj stopped when he heard Twinkle sniffing and made a What-The-Hell? wala face. “Oh come on Twinkle! I haven’t even finished yet and you’re all emotional!”
“Shut up Kunj. I’m having an ‘Oh-My-God-I-Feel-Special moment! Continue continue…” She said pretending to cry. Kunj rolled his eyes and sighed an i give up sigh. Soon both of burst out in laughter and smirked.

“I LOVEEE YOUUU!!!!!!!!”
They both yelled, on top of their lungs. They looked at each other with tears in their eyes and smiled. Kunj started laughing and said, “You know what’s funny? That we both are in such a situation, probably gonna die in a few minutes and here we are expressing our feelings.”
Twinkle laughed too and said, “Well better late than never. You know what else is funny?”

“Yuvi and Leela are outside and though we are shouting so loud, haven’t come to shut us up yet. And yah, we are probably the first set of people to be happy whilst being kidnapped.” Twinkle said smirking and kept staring at the door.
“Haa well, with you around, i guess everything just seems, wonderful.” He said and winked at her. “Oh stop, I’m blushing.” She replied with mischief in her eyes.

“Toh…Plan kya hai?” Kunj asked trying to get serious but then couldn’t since Twinkle’s smile was driving him crazy. “Well the plan is…that… I have got myself freed.” She said and pulled out her hands. Kunj laughed and said, “You too? So have I.” He said and pulled his hand out free also. They both winked at each other and opened the rest of the ropes from there feet and jumped up. “Wow. Passing time really helped me undoing those ropes.” Twinkle said and Kunj nodded in agreement.They both stretched and yelled in pain. “Oh God my butt hurts!” Kunj said rubbing his. Twinkle smirked and said, “My entire body feels swollen. I think a hug would do me good.”
Kunj raised his eyebrow at her and sighed. “Oh stop throwing hints. I know you want a piece of me.” He said, eyes twinkling and they both laughed. Twinkle ran into Kunj’s Srk wala pose and hugged him tightly. Their embrace felt better than all the rest which made them both feel better. Kunj cupped Twinkle’s face and kissed her forehead. Twinkle did the same.
Then before moving forward with hands entwined, Kunj and Twinkle looked at each other, smirking.

“Ready to outsmart these asses?” Kunj asked.
“You don’t have to ask me twice babe.”

Episode ends with Twinkle and Kunj looking at each other smirking with a nasty plan in their minds. ?

Don’t even ask… I don’t know what the shit i wrote!,???

I realised that .. I was.going overboard with the all intense sad and drama episodes so i tried something different. Yahhh this.. Laughing and being Happy while being at a point where you can die?? :v

Ok seriously talking now.. Did i over do It again? I know I’m getting even terrible-er by the day writing this. So I’m realllyyyyyy sorry ???

Please do tell me in the comments what you thought. Good or bad idc.. You have to tell me how terrible it was ????

And yassas your comments on the previous parts… Thanks ever so much!! ????????
They really meant alot. Thank you.

Acha, gotta.go bye..

(Romaisha- You are so getting killed today ??)

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