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Hey guys

This is a 3shots from my side as a new gift for u all.
*Happy new Year. May this new year bring u guys all the happiness in the world.*


Enough of my bak bak nw to the 3shots

Note- this is nt meant to hurt any1’s feelings. If i hv pls forgive me. No proof reading


It was the sid was leving the show. Jasmin unknowingly started to cry. Sid cm up to her b4 leving. She gv him a tight hug. Both didnt want to lev eo. Bt still they departed. She gv him a kiss on his cheek nd bid him goodbye.

The next day of shooting
She cm to the set nd started to search for sid. She asked zain abt it.

Z- jas did u forget? Sid left the show.

Her face turned pale. She just faked a smile nd left. While going she bumped into sm1 nd fell into tht person’s arms lyk the first tym sidmin met in real lyf.(donno if true,i’m just making up) She just wished it was sid nd opened her eyes to find naman. She was nt comfortable in sm1 else’s arms. She stood up nd left from there after thnkng him. Days passed jasmin was nt comfortable wid naman as kunj she wanted sid to cm back bt still she showed as if she is fyn. She missed Sid badly nd even avoided suraj’s calls! After few months she got to knw sid was out of the show. She felt really bad nd wanted him bck in the show. She talked to the admins bt they didnt want thrw naman out of the show. Months passed in a blink of an eye.

Farewell Party

She zain nd naman was posing in a pic wen sm1 popped up. She was shocked + suprised. They 4 posed for the pic. She hugged him nd started to enjoy the party lyk the pehle wali jasmin. Zain sensed the change. After sum tym she got tired nd sat. Zain went to her

Z- kya hua? Bht kush dikh rahi ho?

J-kuch nhi bas aise..

Z- Jas can i ask u smthng?

J-haa bolo

Z-tum sid se pyaar karti h kya?

J-pata nhi. I feel happy wid him. I felt really bad wen he left the shw. U knw wht suraj broke up wid me nd it didnt matter much to me. Bt sid’s departure made me depressed…zain is this luv??

Z(smiling) i am afraid yes. I think u shud confess it today itslf

J-haa i’ll try. Mujhe bht nervous..zain interupts

Z-mujhe pata hai. Bt if u lev this chnce u might lose sid forvr…nd levs.

Jas keeps thinking abt it…

Uff at last finished
I will be posting my other ffs later

Luv u loads♡♡♥♥♡♡♥♥♡♡♥♥

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