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I HAVE FELL IN LOVE WITH U!! Twinj 3shots (2nd shot)

Hey guys

Here’s the second shot.
Thnk u so much for the comments. It made me overwhelmed. Thnk u. Thnk u. Thnk u. Tysm. I just wish this ff becums true in real life also.



Jas keeps thinking abt it wen..

Z-guys b4 this party ends. I would like to relive the TEI moments. The first one is twinj…Naman was abt step up wen sid goes up to jas.

Z- hw twinj met in the serial.

Tw twirls nd goes nd falls in kunj’s hands. Which sidmin demonstrate. They both r really lost in eo eyes for real…zain tries to make them close in the party. Soon the party ends. Sid was abt lev in his car wen his driver..

D-sir the car is nt wrking. I will rep..interupted

S-its ok. Bring it to home straight aftr repairng…Sid starts walking in the empty roads of amritsar. Wen jas runs up to him.

J-SID! SID!..sid stops in his steps nd luks bck to find jas breathing heavy holding her knees in her hnds.

S-jas? Kya hua? Tum mere peeche kyu bhaagke aayi ho?

J-vo main tujhse bht imp baat karni hai..

S- kya baat hai?batao.

J-promise v will be friends after this..

S-haa promise.par baat kya hai?

Jas kneels dwn nd propses him.

J- I luv u sid.idk wen this hppnd or hw it hppnd. Bt i am glad it hppnd. Would u lyk make me Mrs.Sidhant Gupta?

Sid stands there numb.

J-Sid my leg is paining…Sid makes her stand.

S- Jas hv u gon mad?..jasmin’s eyes well up.

J-sid mein..

S-v bth knw tht u r dating suraj. Nd u luv him. U desrve sm1 better thn me.

J-nhi sid mein

S-bas jas. Shall i tell u the truth? I luved from the starting.i was abt to propose u wen i cm to knw u r dating suraj. I decided to stay from ur life nd be jist a gid friend. Wid so much of difficulties i forgot u nd moved on. I wanted to sray from u thts wen i got jdj. I used tht oppurtunity to forget u nd i was sucessful. Y r u cming bck in my lyf?

J-sid main..



Will sid accept jasmin’s luv? Will jasmin be able to convince sid? Will there be a happy ending??

Hey guys

So did u al enjoy??

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ThAts all for today

Luv u all loads♡♡♥♥♡♡♥♥

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