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I hate you swara ff story ep 35


Ragini:what happened to you Laksh

Laksh:nothing I just got into a bit of an accident

Annapurana comes and sees the state of Laksh

Annapurana:Laksh what did you do

Laksh:car accident my brakes failed but thanks to God I am here and not in hospital

Ragini:I will take Laksh to our room and take care of him

Ragini Laksh room

Ragini peels off his plaster and she apply an ointment.laksh complains

Ragini:Laksh if you want to get better then you need to put this on are you a child na

Laksh:sorry ma

Ragini:I’m your wife don’t forget that okay

Laksh:sorry Ragini

Ragini smiles at him

Laksh looks into her eyes

Ragini:Laksh not now what if someone sees

Laksh:what I’m just looking at you

Ragini:Laksh I know those eyes

Laksh: pulls ragini on his chest

Ragini pulls away

Laksh:my wife does not want to romance with me anymore

Ragini:Laksh your impossible

Laksh:at least give me a kiss

Ragini:okay but that is only cause it’s going to be your birthday

She gives him a lip lock

And they hug

Ragini packs away the first aid kit and leaves the room



Laksh blows her a kiss and ragini catches it and she leaves

Ragini thinks about what the seller said to her

Ragini:surely no one would part me and Laksh maybe that accident was no accident

Annapurana calls ragini

Ragini:yes ma

Annapurana:everyone came back so call Laksh for dinner


Ragini – Laksh room

Ragini:Laksh it’s time for dinner ma made it

Laksh:okay I will come down

Ragini:Come na

They all eat dinner and Uttara is nowhere to be seen

Ragini:Sujata where is Uttara

Sujata:I have no idea she has become like her brother

Ragini:should I call her

Sujata:okay go

Ragini goes to Uttara’s room and hears her say something

Ragini:Uttara it is dinner time

Uttara:what are you doing get out of my room

She pushes her


Ragini gets up and goes to the hall

Ragini:she pushed my and she shut the door

 Annapurana:are you okay


Later on in the night

The whole family is going bed

Ragini:ma don’t forget

Annapurana:I will not

Ragini climbs into bed excitedly and sets the alarm 10 minutes before 12

Laksh:someone is excited to go bed more than the birthday boy

Ragini:Come into bed na


Ragini Snuggles next to laksh and strokes his hair

Ragini:Laksh you will never leave me isn’t

Laksh:yes sure

Ragini: promise



Ragini:nothing go bed your birthday won’t come sooner will it na


They fall asleep and at 10 to 12 the family gathers outside the door and ragini wakes up

Uttara:why do I have to get up ma

Sujata:be quite before I slap you
Sujata:anyway jiji what is going on

Annapurana:just wait and see


Ragini:Laksh get up

Laksh:what Ragini I’m tired let me sleep

Ragini:I have something for you

Ragini gets the gifts

Laksh:what is it

Ragini:well you don’t know if you don’t open it right

Laksh opens the first one

Laksh:I like the perfume it’s really nice

Ragini gets excited

Ragini: open the next one


He opens it and looks shocked


Ragini:yes Laksh

Laksh:I am I going to be

Ragini:yes Laksh it was not cramps it was a child your going to be a


Ragini signals everyone to come in

Sujata:what is going on

Ragini:I’m going to be a mum



Dugra prasad:congratulations

Everyone is so happy and the screen freezes on their happy faces.

Precap:swara calls NGO to get back into the house and is shocked to see Sanskaar state

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