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I hate you swara ff story ep 32

I have got many twists in the story and when you find out the truth you will be surprised (hopefully)
Today will be focused on Laksh and ragini
Anyway let’s get started

MM mansion
Ragini is cuddling Laksh the alarm rings very loudly
Ragini:Laksh you turn it off na I’m tired
Laksh:no your closer to the clock
Ragini:I’m I the one which has to go work
Laksh:I see your point but am I the one which has to do arti and make breakfast for her husband anyway I do more work you
Ragini gets angry at him
Ragini:I don’t want to speak to you anymore go away
she pushes him and she switches off the
She looks at the time
Ragini:Laksh you did it again na why do you set the alarm so early
She turns away from Laksh
Laksh:ragini?! Why are you behaving like this your so difficult to understand Ragini what do you want
Ragini:not speaking to you go to your work
Laksh: please Ragini
Laksh turns ragini over and she lands on his chest
He brings her closer and strokes her hair
Their faces go closer to each other and they have a lip lock
He slowly kisses her neck and lays her on the bed he takes her  saree off and kisses her tummy.
Ragini:Laksh na I’m angry
Laksh:do I not have right over my wife
Ragini gives in
Laksh kisses her and ragini breathes faster ragini unbuttones his shirt kisses him they wrap the sheets around each other and they fall asleep
They wake up
Ragini:LAKSH YOUR LATE!!!!!!
Laksh: oh no!!
Ragini giggles
Laksh:why are you laughing I don’t like this ragini
Ragini:sorry Laksh but I warned you
Laksh:but who has to make breakfast
Ragini: oh no!!!!!
They all rush a round and everyone else understands what is going on
Annapurana:don’t worry ragini I made breakfast
Ragini:no ma it’s not fair on you Is it
Annapurana:don’t worry I will understand
Ragini feels bad
Ragini:I will make Laksh lunch okay
Ragini goes into the kitchen and she sees Uttara climbing through the window holding  a large bag

Ragini:Uttara what are you doing
Uttara:nothing something just fell
She quickly goes away

Uttara:annoying person never let’s me do anything

Ragini makes Laksh’s lunch

Ragini:ma where is Laksh
Annapurana:he is in his room
Ragini:thank you
She climbs up the stairs and goes to their room
Ragini sees Laksh having difficulty doing his tie
Ragini:Laksh this is how you do it
She does his tie and he looks at her lovingly
Ragini:Laksh!! Why are you looking at me like that

Ragini:just joking jalebi
She squeezes his cheeks and then she gives him his lunch
Ragini:and Laksh one more thing
Laksh:and what is that
Ragini:I need to get a kiss
Ragini:I made your food na so I want something in return
Laksh:okay okay
He gives her  lip lock
Ragini nods and pushes him
Ragini:now go to work now and be good
Laksh:okay I will see you later

Ragini suddenly faints

Precap:Ragini’s cause of fainting is reveled and swara decides to get revenge

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