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I Hate You (Episode 45)

Hey, sorry for the late updates. Been kind of busy lately.But I will try to be back with the regular updates soon. Please excuse the mistakes, I couldn’t proof-read. Hope you guys are still liking the story.

Recap: Sheila comes over for dinner. Twinkle gets jealous seeing Sheila and Kunj together. The three of them take a walk under the night sky. Twinkle outbursts in front of Kunj and Kunj realizes that Twinkle was jealous. Kunj and Sheila’s relationship is revealed to be actually that of a brother-sister relationship. Kunj goes to tame Twinkle and they share their first kiss.



Twinkle blushes as Kunj look at her intensely. She bites her lower lip as Kunj advances towards her. Someone coughs in the back and Twinkle and Kunj quickly move away from each other.
Sheila- So, everything okay now?
Kunj nods.
Sheila- So Kunj, how did you console your wife?
Kunj- Voh kiss…
Twinkle bites her lower lip. Sheila’s eyes widen as Kunj catches his words?
Kunj- Matlab….I mean miss. Yea I just told Twinkle how much I missed you that’s why I was with you more than I was with Twinkle.
Sheila holds in her laughter.
Sheila- Kunj, get out.
Kunj- What?
Sheila- Kunj, it’s a girl thing. Get out!
Twinkle giggles as Sheila pushes Kunj out the door then returns back to Twinkle.
Sheila- I know Twinkle, there was a big misunderstanding. But be,ieve me, Kunj loves you a lot. I have never seen someone love like Kunj.
Twinkle- I’m sorry Sheila. Kunj is right. I’m such a Siyappa Queen. I mistook your brother sister relationship for…
Sheila laughs- It’s ok. Kunj is sometime such an idiot.

Kunj- Me? Because of you, my wife gets mad and I have through the struggle to tame her.
Sheila- Struggle? It doesn’t seem like a struggle.
Kunj- Why?
Sheila- I mean…kiss?
Kunj- Sheila!
Sheila runs out the room laughing. Kunj locks the door and turns towards Twinkle.
Kunj- So, where were we?
Twinkle- Shut up Kunj and go to bed.
Twinkle climbs in bed, leaving Kunj baffled.
Kunj thinks- Koi isse toh sikle kaise romantic mood ko barbaad karte hai.

The Next Day…

Twinkle- I need to find out something about Kunj’s uncle. Where are they now? Babaji, please give me one clue. How do I find them and give back Kunj’s property to him? Babji, please help me.
Twinkle was walking on the streets alone. Some guys walked passed her and stopped.
Guy- Oh madam, looks like you are new here. Are you lost or are you looking for someone?
Twinkle- Oh yes. Bhai saab, can you help me?
Guy- Of course I can help you. But please, don’t call me bhai saab…mujhe acha nahi lagta.
Twinkle senses some discomfort.
Twinkle- Actually, I was looking for Cherry Sarna.
Guy- Kya? Cherry? Oye Cherry, looks like you hit the jackpot!
Cherry turns around and takes off his sunglasses and looks Twinkle up and down. Twinkle shifts nervously.

Cherry- Madam ji, I heard you were looking for me? Now tell me, what can this Cherry do for such a beautiful woman like you?
Cherry traces his finger down Twinkle’s cheek. Twinkle pushes his hand off her face.
Twinkle- Excuse me! I am Twinkle Kunj Sarna.
Cherry- Kunj Sarna?
Twinkle- Yes. So technically, I am you bhabhi so behave yourself.
Cherry- Oh bhabho ji, why are you getting so angry? I am just trying to be friendly. Come to my house, I will show you how friendly this Cherry can be.
Cherry holds Twinkle’s wrist.
Twinkle- Leave me!
Cherry- Come na.
Twinkle- I said leave me!
Cherry ties a cloth around Twinkle’s mouth and carries her away from there.

The Next Scene…

Kunj- Bebe, have you seen Twinkle?
Bebe- No puttar. I thought she was with you.
Kunj- No she’s not. I have been looking everywhere for her.
Usha- Maybe she went to take a walk.
Kunj- But mom, Twinkle wouldn’t leave without telling me and she has been gone for so long.
Mahi- Kunj, why don’t you go look around. Maybe she went near the pond.
Kunj- Don’t know why, but I’m having a bad feeling.
Uv- Kunj, let’s go. We shouldn’t waste any more time. Twinkle doesn’t know this place. She could get lost.
Uv and Kunj set out to find Twinkle. Uv and Kunj wander around the whole village looking for Twinkle.
Kunj- Bhai, where is Twinkle? I just want my Twinkle back.
Uv- Relax Kunj, we will find her. Don’t worry.
Kunj spots something under a tree. He runs up to it and picks up a dupatta.
Kunj- This is Twinkle’s dupatta. This means, she was here. But where is she now?
Uv- Kunj, look at this.
Uv hands Kunj a bracelet.
Kunj- It’s a bracelet.
Uv- Cherry’s bracelet.
Kunj clutches Twinkle’s dupatta.
Kunj- Cherry! I’ll kill you!

The Next Scene…

Twinkle’s hands and feet are tied up as she sits in a dark room. Cherry enters the room and sits in front of her. Twinkle tries to move away in fear. Cherry laughs.
Cherry- Don’t be scared Twinkle bhabhi ji. I won’t hurt you. I just want to make you happy. Forget that good for nothing Kunj. What does he have? He has nothing! Look what I have! This huge mansion and lots of money. You will be happy with me.
Twinkle- Leave me now or Kunj will kill you.
Cherry- Kunj? But let me welcome you first.

Cherry unties Twinkle’s ropes. Twinkle tries to run away but Cherry pulls her back and she falls to the floor. The sleeve of Twinkle’s dress rips near the shoulder as she starts bleeding from the scratch that Cherry had just given her. Cherry laughs evilly as he advances towards Twinkle. Twinkle cries and pleads. Cherry moves on top of Twinkle. Twinkle becomes helpless. Just as Cherry was about to touch Twinkle, he is kicked off of her. Twinkle looks up to see Kunj. Tears fall from Kunj’s eyes as he sees the love of his life in that condition, her hair ruffled, her sleeves torn, and blood dripping from her forehead and shoulder. Twinkle gets up and hugs Kunj. Kunj hugs Twinkle back and wipes away his tears. He looks at Cherry and protectively moves Twinkle behind him. Kunj punches Cherry.
Kunj- How dare you touch Twinkle!
He punches Cherry again.
Kunj- How dare you lay a hand on her!

Cherry falls to the floor as Kunj pins him down and repeatedly punches his face.
Kunj- I’ll kill you!
Cherry begind to lose conciousness. Youv quickly comes and takes Kunj off of Cherry.
Uv- Kunj chod! Leave him.
Kunj- No I’ll kill him! He touched my Twinkle! I won’t leave him!
Uv takes Kunj off of Cherry, who had become unconscious. Kunj stands up, breathing furiously and his eyes blood red. He looks over at Twinkle, who was trembling in fear., trying to cover herself with only her two arms. Kunj picked up her dupatta and wrapped it protectively around her and led her out of the dark room.

Precap: A scar and a tattoo…

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