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Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar (RagSan) episode-12

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Sanskar who was in clg roaming holding his mobile..he dails ragini num nd cuts it…he dails sujatha nd asks how was ragini now..sujatha says she was fine..fever got reduced…sanskar gets happy….after cutting call sujatha came to ragini nd says im very happy..ragini looks at her amusingly..sujaths continues sanskar called me nd asked sbout ur health..he was now changed,he cared for u..he starts loving u…ragini smiles weakly….
Ragini was thinking about sujatha words..is he really cared for me ,is he started loving me r he shows pity on me..her thoughts broken by her mbl ring…it was laksh who called her,for asking y she didnt come to clg today…ragini lifts d call “ha laksh bolo”..it is heard by sanskar who jst came frm college..hearing laksh name..he gritted his teeth nd throws his bag angrily nd goes to washroom by banging d door…ragini who was watched him while talking on phone..she thought what happend to him..sanskar in washroom ..he immitates like ragini ha bolo laksh.. vaha rohan now this laksh ..y they r back of ragini..disgusting…he calm down himself..after got fresh he comes out nd they had dinner…sanskar asks ragini to sleep on bed as she was not well…ragini doesnt listned to him..she goes to sofa…sanskar bit loudly im asking sleep on bed…ragini sternly says im fine. u no need to worry saying she sleeps on sofa…he was hurting by her behaviour….

Days passes sanskar jealous increases day by day seeing raglak together….
[email protected]All r having bf…ram said we(suji nd ram) going to my friends son marriage nd will cme by tomorrow ..so he asks sanskar to take ragini with him to clg…sanskar nodded…ramsuji leaves..ragsan started to go clg..sanskar asks her to come…ragini says u go i will go by myself u dnt wry i will not tell this to mamu …sanskar leaves angrily….
In clg Some fest was conducting in clg…laksh decided to participate in dance competition but he wants a partner..he asks ragini to be a partner..ragini hesitates first but finally she agreed for laksh….after classes got over they r still in clg for their dance practice….
Raglak wr dancing…sanskar nd rohan who was passing in that way sees this through a window…
Sanskar gets angry..
Rohan:u said they r friends..they become close now..see how they r dancing..(he said with disappinted voice)..
Sanskar was already angry..rohan words makes him even more angry…he remembers ragini ignorance nd raglak friendship..he sees raglak with red shot eyes…actually they r dancing on romantic song..laksh holds her waist(he holds jst friendly )..her hands on his shoulder..they r seems so happy…sanskar cant take it more seeing them that much close…he goes to them with full rage…he drags ragini frm laksh hold…ragini looks at sanskar shockingly…sanskar drags her outside….laksh following them confusingly as he doesnt understand anything(he was unware about ragsan relation)


Laksh stops sanskar nd asks him to leave ragini..sanskar glares at laksh…laksh shouted leave her..
Sanskar(shouted):u jst shut up..she is my wife…i can do whatever i want with her..who d hell r u questioning me…dont interfere bw us…
Laksh stands there numb as he doesnt understand anything…rohan was utter shocked who was seeing all this by following them…

Sanskar takes her to home…he holds her wrist tightly….
Ragini asks sanskar to leave her ..it is paining..sanskar says oh it is paining..its not paining when that laksh holds u…u got pain when i was holding u right….ragini says ha u always gives pain only…hearing this he gritted his teeth nd pins her to d wall nd bites her neck hardly…ragini screams in pain nd struggles to escape..which made sanskar got hell angry..he thinks when laksh holds her she was happy but when he holds her she was struggling…sanskar holds her both hands tightly nd kissed her lips hardly..ragini pushes him nd about to go..sanskar holds her nd throws on bed..he comes over her nd tries to force himself on her..ragini pushed him using all her strength..nd runs to sujiram room nd locked it nd crying….sanskar who was fell frm bed by ragini push comes to reality.. he came out of his rage…he rembers what he did recently…he hits his hand to bed…he feels guilt….

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