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Hum Sath Sath (intro)

Hiiiiiiii!!!!!!! I am Akansha. I am a silent reader….. I love reading ffs. This is my first ff and I am very nervous. So please please please comment if I should continue or not… and please don’t lie, say the truth. You can give negative comments as well.

Om Prakash Bhalla: Father of the trio and loves them a lot.
Santoshi Bhalla: Mother of the trio. Loves Raman and Aarthi more than Khushi.
Raman Bhalla: 28 years old. CEO of AR Industry. Arrogant and short tempered but friendly with his friends. Loves his sisters a lot.
Aarthi Bhalla: 26 years old. She is quiet and strict. But she is fun sometimes too. Has a past….
Khushi Bhalla: 27 years old. She is adopted and nobody knows about it except Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla. She is looking for a job. Sweet and bubbly. Loves her family a lot… Hates if someone talks bad about her family.


Arnav Singh Raizada: 28 years old. CEO of AR Industry. Best friend of Raman. Also rude and arrogant. Loves his sister and can do anything for her.
Ishita Raizada: 27 years old. Also loves her brother a lot. Lives in London… she is a doctor over there. Sweet, respectful, and independent. Hates when someone points on her character.
Their parents died when Arnav and Ishita were in college.

Guru Prakash: 26 years old. He is very friendly and funny. Best friend of Ishita. Also lives in London….and is a doctor.

So this was the intro and I hope you liked it….please please please comment….

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