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His Venture : Slot 1

Hey ppl….
Maggi is back!!!
Been long tym na…
And I vl update my ff tomorrow…
And thanks for always being supportive
My xms are over now so vl be giving regular updates..
And tqs for being patient….
I jz got this new idea so thought of presenting it to u… I promise to entertain u guys
This is lot different fromy current ff..
This vl be a few slots…

His Venture : Slot 1


He’s venture had led him here…
Amid all the places, the place he hated the most!

I woke up..all dat my tiring eyes cud spot is the plain white ceiling… My vision was blured..
Damn!!where the heck am I?? I turned my head half a circle , I noticed a steel stand beside me and a thin capillary connected to it ended at my wrist…
Unable to remember where I was or how I landed up here, I moved with uncertain emotions creeping over my mind

‘Stay stable, or u may end up hurting ur wrist’ I heard a women’s voice..
She seemed professional..
I turned towards d voice..A lady of around 23 appeared from d door with a mask running up between her ears..

‘Unable to understand anything?’ She asked me ,probably reading my mind

‘Where am I’ I asked trying to b polite

‘Under care ‘ she replied and soon moved off

‘What d heck?? She jz moved away without answering my question completely..’
Frustated I hit my head against the pillow…and soon I felt dizy, and was carried away into dreamland…

The same lady walked towards a well maintained cabin , removed her hospital mask and knocked b4 entering..
‘I was expecting u’ a manly voice welcumed her ..he directed her to have a seat..
‘How’s he’ he spoke again..
‘Hes under the action of sedactives, He had jz regained conscious, I wonder he might have drifted back to SLP’ she answered camly
‘Keep a check over him Ms Taneja’ he said

So as u might have guessed ,she is Twinkle
‘I vl sir…’ She assured him

And soon she walked out from der..
The man inside d cabin sighed and relaxed back in he’s chair…

Twinkle walked straight in the long corridor and towards d end she turned left and was yet again in d same room where she had been a while ago…
She looked at the figure sleeping, and crossed her hands ,held it firm against her bosom..
‘Well I don’t expect u to fight with medicine action either, dream for abt 4 more hours b4 u finally gain conscious’ twinkle spoke in d quite room under her breath, referring to d man on bed..
‘See u soon ,Mr Sarna’ she spoke again b4 moving out of d room..
So d man on bed ,sleeping is Kunj Sarna

Twinkle was busy understanding the contents of the file when Aroan walked up to her
‘Any progress’ twinkle asked him sensing he’s presence..
‘Not yet ‘ he replied
‘Where’s Lucy’ twinkle enquired
‘I’m here’ a voice replied standing near the wooden door grasping for air..
Lucy walked up to twinkle
‘He’s cards have been blocked and the search at he’s house didn’t yield anything important’ lucy ended her part of explanation

‘He’s a tough man, he’s clean’ Aroan spoke
‘He’s acting clean’ twinkle corrected him
‘U guys run over all the important places we have discussed b4, may be u may stamp on something important ‘directed twinkle
‘U guys may leave now’ spoke twinkle again
Once she dismissed her young subordinates, she kept flipping the file on her table …
Frustrated she slot it..
‘Back to square one once again’ she murmered under her breath


Precap: twinj convo ,digging deep into mystry content further

This vl be at max of 10 slots , so hope u liked it..
Plz do show ur support through comments and I promise I vl b regular…
And sorry for Ol d writers, I haven’t read any writings from past one month so cudnt comment. .but now I’m on holiday so I vl go through Ol of them ….

I’m also on wattpad..this vl uploaded der also
My I’d @maggi3372

Next update vl be tomorrow

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  1. awesome beggning of u r new ff maggie…intro part of kunj nd twinkle is suprb..
    waiting 4 the nxt part…our support is wit u ….keep gng maggie
    loads of luv

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