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His Lust Or Love (Episode 37)

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Episode 37
The episode start with SwaSan… both were sleeping as the whole night went in making love… Sanskar was hugging Swara tightly as his very life depends on her and it wasn’t lie… she was indeed his life… it was around 10 on the morning when Sanskar woke up… he looked at Swara who was sleeping having a beautiful smile on her lips… Sanskar smile seeing her and kis on her forehead… Sanskar slowly got up making sure not to disturb Swara… he left to get fresh… Sanskar came out ready in causal clothes and came downstairs… he saw Gadodia family sitting on dinning table waiting for bf… Sanskar smirk seeing kavtha condition.. he walked in the kitchen and ask servants to prepare bf… Sanskar ask them to inform him when bf is ready and came back in room only to find Swara sleeping… Sanskar sat beside her and stare her naked fame intensely which was cover because of single blanket… Sanskar lie down beside her again taking her in his arms carefully… he placed small pecks over her face showering his love.. Swara woke up because of it and smile brightly seeing Sanskar… he smile and kiss her forehead while saying
Sanskar: Good Morning Jaan
Swara: Morning hubby


Swara giggle and kiss his nose tip… Sanskar pull her closer and kiss her passionately… Swara response with equal passion.. both get apart being breathless… Sanskar said
Sanskar:love u so much Mrs Sanskar
Swara:love u too Mr Sanskar
Sanskar took Swara’s hand and said
Sanskar:let’s get u fresh
Swara: where r u coming
Sanskar:to help u baby
Sanskar:I won’t let u hurt urself sweetheart ur hands r not fully recovered
Swara:I trouble you a lot na
Sanskar smile and said
Sanskar:Swara u know ur name will never be in the list of it in my life u give me Happiness Swara and u know I love helping u I love u baby and if I won’t be there to help u then I’ll never be able to forgive myself

Swara smile hearing Sanskar’s words and said
Swara:I’m lucky to have u in my life
Sanskar:and I’m the luckiest that u r my life
SwaSan smile and Sanskar help Swara getting fresh… Sanskar make Swara ready in pink legging and his white shirt… SwaSan came down and sat for bf… kavtha was hell jealous seeing Swara his Sanskar’s shirt… it was clearly visible on their face… Sanskar was smirking seeing them.. bf came and Sanskar eat bf while feeding Swara too which make kavtha more jealous… Sanskar smile while Swara stare Sanskar lovingly eating from his hands…. kavtha get up and left from there without having bf even though sumi tried to stop them… after bf sumi also left to see kavtha where SwaSan was lost in their own world.. Sanskar making Swara eat… she said
Swara:Sanskar I’m full
Sanskar:one more Swara just one
Swara:Sanskar please
Sanskar: baby one more jaan for me
Swara give a annoying look before eating one last note…. Sanskar smile and peck her lips… Swara blush and said

both laugh and then both came in room… Sanskar apply ointment on Swara’s burned hands and then give her medicine… both were talking while lying on bed and Sanskar has taken leave from office till Swara don’t get well.. Swara was angry but soon Sanskar’s puppy eyes melted her and she happily accept his decision… SwaSan was talking about random stuff when suddenly Sanskar said
Sanskar:let’s go out
Swara:out now
Sanskar:yesh now and right now
Sanskar peck her lips and said
Sanskar: no but and if now I want to go out with my beautiful wife and of we didn’t go now then when we’ll tonight is mehndi
Swara: mehndi r we going
Sanskar smile and said

Sanskar:off course darling
Swara smile and said
Swara:ok let me change
Sanskar left from there and came after 5 mins from dressing room… he handed her a packet and said
Sanskar:wear this
Swara:what is inside
Sanskar:let me show u
Sanskar open the packet and show Swara her present… it was White Kurti With Multi Dupatta… Swara smile and Sanskar help her for getting ready again… when Swara was ready… Sanskar proudly make her wear mangalsutra and fill her hairline with sindoor… both walked out of room holding hands… Sanskar’s hold was soft and light making sure not to hurt Swara… both came out and sat in car… they left from there all smiley…
hey frds hows the episode???

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