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High school love ch-2

A/n hiiii everyone….I m sorry but I can’t post very long chapters…I want to keep my first FF as short sweet and crisp..Otherwise it would seem as if I m dragging it…Please try to understand…Now enough of my rambling..Its time for Chapter 2..Stay hooked??

“you belong with me e eeee” “……can’t u see that m the one who understands you….have u ever thought about it baby…..you Belong with meeeee…..”sonakshi entered the school humming the song and tripped over her open shoelace and was about to fall just then 2 muscular arms held her but couldn’t handle nd they landed on the floor….
D-ahhhh!!can’t u see!!do u have eyes or buttons?!!
S-oh plz….gimme a break..u were looking elsewhere nd bumped into me..
Dev(exclaimed)what!! I bumped into u… No way… Now just get out of my way.. I AM GETTING late for the class…
He shoved her away and went towards the classroom…Sona was flabbergasted … This was the first time she was beaten into an argument and now she was determined to have her revenge…. Meanwhile crowd had gathered at the accident site and there were whispers about the new comer…. Sona shrugged and headed towards her class…..


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