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High school love ch-1

“Maa!! Where’s my kerchief nd tiffin box” dev called out to his mother as he was getting ready for the school..”they r ri8 there on ur study table”chipped ishwari..a 40 sumthing lady who was a stern chemistry teacher but for her children she was their mothers first…she had faced many struggles earlier in her life..nd had overcome them all to come up as a stong nd independent woman…

After getting ready dev had his breakfast nd just then school bus honked outside their house nd he left for school…. he studied in saint Teresa’s high school which was situated in d outskirts of the city nd had a sprawling campus stretched over 5 acres…it was a half n hour drive from his house to d scl…dev was a new admission in the scl as his mother was recently transferred to jaipur..a city buzzing with life where modernisation nd traditon go hand in Hand.
As dev sat inside the bus he reminiscised his old scl days and once again chanted his aim in his mind…”i want to become a doctor nd i have come here to fulfil my mom’s nd my dreams”…while dev was lost in his world…just then a boy of same age group came nd sat beside him..”hey bro!!rittik here nd you?”he said
D-hello i m dev,dev dixit..
R-so….new admission..huh?
D-umm yeah nd you
R-ahh me!! U can say i was born n brought up here…this scl is my life..i have been studying here since play grp..
D-oh wow thats amazing…tell me something more about the school
R-have patience my dear boy…u ll come to know eventually….
Rittik winked n left leaving dev in a fix..jst then he realised they had reached st. Teresa’s…”a new life’s awaiting for me” dev thought nd stepped inside the school……


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