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Her gangster his scary rat (Devakshi Two shots) first shot

Phew! Sorry for making you wait. You know I’m so lazy person that I always give late updates. So you have to bear me! Have Fun!!!!! I am not getting any ideas for ff. So I’m planning to write two shots. Here is the first one.



A girl is shown playing with kids in an orphanage. She was having fun with them. When some goons came there. The head of the orphanage signed kids to go inside. ‘Hey you girl raise your hands! The leader of goons said. ‘Hey mr I am not scared of you! The girl spoke in high tone. ‘How dare you! No one spoke in high tone to me do you know who I’m? The leader said. ‘I don’t care who are you mr attitude! The girl said. ‘I am Dev Dixit the heartless don of this city! He said. ‘So what? I am Sonakshi and I live in this orphanage! She said. ‘Hahaha! Must say you have so much guts to talk with me like that he said. ‘Thanks for compliment but no thanks! Sona said. ‘Foolish girl arguing with you is a waste of time so shut your mouth! Dev said. ‘Who are you to order me? Sona said. ‘Acha then be ready to die! Dev said. ‘No don’t you dare to that! Sona said. ‘So what you will do? Dev said. ‘I will call…. Call the police! Sona said stammering. ‘Oh so call I am waiting! Dev said. ‘Don’t think I am joking I will really call Sona said stammering. ‘Oh so call I’m waiting I know you are just a scary rat you can talk big big words but can’t do anything! Dev said. ‘Mr Dixit you can’t insult me like that uff Sona said. ‘Why can’t I ? Scary rat Anyways , I’m leaving you for now. Next time don’t dare to mess with me or you all will be dead Dev said smirkingly. ‘Uff what he thinks of himself ? Khadoos idiot monkey donkey! Maan toh kar raha ki cow dung dal du iske upar Sona said cursing him.

___________Dev PoV________________

Why I left that girl? Dev Dixit never spares anyone why I gave her second chance? And how come she is not scared of me while the whole town becomes scared on listening my name ? And she had so much guts to stand in front of me and speaking to me in high tone ? How? Anyway , why I’m thinking about that scary rat ? Who is she to me? She will pay for talking to me in high tone. You have to pay Sonakshi for messing with Dev Dixit.

_________Dev PoV ends______________

The next day ;

Sona was coming back from the market with vegetables and fruits, when she listens a bullet sound. She goes to check and saw Dev pointing a gun towards a man he was begging but Dev didn’t paid any heed before he could shoot. ‘Stop! Sona shouted. She ran towards Dev and gave him a tight slap. ‘What do you think of yourself mr Dixit ? What are you trying to prove ? Don’t you have any mercy on that man he is begging for his life and you? What if in his place your brother or father was there ? Don’t you care about there feelings ? Sona said in a breath. ‘How dare you ? To involve my family in this? Who gave you rights? Dev said. ‘So? Who gave you rights to kill that man? Ha what you think of yourself? Cheap person like you can’t think about others! I know very well about you selfish and heartless people I hate you mr Dixit and leave that man or the next moment you will be behind the bars? Understood. Sona took that man with her leaving Dev alone. He was too numb and shocked to see Sonakshi’s anger. He closed his eyes in anger. Sonakshi ‘s words were echoing in his ears.

At orphanage,

Sona reaches there in angry mode. She saw everyone were watching tv in that Devakshi’s fight was being shown. Everyone in the orphanage clapped for her braveness and for saving a person’s life. She felt happiness and hugs all the children’s. They cut the cake and enjoy.

On other side;

Dev goes to his home and opens a locked room. He goes inside, and saw his family’s pics and breaks down. He cries and shouts ‘why you left me in small age! When I was 6 I faced the cruel society alone! I don’t have anyone! Living alone in an orphanage and then I grew as a heartless don! Why you left a 6 year old kid alone in this world didn’t you think of me? How will I know what is wrong and what is right in small age? Why? Do You know how much it hurts when there is no one beside you to support or care for you? Ha answer me? Dev said. He slept whole night crying.

____________The next day___________

Sonakshi was leaving to office, when some people came and take her in jeep and tied her mouth with a cloth and legs and hands with rope.

To be continued***********

Phew! So done with first shot.do tell me your reviews.

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