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Gangaa 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Ganga comes to find Sagar packing his luggage. She says there is time in 16th, then why is he leaving. Sagar says he has accepted the truth that nothing is going to improve between them, he thinks about speaking to Niru to let go of the reality. Ganga says he himself doesn’t know what the truth is. Sagar says the truth is, she no more loves him. Ganga breaks into tears, and accepts she still loves him dearly. She doesn’t want him to leave her. Sagar holds her face, and hugs her while Ganga cries and request him not to leave. He wipes her tears and assures he won’t leave anywhere. She comes into the realm from her day dreaming. Sagar was still packing. He bends to take something from under the bed and hits the corner over her bruise. Ganga was angry and asks if he doesn’t care for anyone in the


family, fine he should leave. Sagar holds her close, saying he is aware why she is angry and what’s in her heart but he wants to hear from her. Krishna comes into the room looking for something. Ganga leaves the room, Sagar thinks he would push Ganga to confess her love. He has a right to tease her abit
Ganga walks out of the room when she gets dizzy, and envisions herself locked in the dark room with no door. She had been badly sweating. She opens her eyes, and wipes the sweat drops off her face, worried. Kashish comes to her and apologizes about lying to her, as there were not medicines in the pack. She got really nervous, the pack had sanitary napkins and she forgot in the shop. Ganga assures she doesn’t need to get nervous at least in front of her. Kashish wipes her tears and composes herself. The kids come to call Ganga for the next round of competition.
Niru narrates that husbands should hold their wive’s on shoulder and place the balls in the bucket. Sagar holds Ganga, calling her as fat. Halfway during the game, Ganga gets dizzy again and fell off. Everyone was concerned. Ganga explains her hands slipped off. Amma ji and Madhvi were hopeful that no matter Pulkit and Supriya win the game, Ganga and Sagar would win the game of life. Kashish was upset watching them all together. Niru heads towards the third round. They find cosmetics and makeup items on the table. Niru explains that husbands would be blindfolded, and they should make their wive’s up. The one who completes this first would be the winner. Madhvi boasts about giving this idea. The wives are seated, while themen are blindfolded. Sagar feels her face while applying cosmetics. He put the sindoor that makes Ganga crying. Pulkit had turned Supriya to joker. Sagar was the first one to be done. They all laugh watching Supriya, Pulkit holds his ears in apology. Sagar notices Ganga had been crying. Niru announces Sagar as a winner and accepts he wouldn’t have done this. Ganga leaves the room.

PRECAP: Sagar says if she doesn’t want to say something he will leave for London tonight. The family wonder what they should do to bring them close. Niru says sometimes being strict is also necessary and he is going to be strict now.

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