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Friends Forever : Twinj (4 shots)last part

Hey I m back with next part…Thank u everyone for the comments…and also thanks for silent readers for reading…

Last part
Taneja mansion
Kabir and his family were present.Leela greeted them…they didn’t knew why twinkle had called them..twinkle came down
L:twinkle puttar why have you called us?is there something serious matter?
T:maa just calm down there no such serious matter.
L:then y have u called us?
T:Maa I and kabir love each other and we have decided to get marry soon
T:ha maa I hope uncle and aunty are OK with this
Kabir’s parents:ya beta we liked u very much so there is no problem
T:thanks..maa r u ok with this?
L:ya if your happiness lies with him then no problem
Marriage date was fixed and only 4 days was left.Leela informed sarna family about the marriage. Kunj was in great shock..he seeked into twinkle’s room at night
T:what the hell are you doing here?
K:you are getting married to kabir to forget me right?
T:nothing like that plz get out..
K:I promise u that within 4 days I will make u mine..u will become Mrs.twinkle kunj sarna..
T(laughed faintly): in your dreams now get out plz
K:jab yeh kunj sarna vaada karta hai na toh voh usse kabhi nahi todh tha…
T:let’s see…
Marriage day
(I don’t want to describe the rituals)
Dulha was made to sit on the mantap..twinkle came down with chinki and Mahi…she was wearing pink lehenga (which she wore in tei)and was looking gorgeous…she came and sat beside him..
They completed all the rituals and finally he filled her hairline with sindoor and put mangalsutra around her neck..she raised her head towards the people and saw kabir standing with guests and smiling at her..she was startled..she saw towards her husband and he removed his peta and he was none other than kunj…twinkle was surprised..
Ka:sorry twinkle it was kunj’s plan and even your parents and everyone were involved in this plan..
T:you all did cheating..
K:everything is fair in love and war widely
T:you just shut up I hate you…
Then her bidaai was done..


Sarna mansion
They did all rituals and twinj went to their room…
Twinkle was standing there with angry pout..kunj chuckled at her…
K: I promised u na that I will make u mine..see I completed my promise
Twinkle started to hit him on chest…he pulled her closer and they hugged each other..
T:I hate you..
K:but I love you and I know u also love me so I don’t need your confession..
They broke hug and shared a cute eye lock..they came closer and he captured her lips and kissed each other passionately.. After 5 mins they broke the kiss..kunj picked her in his arms and made her lie on the bed..he came on top of her and they consummated their marriage
Twinj were sleeping in each other embrace and were covered with blanket..kunj got up and kissed twinkle on her forehead..
K:good morning Mrs.twinkle kunj sarna
T:good morning…kunj what about Maya? Did u tell her .
K:ya I made her understand that it was just infatuation and nothing else…
T:but I hate u…
K:I love u..
T(smiled): I love u too…
K:I m so happy at last u confessed..
T:but we will stay as friends forever…
They hugged each other…


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