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Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Ishra FF Part3

Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Part 3
I don’t have words to thank my readers for a nice response.Most of u gave detailed comments.I thank each one of u for that.

As u all know this is a suspense thriller.So I want every chapter to end with suspense.So some chapters will be extremely short.Please forgive me for that.I am helpless.Hope you all support me.

I dedicate this chapter to chiquitita,Salley145 and Veronica as they are the only readers who guessed correctly about the one who died.

Part 3

Raman shivers.
Ishita:what happened Raman?
Raman turns back and looks at the dead bodyand gets nervous.
Ishita looks there.she was shocked and goes near her:Oh kangana,my sister
Raman was shocked.
ISHITA:what happened Raman?
Raman cries like crazy and tells the truth.
Ishita is shocked and she slaps him.

She pulls his collar:if u c a shadow here,u suspect me?

Raman cries:I am sorry Ishita.I made a big mistake…actually it’s a sin.I know.But when I saw him with her I went crazy and blind.
Ishita weeps:did’nt I tell u that I’l give a surprise?my sister kangana was the surprise.but u thought…u killed her baby along with her.she was pregnant
Raman is shocked.
ISHITA:I’ve told u that her husband Subbu is an orphan brought up by his father’s friend and wife.they r not interested in kangana.bcoz they wanted their daughter 2 marry him.so they played dangerous games& thus kangana had a miscarriage.Subbu and she settled in dubAI.she became pregnant again.Subbu trusts only us,so he left her here & went back.but u broke his trust
RAMAN:I never expected kangana here& I’vent seen Subbu b4.so..
Raman falls on Ishita’s feet&cries:I’m sorry,plz 4giv me
ISHITA:u shud seek Subbu’s pardon.cum,now itself we’ll go 2 the airport 2 c him

After keeping kangana on the bed,Raman and Ishita get a taxi.that driver was the person who dropped Subbu there.
he thinks:this lady was with the other sir too.now with this man.so she’s that sort of a lady
He has a naughty smile.Ishita feels weird.They reach the airport.but Subbu’s flight had already left.dey feel disappointed& go back home.
Ishita goes 2 the room& screams loudly.Raman goes there:what happened Ishita?
ISHITA:kangana’s body is missing
Raman is shocked


I know it’s a very short part.But I stopped here as I wanted the chapter to end with suspense.Please try to understand.

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