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Even death cant apart us (Part 2)

Hello frnds . I m really happy with your comments but i m busy with my school so i m not posting regular sorry for that . Hope you understand …

Suhani continous to speak …
One day yuvraj didnt came college and he didnt picked my call .
I wanted to say him very important thing but i couldnt meet him soo …
After college i went to his house .
I entered it and i didnt found him inside i shouted – yuvraj yuvraj
There was no reply .
I heared yuvraj crying inside the bathroom .
I came near the door .
Me – yuvraj . Plz open the door look i want to tell you something plz
He quitely opened the door but didnt spoke anything .
He was crying for a long time .
Me – yuvraj what happend ??
Yuvraj – maa… maa… left me
I was totally shocked
He hugged me as tightly as he could
Yuvraj – suhani now you are only left with me plz promise me you will never leave me
I didnt spoke anything ….
I couldnt say him that i m also going to leave him …
I also love him a lot but i cant do anything bcoz i was suffering from cancer …
I made him stand and he gave me bangles
Yuv – suhani mom said that it is for you
I accepted it and a tear rolled down from my checks bcoz i wanted to tell pratima aunty that i m also leaving yuvraj …


After 2 days i decided i will make yuvraj hate me then only he will forgot me and he will move on in his life after me … but i will never forget this 2 years of our love ( sorry guys last time i wrote 3 years but it is 2 years )

I started fighting with yuv without reason for silly things i started fighting and ignoring him but he still loved me he never talked roudly with me … but i used to talk roudly to him everyday ..

I realized that yuvraj will never hate me so i ran away without saying him anything ….

Hope you enjoyed guys next part will be the last part …
Happy new year!!!!
Plz dont forget to comment …

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