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Ek rishta sajhedari ka- Babasa and sushant reunion (part 2)

It was night time sushant Bhaisa was sittting alone in the garden with tears in his eyes. Aryan went to study room to get some office files there he found babasa standing alone in the corner. Aryan went near him and put his hand on one of his shoulder. He shook in surprise and quickly wept his tears. Aryan made him turn back and was shocked to see traces of tears in his eyes. Aryan in shock asked what happpend

Babasa is everything fine?? R u not well? Babasa hugged him tightly. Aryan felt that he is not well he quickly went and brought the arm cuff and,squeeze bulb and a gauge to check his blood pressure. When he checked it he got to know its very high. He said babasa your blood pressure is very high why r u standing here go and rest in you room. Wait let me call the doctor. Babasa replied no aryan there is no need of any doctor i will have the medicines and will get alright soon. No Babasa i dont wanna hear any word from you. There shoud be no carelessness in your health. Babasa holds his hand and says i said na aryan i dont need any doctor i m fine. Aryan says then ok fine lets go to your room you rest on your bed i will give you your medicines. They both proceed to his room aryan provides him the medicines he takes the medicine and aryan made him lie on his bed and gave him blanket. Just as aryan was about to leave babasa hold his hand and asked him can you sit near me i wang to talk to you about sushant. Aryan says no Babasa its important for u to rest now. Babasa says please aryan it would give me a sigh of releif. Aryan sits near him. He asks aryan whether sushant is fine?? Aryan replies yes babasa you dont worry i m there for him just get stress free. Babasa: aryan tell me the truth. Aryan: truth… No babasa he is all broken. Babasa replied why he won’t be broken his babasa spoke so bad about him. I know i m very bad as a father because of me my son has to bear so much pain but what can i do my son i cant forgive him for the mistake he has done. I am his father but at the same time i am head of this family also. I have to sacrifice my unconditional love for him . He again had tears in his eyes. Aryan while wiping his tears no Babasa you are absolutely right at your place dont worry about Bhaisa i will console him you just take rest your health is the well being for all the family members. Babasa: yes i will take rest but u plss console him and dont let him get broken. Aryan: sure babasa now u take rest. Aryan leaves from there. He goes to sushant Bhaisa he was sitting there crying. Aryan went near him and wept his tears . Sushant: Aryan you met babasa? Is now his anger controlled? Now is he calm. Aryan replied: yes Bhaisa actually his blood pressure has shoot up so he is resting in his room. Sushant: what then why didn’t you call the doctor. Aryan you know na we cannote take any risk with his health. Aryan: yes Bhaisa i know about it and i said the same to him but he refused to me and said he will have medicines and will get fine soon. Sushant: Babasa is too much he dont listens to anyone if he is not well he should have consulted a doctor but no if he said once no then it is a final no.


Aryan: Bhaisa.. Bhaisa.. just calm down he will get well soon. See u got so much tensed after listening about his health u love him so unconditionaly. Sushant: yes aryan he is the world to me i cannot lose him at any cost. Can i go and see him. Aryan: yes Bhaisa sure. Sushant went to his room but did not entered inside. He stood near the window and was staring babasa. Babasa was resting. At the same time priyanka came there and put her hand on his shoulder and asked him why he has not gone to meet babasa yet. He replied i m afraid that this condition of babasa is because of me if i went inside his condition won’t detoriate?. Priyanka said no sushant its not like that he loves u he needs u at this point of time he is ur father no one can understand u better than him go he is waiting for u . Sushant gets emotional and hugs her and says thank you so much priyanka and holds her hands and says u are my support priyanka u r the one who always stood beside me in my tough times thanks for always being there for me and again hugs her. Priyanka says now stop sushant✋ if babasa saw us what would he think. Sushant says what would he think u are my wife and instead he would say to maasa that they should learn something from their kids?. Priyanka says okk go now he might be waiting for u. Sushant says okk. He enters babasa’s room he was resting there.Familu members arrive at the back. He went near him and sat there. He hold his hand and said babasa i knew i was not able to stand on ur expectations but trust me i have not done anything intentionally. Please if possible forgive me? i can bear anything but your silence hurts me a lot. You are my strength, my world, my heartbeat how will i s urvive if u will only not talk to me. I m very bad. I hurt u so much and started slapping himself from his hand. He gets too emotional and get up to leave from here. He thought that babasa was sleeping but actually he was acting to sleep. Hearing all this babasa ka dil pigal gaya and tears rolled down his eyes. As sushant got up and was about to leave babasa hold his hand. Sushant got shocked. He said “babasa…”. Babasa got up and hugged him tightly and said i love uh beta i luv very much. I cant also stay alive without u. Only my heart knows how tough it was for me to stay away from you. Tum to meri jaan ho mere bacche. We cannot be separated sometimes elders anger is elders love my child and i m always proud of u and even today i trust u more than myself. All the family members started coughing teasing them . They got seperated wiped each others tears and gave a beautiful smile to each other and sushant said babasa please never leave me alone. Babasa said promise my child i will always remain by ur side till my last breath and at that moment saanchi came and said Bhaisa you are so sweet that no one can think also of leaving uh am i right babasa? babasa says yes yes, god bless you my child.


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