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Ek rishta sajhedari ka- Babasa and sushant reunion (part 1)

As the time passed on…the family members started becoming normal with sushant Bhaisa but babasa was the one who could not recover from the shock given by his son whom he trusted more than himself. As the conversation between the two lacked their distances also increased. Whenever sushant Bhaisa used to come near him he used to move away his eyes from him. One day sushant Bhaisa decided that he will go and talk to babasa about the same.

Babasa was sitting in his study room and was reading some office files. Sushant came there and asked about some chandigarh client but babasa didn’t replied to him. He asked it again but he stood from his chair and went to the book shelf to get a book for himself. After watching all this sushant Bhaisa asked why r u doing this to me babasa, whenever i come near to you, you move away your eyes from me and now to priyanka has also forgiven me. All the family members arrive there. Bhaisa says i know Babasa what i did was wrong but for this you scold me, you slap me but plss talk to me Babasa come near to him and says in anger you are asking why i am doing all this to you? Just ask yourself is your mistake forgivable? No its not forgivable you spoiled two life’s sushant.


Just think of those two ladies whom you cheated. Whenever i see you it hurts deep in my heart that this is what i taught you, is this my parvarish? Today i failed as a father, i couldn’t give my son good values. Just tell me sushant this is what you learnt from those ramayan paath that i taught you in your childhood? Maasa says plss get calm otherwise your blood pressure will shoot up. Babasa says how to stay calm sarita… my heart is already broken there used to be a time when i trusted him more than myself but what he did, he broked my trust. I cant bear this betrayal any more and leaves from there. Aryan comes near to sushant Bhaisa. He was in tears. Aryan said Bhaisa dont worry babasa will forgive you right now he is hurt that is why he said all this. Bhaisa says no aryan he was right i proved to be a very bad son. I couldn’t make my father proud but dissapointed him. Aryan says no Bhaisa babasa is proud of you. Whenever he speaks to anyone about you there is reflection of pride in his eyes. Everyone know how much he loves you and i guess he loves you more than me. Sushant Bhaisa says: really aryan?? Aryan nods and they share a sweet hug.

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